Simple Shop Counter Design in Mumbai


Cake and bakery display counters enable businesses to organize sweets and baked items in a manner that attracts customers while simultaneously expanding their business and encouraging impulse purchasing.

Vastu recommends that shops have regular shapes and sizes, as irregular ones cause wealth loss. The entrance should face north, while owners should sit facing either east or north to promote prosperity.


Entrance to any store or business is paramount for attracting customers and increasing profits. Inviting access should not be blocked by trees, poles, or merchandise stands and should be free from drains obstructing positive energy flow; additionally, it’s wise to avoid having slopes leading up to its main entrance as this drains profits away.

Vastu for shops recommends placing cash counters and seating the owner in the southwest, which provides dominance and stability. To increase these benefits, yellow can help amplify its effects, or installing an idol of Ashtadhatu Panchamukhi Hanumanji can further reinforce them in your shop.

Vastu for shop suggests that cash counters should be square or rectangular as circular or curvy ones may cause financial losses. Furthermore, the cash box must remain complete with money; an empty one creates misery. You could place Lakshmi and Ganesha statues inside and worship them daily to increase wealth.

The north is an ideal direction for shops as it is associated with the Hindu deity Kuber – who represents wealth and prosperity. Therefore, when designing your north-facing shop’s main door, it should be large and spacious, located near its northeast corner on its northern side and stretching into its center.

Cash counter

Cash counters are essential tools used in retail stores to verify currency notes’ authenticity, detect counterfeit notes, reduce cash theft, and keep track of incoming and outgoing currency flows. There are various kinds of cash counters on the market: mini-format devices used by taxi drivers to test passengers’ notes; compact floor-mounted machines used by cash-in-transit companies; high-performance systems used by professional cash centers – and various kinds used by SMEs depending on their area of business activity.

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If you own an electronics shop, keeping the raw goods in an appropriate location is essential to prosperity and increasing sales. According to Vastu principles, placing these crucial goods in the northeastern corner is recommended. Regarding owner seating position and prosperity enhancement, the east or north orientation would bring in more business, while setting a cash counter in the south-eastern corner can bring increased attention and boost sales of electronic items – so choose among various counter types for electronics when placing a cash counter there.

Raw goods

Awareness of where raw goods should be kept is vital in any bakery, sweet shop, or convenience store. Proper location keeps items free from exposure to bacteria, dust, or germs while helping the owner manage fresh stock while tracking sales patterns, and saving both time and money for non-selling products.

As raw materials must remain fresh and undamaged to preserve their value and prevent spoilage or degradation, owners should keep unneeded items separated from essential goods in a shop’s south-eastern corner as this location promotes prosperity and growth.

According to Vastu, shops should be constructed according to strict specifications in terms of size and shape; as irregular shops create negativity and loss. They should also avoid images depicting war, crying women, and violent animals. Furthermore, cash counters should be located either east or north for maximum business opportunities.