Tears of the Kingdom – The New Zelda Game Out This Week


Nintendo is remaining tight-lipped about Tears of the Kingdom, its new Zelda game that releases this week, in order not to turn away newcomers who may join this series. Mr. Midas believes this move by Nintendo was smart: not doling out information may cause disorientation for newcomers to the series and alienate potential gamers who come later.

He’s been playing it and joins us to discuss its curious world. One aspect that encourages invention in players is enabling them to combine items like spikey metal balls with mining cart parts to create new weapons.


One of the hallmarks of the Legend of Zelda franchise is its expansive world and extensive lore. Since 1978, Nintendo has been telling the tale of Hyrule and its inhabitants through numerous games featuring Link, an unswerving green knight who has protected Hyrule through all its forms over four decades.

Tears of the Kingdom is set 100 years before Breath of the Wild’s events when King Rhoam fears Calamity Ganon may escape his bonds and destroy Hyrule with its Malice. To protect his daughter and kingdom, Rhoam gathers Zelda with Link as her protectors to recruit new champions with unique abilities to defeat Calamity Ganon once and for all.

Link and Zelda must regain control of the abandoned Divine Beasts after Ganon defeats them and helps him retrieve pieces of his memories and regain his power. As they travel across Hyrule, they meet various characters while fighting elements-themed descendants of previous champions while slowly recovering their lost powers.

Zelda and Link soon discover the Picori Blade, a magical sword capable of altering time. Together with Ezlo from The Minish Cap, who can shrink down their player to mini size, they set out on an adventure to reforge it, fighting through waves of enemies while dodging its cursed Minish Cap character Ezlo along their journey.

After making their way to the Temple of Time, where they locate Master Sword, Link, and Zelda use it to alter time as much as they can – although they soon realize Ganondorf has returned in force. After an intense final battle between Link and Ganondorf, Link finally regains his power with help from Spirit Sage Rauru and other Sages; Zelda uses Arrows of Light against Calamity Ganon until finally sealing him away with Calamity Ganon’s own Arrows of Light.

While we still don’t know much about the new Zelda game, fans can anticipate it will build upon its longstanding legacy. Creator Mr. Midas believes it is wise to capitalize on its recent popularity; many fans eagerly anticipate its arrival.


The Legend of Zelda franchise features many memorable characters, some dating back decades. Tears of the Kingdom trailers have revealed some familiar and intriguing faces, including an intriguing elf seen towards the end of Trailer 3. However, her identity remains unknown, and she plays an integral part in its plot.

Impa, leader of the Sheikah tribe, takes her duties seriously. While powerful in her own right, she also exhibits compassion towards those under her care and is eager to explore Hyrule with Link as she explores its ruins together – she even asks him for help conducting research for his project!

Purah, who hails from the Sheikah tribe, now leads Hateno Village after inheriting it from her grandmother and taking it very seriously. Additionally, Purah specializes in ancient technology, which she uses to study Zonai people and conduct investigations of an outbreak of darkness that has taken over Hyrule.

Tulin, son of Teba from Rito Village. Tulin follows in Daruk’s footsteps as champion successor, joining forces with Yunobo to battle evil alongside them all.

Though it remains to be seen if this scene serves as a flashback or will become part of the main plot, she certainly looks intriguing. Based on her earrings alone, this character may be linked with one or more of Hyrule’s goddesses.

Rauru may have some link with the Goddesses through his spirit of the Zonai, who stole their secret stone as Calamity Ganon destroyed their world, traveling backward through time to become Demon King himself and seal Ganondorf with help from Sages while ultimately giving up his life for their cause.


Since The Legend of Zelda first made its debut 37 years ago, millions of gamers have embarked on their mission to save Princess Zelda in nearly 30 video games from multiple generations of Nintendo consoles and handhelds – though some spin-off titles may also have been made available on non-Nintendo platforms.

Tears of the Kingdom has already set sales records and won praise from experts and longtime fans of Zelda games, garnering outstanding reviews from experts and longtime players alike. It marks yet another game to change how we think of video game worlds – a free-roaming roleplaying adventure allowing players to explore Hyrule and take down Ganondorf, Hyrule’s tribal chief and antagonist from previous installments in franchise sagas.

Tears of the Kingdom is the follow-up to Breath of the Wild, widely lauded as one of the best games ever released. Set for release on May 12th and available to preorder from stores such as Best Buy and GameStop for just $70, an even more lavish Collector’s Edition featuring art books, exclusive pins, and more is also available for $130 more.

Though the game will initially only be available on Nintendo Switch, other consoles could eventually get ports of it. Nintendo has recently made steps towards porting legacy Zelda titles onto modern hardware – for instance, Link’s Awakening was recreated, and an HD remaster of Skyward Sword made available through Nintendo Classics; also included in that lineup is an NES classic game that started it all: Donkey Kong Country was recreated!

However, multiple mainline Zelda titles are currently out of print or hard to come by. Four Swords Adventures was a multiplayer title requiring two Game Boy Advance consoles and link cables; Minish Cap is another unique entry still scarcely available today.

Ocarina of Time may be the most surprising omission, as one of the first Zelda games to introduce 3D gameplay and revolutionize our perception of video games. It has since been ported onto almost all Nintendo consoles – Wii and 3DS included – making its impactful story available for fans’ total experience.


Since 1980, millions of players worldwide have undertaken The Legend of Zelda video game series’ quest to free Princess Zelda from her captor in The Legend of Zelda video games. For its 2023 installment, players will travel across Hyrule on an adventure to defeat evil forces that threaten Hyrule – according to Nintendo. Unfortunately, trailers don’t reveal much beyond Zelda’s journey and efforts at harnessing the time powers she appears to possess.

Ganondorf is the main antagonist in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and plans to use his “blight” to control all of Hyrule and eventually take complete control over the kingdom.

Zelda now has some allies in Hyrule: Rauru and Sonia have taken Zelda into their home, where she informs them about Link – one from her time who can fight darkness and despair.

Nintendo hasn’t revealed much more of Link’s story than this trailer has shown, but it has shown some of his new powers and abilities. Recall allows players to rewind objects’ movements; Fuse will enable players to fuse various things like sticks and rocks into weapons like hammers; Ultrahand glues items together; Ascend allows for movement through ceilings; while flying between airborne islands offers new ways of exploring the world.

Visually, Breath of the Wild seems much darker in comparison. The new trailer showcases foreboding dungeons with dim lighting that recalls the Twilight Princess version from 2006. There also seem to be numerous copies of Zelda running amok that Zelda herself must battle off.

Nintendo Switch owners will soon have the chance to experience a brand-new Legend of Zelda game when it finally releases on May 12. Originally scheduled to arrive by 2022, Eiji Aonuma at Nintendo explained that more development time is necessary to produce something of genuine quality.