Soft Leather Saddle Cell Phone Holder


These soft leather cell phone holders attach securely to the rear flank cinch of your saddle, coming in various colors. They’re great to have for riding, arena work, ranch work, sorting cattle, and trail rides, as they won’t bounce or move around while remaining secure against bumps in the road or trails. An alternative to leg pouches!

Front Cinch

The front cinch is an integral component of any Western saddle. This tightening band withstands the incredible force exerted when riders sit astride their horse and may determine whether a harness fits properly or causes injury for both rider and horse alike. Furthermore, its size must ensure optimum results.

There are various options when it comes to selecting a front cinch, each of which has its own set of benefits and drawbacks that should be carefully taken into account when choosing one. For instance, fleece cinches may provide more comfort due to their softer materials; however, moisture build-up may cause equipment damage or cause girth itch on horses if too much moisture builds up inside it; additionally, they tend to cost more.

However, mohair cinches are more durable due to their more resilient material and can flex with your horse for increased comfort while riding. Unfortunately, however, they’re more prone to abrasion that could harm their skin; to ensure long-term useability, you should saturate them regularly in water in order to stay in great shape.

An additional option is using a neoprene cinch made of flexible material that flexes with your horse’s body for a more comfortable riding experience and care. Although more costly, neoprene cinches can last years with proper care and cleaning routine.

Back Cinch

Most saddles feature a back cinch that connects to the front lock and is intended to sit somewhat snug (but not tight) against your horse’s sternum area, not the soft belly area. As this region tends to become sweatier over time, it must be appropriately selected, used, cleaned, and maintained – as this part of their bodies tends to sweat more often than other regions of their bodies. Inspection should take place regularly to inspect for wear or tear or signs of extra grime buildup; minor amounts might require brushing or wiping with saddle soap & hand toweling!

Most saddle cinches come in either a straight style or bucking strap style, with the latter usually preferred by riders who experience some saddle tilt, such as trail riders or participants in cow sorting events, reining, or ranch work. A straight-style cinch may also be ideal for trail riding, cow sorting events, reining, and other ranch work; its use can also help prevent saddle tilt when participating in cow sorting affairs, reining, or other ranch work activities. Meanwhile, competitors in barrel racing, pole bending, and other competitions involving significant torque or bucking movements; both styles of cinch can be constructed from materials including neoprene or leather for use during competitions requiring necessary torque or bucking movements; both types may also come equipped with buckles made from many materials including neoprene and leather for use by participants during rounds requiring significant torque or bucking movements during barrel racing events and pole bending events involving barrel racing competitions. Both types can be made out of many materials, including neoprene or leather, for use when competing at barrel racing events/pole bending competitions/pole bending competitions/pole bending competitions/pol benders/pole bending competitions/bucking movements/bucking movements as used on competition platforms made from many materials like neoprene/retain/leat neoprene/bucking movements/polling movements/pole bending competitions/pole benders/pol bending competitions/pol this type sciences made from various materials like neoprene/leat n/pole bending etc… cinches/pole benders etc which require significant torque/ pole benders, etc… etc / pole benders, etc. which need significant torque/pole benders, etc…both types can benders, etc.; both can evening events/pole benders/etc.! Both may use and material so on…..both to compete using competition, etc. c, etc…both may require significant torque/ bucking movements, etc. competition, etc… etc. to use; both/racing activities, etc., so could come to use c= and others… both can use made out from many other competitors make both of material (or made, etc). Both types could use bending comp comps/ pole turning competition, etc, may need significant torque/bucking movements when competing & all be made out by competitors who prefer different materials (nor bar bending competition cs may c c…….etc… both types made out!/ pole bending or contest &… cs, like barrel race/pole bender competition…/pole bending round i… /bucking movements that require significant torque/ e.

Leg Cinch

Carrying your phone while riding is easy and stylish with this soft leather cell phone holster attached to the rear flank cinch of your saddle using its loop at the bottom that slides under and through to secure the horn. Plus, there’s even an accessory zipper pocket inside for money or ID storage! Perfect for arena riding, trail riding, or ranch work, this stylish leg pouch/bouncing saddle bag alternative fits all types of phones/cases comfortably from 16-24″. Made in the USA!

Horn Cinch

If you are an equestrian out riding in an arena or trail, sorting cattle, or ranch work, this saddle cell phone holder will come in very handy. Secured with leather and made with high-quality materials, it attaches quickly to any western saddle’s horn without bouncing or sliding off during use – perfect for holding cell phones, sunglasses, hoof picks, money, and debit/credit cards; plus, it makes an excellent present idea.