Poro Eco Park


An eco park in a dense urban area can help provide much-needed green spaces while simultaneously relieving stress from environmental pollution and strengthening ecological networks across various neighborhoods.

Visit for picnics and hanging out – many activities and food stalls exist.

It is a good picnic spot.

The Poro Eco Park offers an ideal picnic destination for families and friends. Boasting large spaces, river views, street food stalls, and plenty of open green spaces, it also has street food vendors selling street fare. Unfortunately, during picnic season, it can become quite crowded; therefore, if you plan on visiting with children, make your provisions for food and beverages before coming.

Eco Park, situated in Kolkata’s eastern region, is home to numerous bird species. It features an idyllic lake that serves as an excellent fishing spot, with calm and dry temperatures from October to February. This is an ideal time for visiting; the summer months should be avoided due to the conditions of the monsoon season. Furthermore, visitors are provided with picnic shelters.

Kolkata’s eco-friendly picnic spot, Kolkata Park, is well-known for its many unique attractions. These include wooden hanging bridges, treehouses, and a forest rest house for overnight stays. This park makes an excellent romantic weekend destination.

The Eco Urban Village, just a couple kilometers from Eco Park Gate 3, provides visitors with a unique picnic experience. Its beaches are dotted with agogo trees (Casuarina equisetifolia) and feature fine grayish sand. In Bengali tradition, “akharas,” circular meeting places with thatched roofs and decorative woodwork, also feature prominently here.

Photographers will find many picturesque spots and locations within the park, including its river. The ideal time for taking photographs in this location is early morning or late afternoon when fewer people are around – additionally, admission fees are very affordable.

It is an excellent place to visit during winter.

Location: Kolkata This park is a favorite among residents, boasting a large water body and several themed gardens for picnicking or other recreational purposes. Additionally, this site hosts adventure activities like zorbing and kayaking for ages, but be aware that during picnic season, this place becomes very crowded; thus, arriving early would be advised if planning on visiting this site.

Winter is an excellent time to visit this park, with pleasant temperatures and fewer crowds than summer or monsoon weather, which may make enjoying its activities difficult. Additionally, this park can be the perfect setting for family picnics or socializing with friends.

Eco Park makes an excellent picnic destination, thanks to its 1,600-square-meter ice skating rink – which offers visitors plenty of space to skate! Furthermore, rental options for skating equipment can also be found within the park itself. In addition, an ice skating rink and musical fountains such as Baul Gram are all additional attractions available within Eco Park grounds.

Are you seeking a respite from daily life? Eco Park provides the perfect setting. Its lush greenery and breathtaking city views offer peace and will help recharge your batteries. Boating or archery may even tempt you – making this park perfect for families and romantic escapes!

Dhanaulti Eco Park will give you an incredible glimpse of Uttarakhand’s beauty, from snow-capped mountains and lush greenery to exotic flora and fauna. There are major sightseeing points such as Khilanmarg and Tangmarg – not forgetting Surkanda Devi Temple and Kaudia Forest as trekking bases!

It is an excellent place to visit during the night.

The park is spacious, has many exhibitions, and is often packed with people. Additionally, you can spend the night there, too; just be aware that it can sometimes become hectic! Reservations should be made, and food and drinks can be found within it and in souvenir shops – plus, this place is an excellent location for prenuptial photoshoots or birthday celebrations!

Once you arrive at the park, the first thing to do is head straight for reception and explain your plans for the day. They will review your paperwork – either on your phone or printed out) showing proof of purchase (whether on paper or an app) as well as identification documents and, once approved, will give you access to all areas for the entire day with a wristband to mark this fact. Lockers near the entrance may be rented at an additional fee with returnable deposits available, as well as Eco Carts to take you between gates.

One of the best things to do in Poro Eco Park is to swim in its cool and refreshing waters. These waters can help relieve the afternoon heat while cooling you off – just be sure to bring a lifeguard for safety!

Visit the Bamboo Garden, featuring numerous species of plants, for a relaxing massage and to play games in its gaming zone with 12 PCs packed with the latest games.

One of the park’s stand-out features is its 200-meter-long zorbing track. Perfect for enthusiasts of this exciting sport, this activity provides safe yet entertaining fun with friends or family.

The park offers the ideal setting for picnics. Its beautiful surroundings provide an idyllic escape from city life and an excellent winter retreat when temperatures remain mild and pleasant. Open daily from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.