Mr Swindle’s Traveling Peculiarium


Mr Swindle’s Traveling Peculium will visit Boston on October 12 and 6 to perform under a big top hosted by Harpoon Brewery. This 90-minute adult show includes acrobatic performances and vaudeville comedy led by Mr. B.S Swindler and Dr. Elixer, two mysterious characters with questionable identities.

Salto Entertainment LLC is run by this couple, who run numerous traveling shows, including Moto Maniacs and Steampunk Flippin. Both shows are fifth-generation circus performers honored to be inducted into Sarasota’s St. Armands Circle Circus Ring of Fame this past year.

The show

At Salto Entertainment’s Traveling Peculiarium show, it takes an experienced team to bring it off. Ms. Blei and Mr. Espana carefully select each act, looking for performers with skill who can work within a looser script than usual, as well as those capable of flying well or performing multiple stunts – this version features trapeze artists from Germany as well as a comic duo from Las Vegas!

The Traveling Peculiarium features a Drink-Ory Garden filled with whimsical characters and world-class artistry, not to mention sophisticated humor, double entendres, and suggestive visuals explicitly designed for adults. With sold-out shows in Englewood and Sarasota already under its belt, Punta Gorda will soon welcome it!

Audience members entering the foyer tent are transported back in time to an early-20th-century traveling medicine show created by Salto Entertainment and inspired by legendary sideshow huckster and circus magnate P.T. Barnum; his character serves as inspiration for Bill S. Swindler in this play.

Inside the tent, they are welcomed by performers dressed as sideshow rascals. After being shown to their seats under the big top, the show then unfolds before them with acrobats, magicians, and aerialists, as well as eccentric characters such as the Doll of Disbelief, Bedsheet Bandit, and Dr. Elixer performing live for them all to see!

The 90-minute show is a celebration of vintage amusement. A cast of mischievous misfits will mesmerize audiences with mind-boggling variety acts, vaudeville-style performances and comedy. Additionally, there will be a Drink-Ory Garden where guests can sample an array of adult beverages–such as Harpoon Brew–plus souvenirs and food purchases in this unique experience from October 12 to November 6. The experience runs between October 12 and November 6.

The cast

Mr. Swindle’s Traveling Phenomenium is an unforgettable show for adults that combines circus, magic spectacle, comedy act, vaudeville-style performance, and vaudeville-style entertainment into one fantastic performance. Aimed at adults over 18, it features world-class artistry from world-renowned performers and quirky characters, including acrobats, aerialists, jugglers, and contortionists. At its 90-minute exhibition, this show is meant to enchant and delight its audience. Filled with sophisticated humor, double entendres, and suggestive visuals, its performers also engage in extensive audience participation. Ivan Espana and Allison Blei are the husband-and-wife duo behind Mr. Swindle’s Traveling Peculiarium, which marks their first attempt at producing theatrical production under a boutique big top tent. Moto Maniacs and Flippin were their previous shows; Mr. Swindle’s Traveling Peculiarium marks their inaugural venture into making theatre under one.

As it’s said that there’s one born every minute, The Great Mr. Swindle’s Traveling Peculiarium and Drink-Ory Garden could leave you reeling. That’s because this memorable theatrical experience defies description — which was intentional on Ivan Espana and Allison Blei’s part!

The Great Mr. Swindle’s Traveling Peculiarium at Boston’s Harpoon Brewery can only be described as outrageous! A boutique considerable top theatre experience under B.S. Swindler and Dr. Elixer leads to an array of eccentric yet talented sideshow performers, led by splendiferous shyster B.S. Swindler himself and Dr. Elixer. Performers such as The Contorted, sensational spinologist The Spinologist, and high-flying duo Suspended Passion bring you a mind-bending variety of performances from across decades!

