YouTube Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Simsim Shopping in Mumbai


YouTube recently inked a definitive agreement to acquire local social commerce startup Simsim, making its entry into India’s highly contested social commerce market.

Simsim is an app that connects local businesses, influencers, and customers via influencer-based videos. Available in three regional languages and has raised around $16 Million from investors such as Shunwei Capital and Accel Partners, Simsim currently boasts three regional variants with six regional languages supported.

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Simsim was established by Amit Bagaria, Kunal Suri, and Saurabh Vashishtha in 2019 as an influencer-based social commerce platform to assist Indian small businesses in transitioning to online commerce. Through its app – known as Simsim – local companies could connect with influencers and customers by hosting videos in three regional languages – simm was acquired by YouTube in mid-2021 for over $70 million.

YouTube’s foray into India’s highly competitive social commerce landscape marks its debut into this highly contested space, where its goal is to help small businesses and retailers gain new customers in “even more powerful ways.” YouTube will gain access to influencers with expertise in Indian products and influencers with extensive market knowledge.

The company will continue working closely with the Simsim team to shape the future of India’s online video commerce. But rather than make any immediate modifications to the Simsim app itself, they will focus on ways of showcasing products to YouTube viewers through videos and providing users with additional details about each item offered by it. Furthermore, they plan on introducing features that make finding suitable products and comparing prices easier for customers.


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Google-owned YouTube announced in its blog post that they have acquired Indian startup Simsim, which specializes in live social commerce, for an undisclosed sum. Simsim’s app connects local businesses, influencers, and customers through influencer-based videos in three local languages; its acquisition will enable YouTube to help Indian enterprises reach customers even more effectively through this channel.

YouTube’s acquisition marks its entry into India’s rapidly expanding social commerce market, where more users than ever rely on video to compare products and find trustworthy recommendations. According to CB Insights Intelligence Unit estimates, social-video commerce platforms currently account for $1.5 billion of gross merchandise value in India; CB predicts this number could grow up to almost $20 billion by 2025 and $70 billion by 2030 – YouTube will now provide this ever-increasing audience with a seamless shopping experience through their acquisition.