The 7 Essentials for Successful Currency Trading Even If You Don’t Have One


If you want to learn how to trade currency on the Forex market online but don’t know about foreign exchange, you’ll need to establish a few things before you go looking for the best approach to do it. First, some people may find it too challenging to learn about Fibonacci theory, philosophy, and so on, so we’ll have to find a means to bypass it. We need “simple 4x” or “easy 4x.”

Second, you should avoid using software that claims it’s simple and only a matter of following Forex buy/sell signals because doing so is somewhat misleading; using such software still requires that you learn some of the material above, how to read certain graphs and charts, and the basic overall mechanics of Forex trading. After all, it’s not brainless currency trading.

To cut a long story short, even if our brains were the size of a flea’s eyelash, we would still need to be able to exchange currencies with the best of them. We need everything to be “just so” when looking for the best way to do this, so here is a list of requirements that any viable solution must fulfill.

To begin trading, you must choose a method that doesn’t include software or “robots” and doesn’t necessitate downloading and installing any new programs.

It would be best to have someone knowledgeable, or even better, a team of familiar people, to do all the heavy lifting for you here (see Reason No. 2).

Thirdly, if all you’re willing to put in is the mental effort required to click a mouse, then all you need is an online interface that provides forex buy/sell signals and icons to click on when they appear. We want to avoid putting too much mental effort into anything when possible.

Fourth, you’d ideally find a means to do this while simultaneously being able to lock stops on your trades to protect against losses and guarantee consistent profits regardless of whether you trade on a weekly, daily, or intraday basis.

Fifth, if you’re as dense as a seedless grape like me, you’ll want the peace of mind from a 24/7 live chat help desk staffed by seasoned pros who have the patience to deal with incompetents like me. Remember that our goal is to learn currency trading without using our heads.

Having all of the above done for you could not come inexpensive, though, once you locate it, possibly costing you three or four hundred dollars a month or more. You should look for a place that provides these services for less than a hundred dollars, ideally for less than five dollars, if they allow you to test it out for a few days. That way, you can start amassing your pile of cash over such a period, and if you fail, you can stop working and paying.

I’ll tell you this, number seven: if you locate all of it, you’re luckier than most. However, you should know one more thing: it’s a good idea to pick a place that allows you to bid micro-mini lots of $20, or even as little as $1, so you can dip your toes into the trading pool before diving headfirst. By following these steps, you will have mastered the art of forex trading with minimal mental effort.

Of course, you’ll need a crazy amount of luck to find a place that will do all of this for you, and so cheaply at that… but if you don’t want to waste the mental energy trying to track down everything you need in one place, why not check out []? You’ll be relieved to know that the search has been taken care of, too. That’s awesome, right?

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