Power Planter Earth Augers Make Digging Hole-Making Easier


Power Planter earth augers make planting bulbs, mixing soil, and digging holes faster and simpler. Made in America and compatible with standard drills.

Greg Niewold of Loda owns his company that manufactures heavy-duty augers used by homeowners and professional landscapers alike. These heavy-duty augers also find use with golf course greenskeepers and commercial outdoor maintenance workers.

Product Description

The Power Planter is an affordable, user-friendly gardening tool designed to simplify digging holes with shovels. Its simple auger attachment connects easily with any standard drill for effortless digging of 3-inch up to 5-inch potted flowers without having to bend over or kneel, as well as planting bulbs such as tulips and spring bulbs or drilling post holes and beach umbrella poles – or boring holes under sidewalks for electrical or irrigation lines.

The auger drills a hole quickly so you can begin planting efficiently and promptly. It leaves behind some loose soil in the bottom of each hole for better root contact and packs down soon into compact, packable conditions around its edge. This versatile Power Planter works with electric, gas, or battery-operated drills!

Our planting augers are constructed of top-quality materials and feature a durable design for years of use. Their shaft is made from 5/8″ thick solid steel for strength and long-term use; additionally, 100% American-made and cupped flighting allows efficient soil displacement when drilling through the ground.

Power Planter earth augers are made on the Niewold Family Farm in Loda, IL, using only USA-sourced parts produced by a third-generation family business. Used by home gardeners, professional landscapers, golf course greenskeepers, commercial outdoor maintenance personnel across the country, and Eastern Illinois Electric Cooperative members Greg and Wayne Niewold (company owners). Furthermore, Power Planter has operated for thirty years and offers an unconditional guarantee on parts, materials, and craftsmanship!

Product Features

The 3″ X 7″ Power Planter is ideal for digging holes to plant bulbs, bedding plants, garden vegetables, and other small flower and potted plants. The auger drill leaves approximately one inch of loose soil at the bottom of each hole, allowing better root-to-soil contact. Simply insert and drill to your desired depth, then lift out.

The Power Planter is an ideal tool for both homeowners and professional landscapers. Hand-welded in the USA with solid steel construction using DEWALT(r) drills, this heavy-duty gardening auger allows users to dig significantly more profound and broader holes than a standard shovel – ideal for challenging soil conditions such as rocky clay.

Power Planter augers offer an easy solution, unlike most augers resembling giant drill bits. Our augers feature a standard non-slip hex drive, which fits into most drill chunks to make using one simple. Simply connect it to your power drill, adjust its chuck size accordingly, and begin digging!

Apart from planting bulbs and plants, this drill can mix fertilizers or paints, tilling garden beds, and mixing polymers in soil. With its bright green enamel coating, its presence, among other tools, is easily identified.

Augers feature solid 5/8″ shafts constructed of 5/8″ thick solid steel to withstand even the most challenging gardening tasks and feature 100% USA-made flighting with consistent pitch and spiral to move soil around quickly. This is key in auger design, as eliminating weak points reduces wear and tear over time and ensures a longer tool lifespan.

Greg Niewold is an entrepreneur dedicated to producing products that exceed customer expectations, which is why his products come with an unconditional guarantee. Additionally, he can often be found personally answering phone calls and even shipping replacement parts overnight to assist customers in resolving any problems with their Power Planters. With such success comes online ordering and international distribution – two additional components of Greg’s business venture.

Product Specifications

Digging can be one of the more laborious garden tasks, but the Power Planter makes it less tedious. Attaching to any cordless drill, this garden-friendly auger makes planting bulbs, seeds, plugs, annuals, and perennials simple – plus, its powerful auger pulverizes soil so roots can settle faster! Featuring durable steel construction with an eye-catching glossy green enamel finish, this garden tool stands out among other gardening tools!

Pair your earth auger with a DEWALT (r) drill for optimal performance. DEWALT’s power tools are proven performers in any digging task, featuring high torque output and a built-in clutch for clutchless operation with interchangeable batteries backed by an impressive warranty for reliable performance.

Power planters are more than just capable of digging holes – they’re also used to mix house paint, lawn seed, fertilizer, and cement! Homeowners love them when building raised beds or creating herb or vegetable gardens – as well as landscapers for installing irrigation lines and farmers for mixing talc/graphite into seed boxes!

Greg Niewold of Loda, Illinois, designed the Power Planter with seven employees at Power Planter is an Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative member and a third-generation farmer. Selling online as well as in retail stores and mailorder catalogs nationwide, Power Planter prides itself on customer satisfaction with excellent craftsmanship and quality materials used throughout manufacturing.

The Power Planter comes in various sizes, with home gardeners choosing between 3×7 and 3×12 as their preferred models. Landscapers and commercial outdoor maintenance personnel often opt for more extended drills that enable them to dig deeper holes more quickly; more challenging exercises are also designed specifically for hardscaping projects such as planting trees and large shrubs.

Product Warranty

Home gardeners and professional landscapers can quickly speed up their digging with Power Planter auger drill bits from America-made Power Planter Auger Drill Bits. These hand-welded attachments convert any hand-power drill into a powered soil digger for tasks such as planting bulbs, shrubs, annuals, and perennials; customers also use them for holes for posts, umbrella poles, or stakes.

Greg Niewold founded Power Planter 30 years ago in Loda, Illinois. This third-generation family business sells its products through stores, mail-order catalogs, and distributors internationally – even providing YouTube tutorials teaching how to use the Power Planter and showing its various sizes.

Niewold states that the typical customer may purchase a 7-inch drill capable of digging 3-inch diameter holes priced at $39; its durable stainless steel shaft comes equipped with a non-slip hex drill bit end that fits seamlessly into any standard drill chuck.

Other models boast longer shafts and can dig deeper holes, with some featuring thicker 13mm hex heads to take the leverage from larger corded or battery drills. However, these may bend if used with drills with powerful chucks or when digging hard ground – however, the company doesn’t cover this under their lifetime guarantee policy.

Normal wear and tear from auger usage is covered. However, the hex head could become damaged if someone tightens the drill chuck teeth onto its ridges instead of its flats – To rectify this situation, the company suggests placing the drill in a vice or file to straighten it out.

Power Planter drills are made of high-grade corrosion-resistant steel with nonstick exterior coating for easy cleaning after every use, protecting against rusting and scratching from metal-on-metal contact and wearing out from repeated use in rocky soil. Niewold says the drills can easily be replaced when worn down due to repeated use.