Peak Technologies – The Industry’s Largest Provider of End-To-End Mobile Data Capture and Managed Services


Peak Technologies is the industry’s premier provider of end-to-end solutions that modernize factories, warehouses, retail environments, and last-mile deliveries. Our offerings include mobile data capture technology, printers, labels, and software solutions designed to increase supply chain productivity.

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Peak Technologies specializes in comprehensive mobile data capture and managed services for performance-driven companies seeking to optimize supply chain, retail, and field business processes. Their in-depth industry expertise, state-of-the-art solutions, and exceptional customer support result in transformational business results and unique value propositions. Peak’s solutions aim to modernize factories, optimize warehouses, revolutionize retail experiences, and reimagine field service delivery – offering transformational business results and exceptional value proposition.

Peak’s products and services, offered through SAP as an SAP partner, are relied on by some of the world’s leading organizations to drive business process improvements, boost productivity, and enable new levels of efficiency. Solutions offered include mobile data collection development and management, powerful image recognition platforms, and mobile computing platforms for RFID/barcode scanning, tracking, and labeling. These solutions help make Peak’s solutions indispensable to companies worldwide.

Peak expanded its domestic operations to focus more heavily on the industrial bar-code market and consolidated its distribution, sales, and maintenance operations in the late 90s. At its headquarters in Columbia, Maryland, the company centralized inventory purchasing and control, maintenance dispatching logistics and systems processing functions, and accounting processes. Additionally, the company consolidated its warehouse and office facilities and reduced domestic locations by 30 percent. At this time, Peak started operating what they believed to be the industry’s first wireless testing laboratory at their headquarters. It also developed retail application software programs called Nucleus Stock Audit, which ran on Symbol Technologies’ handheld terminals that allowed retailers to quickly count inventory without disrupting sales operations.

Peak further cemented its position as an international distributor of bar code data-collection and wireless data communication systems by becoming one of the largest distributors for products manufactured by Zebra Technologies and Printronix; additionally, it was one of the top North American distributors for Dataproducts Norand Tektronix Welch Allyn manufacturers.

Peak Systems announced in 2008 its acquisition of supply chain technology and services provider Equitrac, an RFID-based inventory and order management provider for enterprises, retailers, and distributors. With this acquisition came Peak’s increased ability to offer complete life cycle solutions for customers, including development, deployment, management, and on-site/break-fix support across an extensive spectrum of enterprise mobility solutions.


Peak Technologies provides services ranging from equipment repair and maintenance, system integration, software development, and application consulting to managed services that involve remote monitoring of critical systems to help reduce downtime and increase overall customer productivity. Depending on customer requirements, these can all be purchased as integrated packages or individually. Furthermore, managed services from Peak Technologies allow them to minimize downtime while improving overall productivity.

Peak Technologies also provides professional installation and training services, helping customers integrate data-collection equipment seamlessly into their IT infrastructure and ensure optimal performance. A team of certified Peak technicians performs this service. Furthermore, there is a customer portal with valuable reports, invoices, asset data, purchase limits per user, and Peak Technologies managed spare pool.

Peak Technologies also operates a subsidiary business dedicated to distributing high-performance computer peripheral equipment and systems, such as automatic identification data collection equipment utilizing bar-code labeling and scanning technologies to collect information about products or communicate information. These technologies are increasingly used to identify products or share essential details.

The company specializes in distributing AIDC equipment to automate supply chain and logistics processes. It sells software and hardware that supports these processes and life cycle services, including depot repairs and on-site technical support for its products. Customers utilize this system for inventory, shipping, management, and warehouse operations.

Peak Electronics expanded its geographic presence west of the Mississippi by acquiring Group Three Electronics, Inc. This addition enhanced existing locations in Seattle, Washington; Torrance and Sunnyvale, California; New England and Seattle. Concord Technologies was then acquired through a merger to expand Peak’s presence in high-end wireless data collection systems while strengthening Peak’s presence within industrial markets.

