The Largest Mutual Funds in the World


Mutual funds are professionally-managed investment vehicles that pool investor money together to purchase securities more diversified than most individuals can manage independently.

Investors should seek out sizeable mutual fund companies offering an array of open and closed-end funds, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), unit trusts, and retirement accounts. Although these firms will charge higher fees, they offer premier fund managers who will optimize your investments individually.


PIMCO is an investment management firm known for its expertise in fixed income. Their portfolio of solutions provides investment solutions to a global clientele with an emphasis on risk management and diversification. PIMCO also prioritizes corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Established in 1971 and located in Newport Beach, California, this company’s founding principles remain at the core of its approach today. Since its inception, they have grown exponentially to become one of the largest bond fund managers globally, with employees dedicated to delivering superior results for clients.

PIMCO can assist in meeting your financial goals through investing in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Their extensive research and analysis help identify and assess global risks and opportunities.

Therefore, they can create innovative solutions that maximize opportunities for their clients while acting responsibly as custodians of their assets – investing in options that minimize environmental impacts.

PIMCO has distinguished itself as one of the premier credit-focused asset managers over the last decade, managing more than $1.9 trillion and becoming a pioneer in active bond trading – critical elements to its development and growth.

Bond funds provide companies with high yields but also pose significant risks. These risks include debt levels exceeding 50% and economic slowdown resulting in lower interest rates which lead to reduced demand for bonds and thus diminishes profits for the business.

Leadership at the company has gradually evolved. Since 2016, when Emmanuel Roman was recruited from Man Group as CEO, Dan Ivascyn, as chief investment officer (CIO), has overseen portfolio management and investment strategy alongside five other CIOs: Andrew Balls, Mark Kiesel, Scott Mather, Marc Seidner, and Mihir Worah.

Franklin Templeton

Franklin Templeton Investments is an international investment firm providing investors with investment solutions such as mutual funds, ETFs, separately managed accounts, and private funds. Their products cover multiple asset classes, including fixed-income investments such as bonds or ETFs and alternative investments like cryptocurrencies and hedge funds. Franklin Templeton also provides various retirement-planning products. Their goal is to assist people in achieving financial security in modern life through intelligent investing practices.

Franklin Financial Network, established by Rupert H. Johnson Sr. in 1947 and located in San Mateo, California, is a privately held firm. As one of the first mutual fund managers for individual retirement accounts and one of the world’s largest fund managers today.

Franklin Templeton Investments began as a family-owned firm. Over time, however, it has grown into one of America’s leading investment management firms with worldwide offices. Franklin Templeton offers competitive salary and benefits packages while encouraging employee development.

This company fosters collaboration and teamwork. Employees are encouraged to utilize their creativity and expertise for the betterment of the business, with many reporting their managers as very supportive of employee wellbeing. Furthermore, this firm has improved its onboarding process by hiring more experienced personnel while offering training to newcomers.

This firm has made numerous acquisitions to broaden its portfolio. In 2020, Legg Mason and its investment managers were acquired, strengthening core fixed income and active equity management capabilities. O’Shaughnessy Asset Management provided Custom Indexes on AdvisorEngine’s digital wealth management platform and added Lexington Partners and Alcentra, which expanded Lexington Partners’ alternative credit portfolio and multi-asset management expertise.

Our company boasts a diverse workforce and is always searching for talented employees. Potential employees should possess strong analytical, problem-solving, and communication abilities. Applicants typically undergo an application, phone screen, and interview process; assessment tests may also be administered to gauge fit with company culture.


OppenheimerFunds provides diverse mutual funds and investment products, customized portfolios, retirement plans, and private market investments. Their headquarters is in Denver, with additional offices in Chicago, New York, and London – they’re even part of the SEC Investor Advocacy Committee! With over 2,000 employees located worldwide and an annual turnover of above 5 Billion dollars, they offer customized portfolios, retirement plans, private market investments, and customized retirement plans.

OppenheimerFunds Inc and its sales and distribution arm were charged with making false or misleading statements in late 2008 in response to credit crisis concerns regarding two mutual funds under their management that had experienced difficulties. Oppenheimer used total return swaps (TRS contracts) to add significant exposure to commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) without purchasing physical bonds. As the CMBS markets declined, these instruments created significant cash liabilities for both funds. Both had to sell assets into an increasingly illiquid marketplace and reduce CMBS exposure to meet month-end TRS contract payments on time. At the same time, Oppenheimer disseminated misleading statements regarding loss and recovery prospects for these funds.

Another popular fund is Invesco Oppenheimer Main Street MSIGX, boasting a Morningstar Analyst Rating of Bronze with more than $9.6 billion in assets and a Morningstar Analyst Rating of Bronze from Morningstar Analyst. However, investors should be wary that its performance has been mixed over time: with low yield and below-average P/E ratio, yet an excellent track record when dealing with volatile markets.

Invesco Oppenheimer Discovery Fund (OEGAX), which uses similar stock picking criteria as its larger sibling OPOCX, provides investors access to solid growth companies with skilled managers possessing sustainable competitive advantages at mid-cap scale. Furthermore, this fund boasts a below-average debt/capital ratio and returns on equity ratios.


BlackRock is one of the world’s most significant mutual funds with assets under management of over $150 trillion; it managed to produce an adequate return on equity despite its sheer scale, although lagging behind other asset managers. BlackRock’s expansion has come chiefly through acquisitions. Employing over 11,000 workers in Sydney, Singapore, London, and Munich.

BlackRock made waves in 2006 by purchasing Merrill Lynch Investment Managers (MLIM), welcoming many new investors. Subsequent purchases gave BlackRock more active and passive funds through its iShares franchise.

BlackRock was established as a leader in multi-asset solutions through acquisitions made over time. Additionally, they were early adopters of ETFs – an expanding market that provides clients access to global markets while diversifying portfolios – becoming early adopters themselves and now an essential revenue stream for BlackRock through its iShares business.

Even at its massive scale, BlackRock is not immune from the issues facing large businesses. Some of its funds invest in fossil fuels and weapons manufacturers that have drawn the ire of environmental and human rights organizations. As a response, the company has sought to position itself as an industry leader on ESG issues by offering gun-free funds.

BlackRock pioneered the concept of “One BlackRock,” creating an integrated platform encompassing its fixed income, equity, and advisory products – leading to more efficient operations and ultimately providing clients with better service.

BlackRock also manages over $265 billion in alternative investment assets through its alternative division. It provides professional money managers with a technology platform known as Aladdin that helps them analyze investments and spot risks.

BlackRock recently hired former government officials into critical positions, such as Coryann Stefansson and Nima Deese, from former Obama administration roles, to lead their public policy groups and corporate governance and social impact research, respectively. This signaled an effort on BlackRock’s part to expand its presence in Washington.