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The atmosphere

Mr. Swindle’s Traveling Peculiarium offers an unforgettable entertainment experience for adults. Housed within a cozy theater setting and featuring world-renowned performers, it is a great place to unwind and appreciate a captivating show without being distracted by other activities or people around you. Mr Swindle’s Peculiarium promises unforgettable memories!

Last year’s outrageous traveling tented entertainment experience delighted audiences in Boston; now back with new feats and comedy under a boutique big top! Expect gasps, giggles, and laughter under the Peculiarium tent for this 90-minute spectacular that combines vintage amusement, live acrobats, and humor for an unparalleled showcase of mind-boggling variety and vaudeville-style performance!

Celebrate any special occasion with friends and family at this unforgettable show, which combines elements of big-top theater, sophisticated vaudeville comedy, food, and drink, as well as Boston native entrepreneurs Mr. and Mrs. Salto of Salto Entertainment LLC from Boston who own and operate Salto Entertainment LLC as owners and operators of Cirquesa Dream Quest (an ambitious 1,000 seat big top production). The couple has produced many traveling shows, including Moto Maniacs and Flippin, and created Cirquesa – Dream Quest in an ambitious 1,000-seat big maximum production. The event was developed and produced by Boston native entrepreneurs Mr. and Mrs. Salto, who also run Salto Entertainment LLC from Boston; Mr. and Mrs. Salto are founders and entrepreneurs from Boston who also own and operate Salto Entertainment LLC as owners/operators /operators /operators of Salto Entertainment LLC respectively – they produce numerous traveling shows under their ownership/operates Salto Entertainment LLC to have both Moto Maniacs and Flippin. They were responsible for the original production of Cirquesa – Dream Quest (1000-seat extensive top exhibition)!

This year’s show will return to Boston’s Seaport District and Harpoon Brewery, where it first debuted last fall. Before entering the hypnotic tent, patrons can enjoy Dr. Elixir’s medicinal adult beverages in Drink-Ory Garden, which opens one hour before each performance.

Do something different on any special occasion! Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays by treating yourselves to this captivating comedy performance for adults of any age! With lively and compelling performances featuring an eccentric cast that will engage and charm audiences.

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The drink-ory garden

Mr. Swindle’s Traveling Peculiarium, the irreverent and outlandish traveling tented entertainment experience that delighted Boston audiences last year, will return this season from October 12-November 5 at Harpoon Brewery in Seaport District. Combining boutique big-top theater and sophisticated vaudeville comedy with adult beverages and food to create an unparalleled adult entertainment experience!

Salto Entertainment LLC of Florida has decades of experience producing live entertainment productions, such as Moto Maniacs and FLIPPIN (a steampunk-themed aerial show). Allison Blei and Ivan Espana own and run Salto Entertainment LLC; their family was honored with induction into Sarasota’s Circus Ring of Fame alongside icons like P. T. Barnum and Ringling Brothers.

Unlike traditional big top entertainment, The Traveling Peculiarium is a climate-controlled tent designed for an intimate viewing of world-class performers. Additionally, our Drink-Ory Garden opens one hour before each performance, with beer, wine, spirits, and snacks available to purchase – included with admission ticket prices!

Although the cast and crew of any show can make for a memorable performance, what truly stands out is its venue itself. Created by award-winning architectural firm MJM Studios, the 2,000-seat Peculiarium provides an immersive and mesmerizing world of lights and shadows – not to mention a rotating stage and grand entrance that adds even more magic to each performance!

Mr. Swindle’s Traveling Peculiarium provides an extraordinary sensory experience featuring internationally acclaimed acrobats and comedians worldwide. Their spectacular spectacles combine breathtaking stunts with hilarious gags for an unforgettable show that is both entertaining and mind-bogglingly spectacular! Their professional acrobats and stuntmen put in long hours of practice performing acts that will amaze audiences of all kinds, whether laughing at an absurd contorted body mechanic act or marveling at its acrobatics: Mr. Swindle’s Traveling Peculiarium promises an unforgettable night out experience that won’t soon forget!