Metis Learning Solutions Private Limited


Metis Learning Solutions Private Limited was registered on 2 May 2005 as a company, classified as Private. Bharat and Gaurav Gulia serve as directors.

This company specializes in designing tablets for children. Their offerings include Eddy Tablet and Einsteinbox. In addition, the firm manufactures learning kits that are explicitly targeted towards kids. With operations in India as well as abroad, this business continues to thrive.

Product Description

Metis Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd, based out of Delhi, offers various products such as an Eddy Tablet and Einstein Box Birthday Gift Set for 3-year-old Boys and Girls, among others. Established in 2005 and located in India’s Capital, Delhi region, their facility designs and manufactures various forms of toys for kids, such as Ben10 Tablets and Creative Tablets, while serving as distributors of other items like LED Lights and rechargeable batteries, among others.

Metis Learning Solutions Private Limited was formed on 2 May 2005 as a Private Company registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). Their CIN number is U80902DL2005PTC135671, while their registration number is 135671. Bharat Gulia and Gaurav Gulia serve as Directors.

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Metis Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd was established on May 2, 2005, and registered with the Registrar of Companies Delhi (RoC-Delhi). The company has an authorized share capital of Rs 1 million with a paid-up capital of Rs 100,000; major activities listed by RoC-Delhi include coaching by coaching centers/tuition homes as well as training.

Company Profile

Metis Learning Solutions offers an assortment of kids’ tablets designed to foster creativity while stimulating cognitive development in young children. Their products carry the brand names Eddy and Einsteinbox for ease of manufacturing. Their facility is in New Delhi, India, and exports products across the Middle East, Europe, and South Africa. They were founded as a private company in 2005 with active status.

As of the date of filing, this company consists of two directors and has an authorized share capital of Rs 1 Million with paid-up capital of Rs 100,000. Established with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) on 2 May 2005 and classed as an Indian Non-Government Company.

Community, Personal & Social Services Ltd specializes in community services for personal use and social welfare. Their registered address can be found at 2090 Sector D II Vasant Kunj New Delhi 110070 IN, and their directors include Bharat Gulia and Gaurav Gulia.

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Key Business Developments

Metis Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd was established as a Private Company in 2005, operating within the community, personal & social services industry. The registered office for this Private Company can be found in Delhi, with Bharat Gulia as its director, while Gaurav Gulia serves as its vice director.

Metis Learning Solutions manufactures children’s tablets under its Eddy, Einsteinbox, and Ben10 brands for sale worldwide. In addition to manufacturing tablets for children, Metis Learning Solutions designs and sells various accessories and software that complement its product offerings.

METIS LMS offers a complete LMS solution, including an administrative area, a library of courses tailored specifically for staff learning needs, and a single sign-on so staff can access learning from any location. In addition, all existing users, course completions, and certifications can be easily imported into METIS and can even migrate directly into the system! Its easy management makes setup quick and running within a day while remaining cost-effective as there are no hidden fees or charges; for more information, click here. Indian Law governs our Terms of Use and Policies, while any disagreement between us will fall exclusively within the jurisdiction of the High Court of Judicature in Delhi for arbitration of dispute resolution between us two parties.

Recent Updates

Metis Learning Solutions Private Limited was formed on 2 May 2005 and registered at the Registrar of Companies Delhi, with its registered address being 2090 Sector D-II Vasant Kunj New Delhi DL 110070 IN. BHARAT and GAURAV Gulid serve as directors.

The company currently boasts an approximate market share of 0.00% and a market capitalization of $0. It now has an earnings-per-share ratio of 0. The products of the Company include Learning Tablets, Ben10 Tablets, and Creativity Tablets aimed at children. With features such as touch screens, HD displays, and dual cameras, these tablets allow parents to monitor and manage the activities of their child with ease. They even come equipped with free apps so parents can stay abreast of what their child is up to!

The company provides an e-commerce platform to enable them to sell their products directly to customers online, including sales on third-party platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, as well as their website. Company products include educational toys, music, and video games – with distribution channels in stores and distributors across both India and the US. Principal competitors for their business are Apple, Amazon, and Google. In the United States, it competes against iHome and Samsung; in India, it takes on Flipkart and other large e-commerce websites like Snapdeal. In addition, the Company maintains partnerships with educational institutions for education technology initiatives.