Plumbing and Electrical Near Me


There can be numerous reasons you require the services of an electrician, from replacing a broken ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet to completely rewiring your home. When searching for an electrician to meet your standards and needs, do your research by gathering recommendations from friends or neighbors – this could save you both time and money in finding someone suitable.


If you are having electrical issues at home, an electrician can be of invaluable assistance. A licensed contractor can rewire, install new lighting fixtures or switches, repair faulty outlets, provide residential security system installation, smart home system setup, and more. When looking for local electricians, it’s wise to read reviews and ratings before selecting the ideal one; also, get recommendations from friends or neighbors, as this may make the search much more straightforward.

Electrical work that requires professional assistance can often be too complex for homeowners to handle on their own. Flickering lights, constant buzzing in the circuit box, or hot outlet plates are signs that immediate attention needs to be paid by a qualified electrician. Furthermore, licensed electricians can help save money by identifying inefficient appliances and suggesting more energy-efficient replacements; additionally, they may assist with passing code inspections required before selling a property.

Gina Electric of Long Island is a locally owned and operated company offering both residential and commercial customers power solutions. Their licensed electricians have experience completing projects such as installing electric vehicle chargers, basement wiring upgrades, and panel upgrades, as well as safety-oriented projects like installing electric vehicle chargers or upgrading panels to conform with industry codes and standards. Furthermore, emergency services are provided.

Drain Cleaning

Drains and sewer lines can become blocked with hair, soap scum, grease, dirt, and other debris that interferes with plumbing systems. Clogged drains can lead to water flooding back through faucets and drains, causing flooding issues and foul odors lingering behind. Regular professional drain cleanings will prevent future clogs as well as costly repair or replacement bills down the line.

Slow-draining sinks or tubs may be the first telltale signs that your pipes have become blocked, as well as problems flushing toilets or standing water on your basement floor. If this occurs to you, contact a plumber immediately for professional drain and sewer cleaning service.

Our technicians utilize cutting-edge technology to inspect drain and sewer lines and identify sources of clogs in them before using a Hydroscrub(r) jetting device to break up and remove stubborn ones promptly and efficiently. Furthermore, our expert plumbers offer preventive maintenance services designed to keep drains and sewer lines free from blockages for as long as possible.

At our residential and commercial plumbing company, we offer an array of emergency drain cleaning and sewer line repair services, as well as pipe installation, plumbing repairs, high-velocity water jetting, video inspections, and more. With a fleet of trucks such as “guzzlers,” drain cleaning machines, vacuum excavation equipment, jet trucks, and other specialty vehicles on hand 24/7, we can respond to any plumbing emergency day or night.

Water Heater Repair

Your water heater may last 15 years or more with proper care and maintenance, but when problems arise, it may be wise to consider replacing it. A professional plumber will inspect your current unit and recommend repair or replacement options with respect to both costs and options available to you. Conventional models use large tanks heated by electricity or gas, while hybrid ones utilize heat pumps that efficiently heat water while cutting energy consumption by up to 60%.

If your water heater isn’t functioning as expected, first check its circuit breaker (for electric units) or its gas supply valve (if it’s gas). Also, ensure the pilot light is lit on gas models, as well as check that its thermocouple remains undamaged.

Depending upon your location, repairs and replacements may require permits from local authorities. Without permission from an appropriate body, work conducted without one could result in legal problems and potentially nullify homeowners insurance policies.