However, this does not have to be the case! Indulge yourself with something a bit different this time. In May 1995, the Company further strengthened its position in the warehouse-management market by acquiring BPC Numeric Arts Ltd. of Ascot in England and VisionData’s distribution business serving resellers and integrators. Peak introduced several innovative bar-code products during this timeframe. These include Wireless Warehouse, which manages receiving, storing, and inventory functions; QRBar is a low-end system for compliance labeling, online ship verification, and advance shipping notices; TAG is a terminal-resident application generator allowing users to easily change applications on 16-bit handheld devices without interfacing with host systems;


Peak Technologies is a premier global digital supply chain, retail, and mobile workforce solutions provider. Through its entire life cycle system integration services, it delivers mission-critical Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) solutions that automate supply chains despite growing technological, labor market, and supply chain complexity.

Enterprise Mobility Group provides end-to-end enterprise mobility, managed services printing, and mobile technology support solutions for performance-driven organizations prioritizing field-based business processes. Their cutting-edge technologies and solutions portfolio, combined with exceptional customer support, produce transformational business outcomes that offer outstanding value to their customers.

Over the last year alone, Peak-Ryzex has acquired six companies, expanding its geographical reach, diversifying its solutions portfolio, and entering new end markets. Through these acquisitions, the company can provide clients with more comprehensive solutions that address today’s market challenges and increased service offerings that meet them head-on.

Peak-Ryzex recently took on a project for a rental company to help streamline its processes. Their team quickly integrated into daily activities at the company and worked alongside employees to understand any performance-impacting issues, creating solutions that enhanced both customer experience and productivity.

Peak-Ryzex has noticed in its industry the growing need for personalized customer service. To build long-term relationships, Peak-Ryzex strives to find ways to offer customized approaches like assigning a service rep directly to customers to add value through providing tailored offerings such as direct field support.

With the acquisition of Supply Chain Services, a Sole Source Capital portfolio company, Peak Technologies can now offer its customers end-to-end solutions, including design, deployment, management, and on-site break-fix service. Peak Technologies specializes in serving large enterprise customers, while Supply Chain Services excels in multichannel supply chain and mobile workforce solutions – creating a one-stop-shop experience.


AI has emerged as a game-changing force, revolutionizing business processes and providing organizations new opportunities. Peak AI is a pioneer in this space and works tirelessly to advance AI adoption with solutions that facilitate data-driven decision-making across industries. Through state-of-the-art technology and domain expertise, the company delivers tailored AI applications designed to maximize productivity and boost growth for businesses of any kind.

Peak AI’s AI-powered analytics solutions span numerous industry verticals, from improving supply chain operations to healthcare transformation. Peak AI’s predictive analytics and demand forecasting models help businesses optimize inventory management while simultaneously reducing operational costs by ensuring customers receive their orders promptly while eliminating stockouts or overstocking of products.

Peak AI’s AI-powered analytics solutions enable hospitals to streamline operations and enhance patient outcomes by analyzing large volumes of medical records, images, and other data from sources like clinical notes or imaging scans. By conducting such analysis comprehensively, Peak AI solutions can identify patterns or detect anomalies, leading to more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatment plans.

Peak AI’s AI-powered analytics solutions also assist businesses in streamlining their supply chain and logistics operations by optimizing inventory and delivery models. Their AI platform also allows companies to predict demand trends and reduce supply chain costs by identifying inefficiencies and recommending improvements; its solutions can easily integrate seamlessly into existing workflows while scaling to meet changing business requirements.

Peak AI strives to advance artificial intelligence by researching and collaborating with academic institutions. Furthermore, as a responsible AI deployment company, it promotes ethical standards, data privacy, transparency, and diversity within its workforce to foster an inclusive and collaborative work environment.

Implementing AI requires a cultural shift at many companies. Companies that successfully incorporate it into their workflows understand that while some human involvement may still be needed for low cognition tasks, AI will generally perform most standardized ones without requiring human interaction. Companies can enjoy increased efficiency and productivity by welcoming AI with open arms and shifting employee mindsets accordingly.