Waffle Shop Near Me in Mumbai


Waffwiches have taken the world by storm! These irresistible treats combine your favorite toppings between two pieces of delectable waffle.

Fable Cafe is an intimate cafe known for its warm ambiance and delicious menu, especially its tempting waffle selection that will please traditionalists and adventurous eaters alike.

Indigo Deli

Indigo Deli in Mumbai’s heart is an establishment to cherish. Their sleek ambiance and delectable home-made ice creams quickly made this restaurant a favorite among Mumbaikars, while their menu offered everything from Dulce de leche and Rocky Road desserts to wholegrain bread, cakes, pastries, wines, and cold cuts as well as vegetarian and vegan offerings.

Food at this popular eatery combines Indian and international flavors, and the service is outstanding. The atmosphere is cozy yet modern, the music suits any occasion perfectly, and the staff members are highly knowledgeable and helpful – fast service guaranteed. This popular establishment can sometimes be hard to get into on weekends.

Indigo Deli offers delicious food as well as outstanding shopping. Their shelves are filled with gourmet goods, from Bodum glassware and Le Creuset pots to wine for every meal; their staff can help find just the right wine. Don’t miss their chocolate cake, snickerdoodles, or frozen custard – genuinely delicious treats.

Indigo Deli at Kamala Mills-Lower Parel is a remarkable sight! Offering eclectic European & American cuisine in casual, refined dining style, its grand facade & entrance make a statement as its decor mixes modern with rustic elements, creating comfortable seating arrangements. Plus, contemporary music and mood lighting help set an unforgettable ambiance!

deGustibus Hospitality launched Indigo, an award-winning fine dining restaurant, in Colaba before opening the Indigo Deli at Palladium Mall in Lower Parel. Next came Tote on the Turf – a casual diner featuring bar service and banquets located midtown – followed by Moveable Feast catering, offering outdoor catering with a full bakery and complete menu delivery services.

Indigo Hospitality Group has built its name in the hospitality industry through Indigo, Indigo Deli, and Neel restaurants that have earned rave guest reviews. Recently, they expanded into Pune by opening up a branch in R-City Mall Ghatkopar and even introduced quick-service restaurants like Indigo Burger Project and Dakshin Rasoi for quick-service dining needs.


Fable offers delicious sweet and savory treats for every palate imaginable, offering an extensive menu with waffle flavors and toppings sure to satisfy every palette. Be sure to stop by their charming cafe for breakfast or brunch; their specialties include their “Death by Chocolate Waffle.”

Established by India’s macaron queen, this Parisian-style eatery provides an enjoyable dining experience from start to finish. Their decadent desserts are created with precision, offering just the right balance of crispiness and fluffiness; their savory offerings, such as their famous Pork Waffle made with slow-cooked pork topped with teriyaki sauce, are equally impressive.

This charming coffeehouse can be found at Aashiyana Apartment in Juhu, offering a lovely ambiance. The decor echoes whimsical themes, with cute corners, book stacks, and wall art as part of its beautiful decor. It delivers food and beverages ranging from burgers and pizza to hot dogs and salads on its menu, although somewhat costly due to its intimate setting.

Childhood Wonderland Freakshake, Gold Coast Pretzel Freakshake, and Caramel Shake with Choco Chips are among the more popular choices, though there’s also an array of sandwiches and pasta dishes perfect for healthy eaters. Their milkshakes are well known for being extra creamy and tasty too.

Fables are stories with moral lessons designed to teach children and adults the dangers of certain vices and antisocial attitudes. Fables have been passed down for millennia and remain relevant today. Fables are easily read and understood, making them a fun way to teach essential life skills to children. Fables may explore themes such as greed, envy, or lack of empathy – lessons that fables can teach will hopefully foster more empathetic and compassionate individuals.


Icekraft offers delicious frozen treats for any sweet tooth looking for the perfect waffle shop near them, including chocolate to strawberry cheesecake and their specialties- Kit Kat waffle! This cute dessert parlor offers delicious treats with endless customization possibilities and lets you “Kraft your waffle.” Their menu offers something for every palate — chocolate and Kit Kat waffles are just some examples!

The food quality at this establishment is excellent, and the service is staff-friendly. Additionally, they offer an assortment of beverages such as delicious taro milk tea and dark coffee; mango ice cream and Belgian waffles with strawberries and cream are among the delicious offerings on their menu.

One of the most significant aspects of this place is its reasonable prices and tasty and affordable food. Perfect for family meals or gatherings with friends, its delicious dishes include delicious grilled samosas and delectable shabu shabu options.

Another impressive aspect of this establishment is the atmosphere and decor. It is spotless and well-lit, making it an excellent spot for date nights or just taking advantage of the gorgeous weather to sit outside and unwind.

Mumbai residents looking for delicious waffles should visit this must-visit waffle shop; it offers different kinds of waffles topped with various toppings and tasty Freakshakes as dessert options – they will satisfy any sweet cravings you might have!

If you’re craving something a bit healthier, why not try a roasted kabocha waffle? This delicious gluten-free treat offers the ideal balance between sweet and salty tastes while being packed with beta-carotene, iron, vitamin C, and other essential nutrients. Plus, you can add extra flavors, such as sage or caramelized onions, to further increase its appeal!

First and foremost, in opening a waffle restaurant, one must obtain the necessary permits from local authorities. These may include fire licenses and operational permits. Furthermore, investment in kitchen and grocery supplies (costing approximately Rs 50000 each), interior design, and furniture is necessary.

Tea Villa Cafe

Waffles are the perfect treat for sweet and delicious desserts, offering light yet airy treats for breakfast or post-dinner desserts. While these tasty treats can easily be made at home, visiting a restaurant or cafe may be easier and more satisfying, as these establishments usually serve a range of classic and unique waffle flavors that will satisfy even your sweetest tooth no matter your mood!

This cozy and charming cafe is well-known for its comfort food offerings and delectable waffles. Their variety of toppings covers even the most unusual cravings, from chocolate to bacon and cheese, and fresh fruits with maple syrup make their waffles an excellent choice for breakfast or dessert without breaking the bank! Additionally, they are a perfect way to satisfy sweet cravings without spending too much money!

This cafe’s menu boasts an assortment of sweet and savory waffles, such as the famous Kit Kat waffle. This chocolatey delight comes topped with generous dollops of whipped cream and caramelized bananas to satisfy any sweet tooth. In addition, ice cream sandwiches and parfaits can also be found here.

Tea Villa Cafe offers the delectable Nutty Buddy waffle for those seeking something sweet. Topped with melting chocolate and delicious nougat pieces, it is irresistibly irresistible! Or try their Strawberry Belgian Milk Chocolate waffle or Peanut Butter and Nutella waffle options instead.

Fable offers delectable waffles at an economical price. Situated in Andheri, this tiny dessert and snack shop provides a selection of different waffle types – such as the Black Forest Waffle served with whipped cream and hot chocolate – along with late-night waffle delivery service until 12:30 AM, making this a convenient spot to satisfy late-night waffle cravings.

Tea Villa Cafe stands out from other cafes by offering innovative combinations and creative flavor combinations on its menu and keeping in mind any dietary restrictions of its customers – they even prepare dishes suitable for vegetarians!