Razor Tour Pack


Bike riders may become confused as they choose between a chopped tour pack or a razor one for their needs. Both groups provide unique advantages; your decision ultimately depends on what amount of equipment you wish to carry with you.

Aftermarket Harley-Davidson Tour Packs add extra storage space while simultaneously improving the aesthetics of your bike. Some even come equipped with built-in speakers so you can listen to music while riding!


Razor Tour Packs are an easy and attractive way to add extra storage space to your bike without adding too much weight. Their sleek design looks great on most bikes while providing plenty of room for backpacks or luggage – ideal for day trips and long rides where essential items need to be brought along with you. Plus,, they’re easy to install on most Harley-Davidson bikes for riders seeking additional cargo capacity.

The TCMT 5.5″ Razor Tour Pack boasts an elegant appearance and is constructed of superior-grade materials. Its trunk provides ample storage space, and it features an ergonomic backrest pad that’s both supportive and comfortable for extended rides. Available in different sizes at an attractive price point, the installation process is quick and easy, with clear instructions provided to guide users every step of the way.

Selecting between a Chopped and Razor Tour Pack can be difficult for bike riders. While Chopped packs tend to be more costly than Razor packs, they are versatile enough for daily use and longer journeys alike. Before making this decision, consider how long and with whom you will be traveling.

Motorcycle touring packages are increasingly popular among riders because they offer convenient storage space while remaining lightweight and unobtrusive. Furthermore, these kits allow riders to customize the appearance of their bike while providing additional safety with features like lock systems or custom painting not available on standard models.

Harley razor tour packs provide the ideal solution for longer road trips. Their lightweight construction won’t compromise performance or stability, while most aftermarket packs can be installed without drilling or paintwork – some even come equipped with rear seat latches so passengers can ride without worrying that their backrest won’t close properly!


The TCMT 5.5″ Razor Tour Pack is an effective way to increase luggage capacity on your bike without altering its aesthetics. Crafted from high-grade materials for durability, its minimal style enhances any custom motorcycle’s aesthetic while easily being installed onto ’97-’08 Harley-Davidson touring models via its mounting rack; additionally, it comes equipped with a backrest pad to ensure added comfort on long rides – customers have been very pleased with this product, and many have recommended it to others.

No matter if it is for short rides or extended vacations, choosing an appropriate tour package can make your ride more comfortable. Finding a suitable model may prove challenging when considering your travel plans and storage needs as factors when making a decision.

Both types of tour packs are designed to be practical and stylish, yet differ in terms of cost and size. A chopped bag may be cheaper, yet may lack enough room for more extended travels. It would help if you considered how many days of traveling you plan to do as well as who will accompany you during this trip.

Chopped tour packs are typically composed of injection-molded ABS plastic painted vivid black to match OEM color, featuring an injection lock with keys and latches preinstalled, as well as weather stripping to provide weather resistance. A Chopped tour pack can fit two skid lid helmets side-by-side or three-quarter face helmets as well as laptops if necessary.

The Razor Tour Pack is an excellent alternative to the standard Harley-Davidson trunk. Though smaller and lighter than its counterpart, it still provides enough room to store all your belongings securely. Furthermore, its built-in tethering system keeps bags secure, as well as a compact rubber seal that seals off luggage compartments. Unfortunately, though, mounting may require minor re-drilling due to different size tour packs available depending on your chopper frame – meaning mounting holes must be redrilled accordingly.


Tour packs add additional storage capacity and flash to your bike, helping to make you stand out on the road. They come in different styles that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

No matter your reason for adding luggage, these tour packs make the process easy. With sleek designs that won’t detract from the look of your custom bike and easy installation process – made of injection-molded ABS plastic for durability, painted vivid black to match OEM paint jobs, and fully weather-stripped construction.

The TCMT 5.5” Razor Tour Pack is a superior aftermarket product for Harley Davidson models from 07-13, designed specifically to fit with its large trunk featuring a comfortable backrest pad, chrome hinges, and latch the effortless installation process. It is ideal for those not willing to pay OEM premium prices but still seek quality goods.

The Razor Tour Pack is an ideal solution for riders who don’t have enough room in their saddlebags to carry all they need for an extended journey. Crafted of sturdy plastic and foam construction, its trunk was designed to keep luggage secure on the road. Available in an array of colors with a free tour pack mat for weather protection – customer reviews have been very favorable of this product! Customer testimonials speak for themselves!


The TCMT 5.5” Razor Tour Pack is an aftermarket Harley luggage piece of exceptional quality that adds plenty of storage space to your bike. Perfectly sized to carry a briefcase, laptop computer, or even change of clothing – its soft synthetic leather backrest pad, durable plastic foam construction, and mounting rack make for unrivaled durability – customers are delighted with this purchase that provides ample room and durability on long rides. Customers have expressed satisfaction with this purchase due to its reliability.

Razor tour packs are an ideal solution for riders who are looking to add some additional luggage capacity without altering the aesthetic of their custom rides. Their slim, low profile makes it simple to access their custom rides when needed; moreover, it adds minimal weight while featuring chrome latches, hinges, and locks for increased security and safety.

When choosing a tour pack, it’s essential to consider its intended use. Decide whether or not you plan on taking long journeys or need extra storage for everyday needs, then factor in which type of bike you have, as the size can differ significantly between razor or chopped packs.

Chopped tour packs tend to be smaller than razor tour packs, though their prices remain comparable. Both types offer superior protection for your motorcycle; both feature quality materials with lock systems to secure it on the road, providing more storage space while meeting individual needs and customization features; some brands even offer unique guarantees or features, so do some research prior to making your decision.