Top Fall 2023 Fashion Trends


After abundant Barbiecore pink, expect a more subdued approach to fall fashion this year. Soft pastel hues like baby blue and powdery pink provide a delicate girly aesthetic, while bolder shades may allow you to channel your inner Barbarella.

From pink dresses that bare undergarments to the cellophane dresses worn by A-list celebrities, this daring trend is poised to go from red carpet to street style.

1. Draped Jersey

Jersey fabric is an intertwined yarn fabric created without using a loom and often made out of cotton, wool, synthetic fibers, and combinations thereof that has an opaque soft and elastic texture with patterns including stripes, floral prints, or geometric shapes woven right in at right angles to each other. Jersey’s versatility makes it suitable for year-round apparel, accessories, and undergarment applications.

Jersey fabric’s elastic and flexible properties make it ideal for clothing that moves with the wearer, such as T-shirts and tank tops. Pajamas and dresses constructed of jersey are popular choices; their absorbency and breathability provide warmth in cooler climates. Most often found with two-way stretch properties (elastic in both weft and warp directions), heavier versions made from materials like merino wool or polyamide can offer four-way stretch properties, making them excellent choices for sportswear applications.

Silk is an eco-friendly fabric option with a timeless style that offers excellent fashion resourcefulness. Cotton cultivation avoids toxic agrochemicals and biodegrades at its life’s end – two valuable resources when considering eco-friendly fashion choices.

If you want a more eco-friendly jersey, be sure to choose organic certifications or recycled synthetic jerseys as these will have less of an effect on the environment than new synthetic fabric fabrics; recycled synthetics don’t release harmful toxins into the water supply when being washed and can even be reused multiple times before breaking down completely. To maximize its life and use, soak it in cold water with tumble drying on medium heat settings for maximum effectiveness.

2. Lace

Lace fabric is an aesthetically pleasing fabric used in various ways, such as dresses, tops, skirts, and fashion accessories. Lace has been around for centuries and can add texture and visual interest to your ensemble. With so many colors and styles, lace can easily fit into casual and formal wear wardrobes with its versatile nature and unique charm.

Lace was once seen as an expensive luxury item due to its detailed production process and was only worn by royalty and wealthy classes. Lace would adorn collars and cuffs, drape around women’s hands and heads, cover entire gowns, and decorate furnishings; its cost even led some rulers to pass laws prohibiting its import or wear.

In the 2023 season, designers provided plenty of lace options to add romance and femininity to your closet. Paco Rabanne and Balmain delivered peplum tops featuring romantic Edwardian-adjacent lace. At the same time, Christopher Kane and Valentino showcased ultrafeminine pencil skirts layered with Edwardian-adjacent lace as part of an ultrafeminine update.

Add lace to your wardrobe in another way by wearing a floor-length coat. This trend was seen by several designers such as Proenza Schouler, Jil Sander Alexander McQueen, and Bottega Veneta – it featured full fringes for both glamour and fun while fitting well with today’s oversized trends.

Consider pairing a lace dress with jeans and sneakers for a more casual look. Not only can it show off your legs without wearing shorts, but it’s also an attractive way to stay warm! Numerous wholesale fabric suppliers provide this material at cost-efficient rates; be sure to shop them online to find the best offers.

3. Bombshell Split

Bombshells epitomize the tensions inherent in modern womanhood: while they’re celebrated for their beauty and seduced by their charms, they can also be feared for their promiscuity and materialism. Aphrodite personified this conflict through her eponymous attributes: beautiful yet vain, animalistic yet vulnerable, seductress yet heartless vixen. Jean Harlow popularized this look with Platinum Blonde, while Elizabeth Taylor and Brigitte Bardot represented brunette bombshells during Hollywood’s Golden Age of glamour.

The Bombshell is an eye-catcher who uses her beauty to weaponize her sexuality and seduce men with her captivating physical presence. A true seductress, the Bombshell often takes pleasure in herself and enjoys material comforts provided by male lovers; according to Laura Mulvey, she exists merely to please the male gaze.

Joan from Mad Men and Megan Fox’s Reagan from New Girl are prime examples of Bombshell characters on television, both playing by the Marilyn Monroe archetype before realizing their sexy personas do not lead to happiness or fulfillment. Joan ultimately finds her joy through career success and independence without resorting to being a Bombshell; Reagan, on the other hand, subverts it by showing her proper emotional side with her loftmates.

Bombshell, the new film about the women who led Fox News boss Roger Ailes down, is an engaging story for our #MeToo times. Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie lead an impressive cast that helps create an immersive world in this competent movie – yet each character arc feels incomplete due to an ambitious storytelling approach taken.

4. Y2K-Inspired Platform Slip-Ons

No matter whether they were part of your childhood wardrobe or you just discovered the 90’s fashion phenomenon now, platform shoes have made a comeback in style and fashion. It’s impossible to scroll through an online retailer without seeing at least one pair, which have quickly become summer staples and deserve a place in every fashion lover’s closet.

Since late 2014, Y2K-inspired flatforms have made appearances at Marc Jacobs for Fendi as towering flatform sneakers; Proenza Schouler puffy slip-ons resembling unicorn horns; and Area’s glittery lucite heels, which combine statement-making style with comfort. And if they seem too outre, don’t worry; many types have been updated for modern audiences and have become much less noticeable.

Platforms are an easy way to add some drama and flair to any outfit this season, as well as serve as fashion-forward accessories that tell a tale from any era or add visual balance between modern pieces. Plus, platforms provide an easy alternative to high heels that can be difficult to walk in; stylist Jennifer Udechukwu who dresses celebrities such as Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid in platforms, believes wearing platforms helps her clients feel more confident!

To successfully pull off this trend, wear your platform shoes with simple silhouettes like a fitted midi dress or culottes for maximum effect. This allows the footwear to become the focal point while you experiment with different color palettes, textures, or prints – don’t forget that accessorizing can add something extra! Adding bags and belts can elevate an ensemble.