Top 5 Plumbers in Little Rock, AR


As soon as a plumbing issue arises, it’s essential to seek professional help immediately in order to minimize costly damage and repairs. Many plumbers offer 24/7 emergency services and can handle an array of residential projects, including sewer line repair, hydro-jetting, and drain cleaning.

BR McGinty

BR McGinty is an HVAC & plumbing provider located in Little Rock, Arkansas, that specializes in Furnace/Air Conditioner Installation as well as Ductwork Installation/Indoor Air Quality services and Duct Cleaning/Dust Removal. Furthermore, emergency plumbing/drain cleaning services are provided 24/7 by highly skilled technicians who are available 24/7 to meet all of your plumbing needs.

Professional plumbers can save you a considerable amount of money over the long run. They are experts at identifying issues before they become expensive repairs. Furthermore, their advice can help ensure your plumbing system operates efficiently. These services provide smooth operations.

At B R Mcginty Mechanical Contractors Co, the estimated hourly salary averages are approximately $29; however, individual salaries may differ based on job title, department, location, personal education, certifications, and skills of employees. B R Mcginty Mechanical Contractors operates in an industry that requires licenses, bonds, and registration.

Advantage Service Company

Advantage Service Company in North Little Rock, Arkansas, specializes in HVAC, plumbing, and electrical installations, maintenance, and 24/7 repair. Their technicians are both friendly and knowledgeable. Advantage has been in business for over four decades and is highly rated by its customers.

Water Heater Service from Advantage Service Company can restore efficiency and extend the lifespan of your water heater. Regular inspection and flushing help detect problems early, saving both money and inconvenience.

Re-Piping – Over time, pipes may become compromised with corrosion or blockages that decrease water pressure, produce rusty water quality, or lead to leakage. At Advantage Service Company, our licensed plumbers can inspect your system and help determine whether re-piping is the appropriate option.

Repair & Replacement – Sewer line issues can be expensive and pose health and safety hazards, yet Advantage Service Company has developed effective ways to tackle them through training, commitment, and the latest tools. Through reliable solutions for their clients’ issues with sewer laterals.

Bert Black Service Company

Bert Black Service Company offers a one-stop service for heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical needs. Their licensed plumbers and electricians provide detailed explanations of issues to save customers from unnecessary expenses; plus, they specialize in installing new electrical fixtures as well as cast iron sewage systems.

Not only do they provide professional heating inspections, but they also specialize in air duct cleaning to maintain optimal indoor air quality in your home. Their qualified staff are dedicated to delivering exceptional client services with over ten years of industry experience under their belts.

Bert Black is not only an accomplished plumber but an avid bicycle rider as well. He has completed many century rides across the United States. Additionally, he is involved with local political campaigns and serves on multiple non-profit boards of directors.

Arrow Plumbing

Arrow Plumbing provides residential homes with a comprehensive set of plumbing services. Their technicians are certified, licensed, and insured to complete plumbing work such as fixing leaky pipes and drains or installing water heaters; additionally, they also provide hydro-jetting and camera inspection services.

Our company serves both residential and commercial properties, as well as new construction projects. Their team of professional plumbers specializes in various services like plumbing installation, sewer testing, water heater replacement, and bathroom remodeling – as well as providing immediate assistance via their 24/7 emergency service.

This business is proud to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau and meets its rigorous accreditation standards, including an insistence upon resolving consumer complaints. Companies meeting these standards qualify for BBB’s Gold Star Rating – independently verified by BBB itself; any statements about insurance, licenses, and bonds provided by this business themselves.

Sanders Services

Sanders Services of Little Rock offers comprehensive plumbing services to both home and business owners. Their plumbers specialize in repairing and installing various fixtures and equipment from within their extensive selection. In addition, these experts provide drain cleaning and hydro-jetting services.

At our company, we aim to deliver top-quality services at cost-effective prices. Our plumbers specialize in installing and repairing water, sewerage, and natural gas pipelines, as well as laundry appliances, garbage disposals, and water heaters. Furthermore, they’re licensed and insured professionals capable of handling a range of plumbing projects, such as new construction.

Local plumbers possess extensive knowledge of their areas of service, which is invaluable in terms of maintaining the reliability and longevity of plumbing systems. Furthermore, these plumbers understand all of the intricacies surrounding local water supplies as well as any regulations set by the municipalities in which they work.

Ray Lusk Plumbing Inc.

Ray Lusk Plumbing Inc., founded in 1980 with one 1968 pickup truck and one plumber, has grown exponentially over time into an expansive fleet that covers central Arkansas and northwest Arkansas, offering residential and commercial plumbing services. They pride themselves on quick response times and honest pricing; many customers rave about them for providing water heater repair/replacement/cleaning/sewer services, among other things – especially technicians Jeff & TJ! Customers rave about our courteous staff members, Jeff & T.J., whom customers often remark upon as exceptional technicians Jeff & T.J.

Since 1988, this company has provided emergency plumbing service, kitchen & bath remodeling, lawn irrigation, drain clearing, competitive pricing, and financing options. Their plumbers are fully trained to address all kinds of plumbing issues with state-of-the-art tools.