Promoting Your Vacation Rental Home


Traditional methods of publicizing a vacation rental’s availability included newspaper ads, posters posted around town, postcard drops at area businesses, and word of mouth. With the advent of the World Wide Web, a new channel for advertising vacation rentals has opened up. Today, advertising your rental property globally is easier and cheaper than ever. You can build your site from scratch or use listing sites with established audiences.

This first installment of a multi-part series covers the fundamentals of advertising a vacation rental house. In subsequent articles, we’ll explore specific strategies for promoting vacation rentals.

Promotion of Private Vacation Rentals Using Domain Names

Anyone may get a domain name and hosting plan and start advertising their vacation rental online. In addition, many applications make developing a professional-looking website simple, so anyone can take advantage of promoting vacation rentals in this way, even if they don’t know HTML or have experience as a web designer. Your vacation rental website should seem polished and include photos of the property inside and out and information about the facilities offered. Price and availability details can also be included, or you can request that potential buyers contact you for more data. Also, make sure your site visitors can get in touch with you.

Your vacation rental website should function as a digital brochure you can pass out to interested guests. Future pieces in this series will go into greater detail on how to design and promote highly effective websites for advertising vacation rentals.

Web-Based Vacation Rentals

If you own a vacation rental property and are seeking guests or a simple way to market your space, you may want to investigate the advantages of using a website. Sites like this make advertising holiday rentals a breeze by creating lists of houses for rent by owner and company, which helps bring prospective tenants to your door. You may list your vacation rental on various sites, often for a nominal cost, and include photos, text, and a link to your site. These platforms may also facilitate communication between landlords and tenants. In subsequent pieces, we’ll go over what to look for in a vacation rental website and how to get your ad noticed among the many others.

Using Flyers and Newspaper Ads to Promote Vacation Rentals

Even while the Internet has become a crucial part of advertising vacation rentals, there is still value in using more conventional methods. Flyers featuring photos of your home, rental rates, and services can be distributed around the neighborhood. Flyers are a cheap and effective method to get your message out there, but they must be well-designed to attract attention. Postcards featuring this data can be delivered to local households or displayed in area businesses for easy access by tourists and locals alike.

Putting up ads in the classified section of any local newspaper is another way to promote vacation rentals. You may spend a lot on an advertisement that reaches a few people, but this has the advantage of being highly targeted to the area where your vacation rental is located.

Preparing Your Home for Short-Term Rental

Whether you plan to advertise your vacation rental online, in print, or with flyers, you will need professional images of your property. You should get your house in tip-top shape by cleaning the windows, trimming the grass, and organizing the pool area. Then, photograph the house from several vantage points to provide a prospective tenant with a complete picture of what they’re getting into. Do what you can to give your home a distinguishing feature. Try taking your vision at night or utilizing curtains of contrasting colors. Provide people with a compelling incentive to investigate your vacation rental further.

“The Word”

Advertising vacation rentals by word of mouth is the most efficient and economical strategy. Spread the word that you’re looking to rent out your house. Spread the word by informing your social circle, as well as your local bank and grocery store tellers and shoppers. Your friend or family member may not become your property’s next renter, but they may know someone who is.


The strategies above are just a taste of what you can do to promote your vacation rental and fill it up all year. More information on these topics and more suggestions for promoting a holiday rental will be provided in subsequent articles.

Fraser Hannah worked as a television production manager and researcher for an independent company for eight years before joining his family’s business serving the elderly. After becoming dissatisfied with the lack of innovation among existing vacation rental websites, he launched in 2003 after buying a vacation house in Florida. From Orlando to the Keys, thousands of tourists may now book directly with the owners of upscale vacation properties through

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