Maria Travel


Maria Travel is a full-service independent travel agency dedicated to serving niche markets. Their success stems from specialization, intense focus, and outstanding customer service.

Maria Island offers many overnight options near its ferry terminal in Triabunna or Orford. There are camping spaces or cabin rentals available near Maria Island as well.

Founded by Judy and Maria

Judy and Maria have built their client base through extensive personal networking with clients, suppliers, and hoteliers. Their knack for travel trends allows them to remain at the forefront of travel industry developments while remaining true to their roots and values – an approach that has resulted in global recognition.

Their passion for travel has won them multiple top producer awards and recognition by Virtuoso – the travel industry’s premier association. Virtuoso recognizes them for providing exceptional customer service that combines specialization, intense focus, unyielding enthusiasm, and maximum customer care in its business model.

Whether relaxation on the beach or an exciting adventure that excites you, we have an ideal vacation package explicitly tailored to your needs and budget. With the assistance of our knowledgeable team, we’ll find an idyllic spot that meets both. Let us ensure your journey is hassle-free and unforgettable!

Our packages range from flights, hotels, cars, and all-inclusive offerings, so everything is covered! We even have packages designed especially for children!

Our team is focused on finding you the best travel deals available, constantly reviewing prices to provide up-to-date information on promotions. If you have any inquiries or require additional support, please get in touch with us.

Carin Torp has always had an affinity for music, understanding its immense benefits for children. She is delighted to join GMYC and looks forward to helping it expand. Throughout her years working with children, she has held various capacities, most recently as a preschool teacher and youth choir leader at her church choirs. In addition, she holds certification with McClosky Voice Technician and sings in ensembles such as Raylynmor and musical theatre productions.


Maria thrives in a collaborative environment, finding success more easily when working alongside others. She finds great satisfaction in working alongside colleagues to come up with concepts. Maria believes the most successful teams stem from integrity, compassion, and balance among its members.

Maria’s duties as a perioperative director require her to collaborate on teams. Before the pandemic hit, hers was an efficient group that helped provide quality care to patients. Now, however, Maria notices many of her teammates feel disconnected from one another due to wearing protective gear – possibly making it hard for them to read facial expressions or recognize coworkers – thus decreasing trust between team members. Maria plans on repairing this by emphasizing the restoration of confidence and psychological safety within her unit.

During her internship, Maria learned to utilize her communication and teamwork skills at Bukit Vista to assist other interns with any problems they encountered, including helping with hotel bookings and handling guest complaints or concerns. Maria found it essential to pay close attention to details to convey information accurately without miscommunication.

Collaboration and solving complex challenges are invaluable skills for any professional. Collaborative problem-solving helps build relationships, as well as provide career advancement opportunities. Over 80% of employees report benefits from working on teams; teamwork is integral to business success; however, sometimes this goal may seem challenging to attain. Here are some strategies to get the most from your teamwork interactions.

Personal Service

Maria International Travel has served Detroit’s Latino community for over two decades. As a family-owned & operated business with an unwavering dedication to our clients, we specialize in corporate travel, group tours, and vacation packages; translation and vehicle legalization services are also offered here.

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On May 26, IU attended the Cannes Film Festival to attend the premiere of Hirokazu Koreeda’s Broker alongside her co-stars Song Kang Ho, Gang Dong Won, and Lee Joo Young. While talking with one of her co-stars during filming, French influencer Maria Travel suddenly appeared and joined their conversation.

Maria may not be a well-known face, but her actions at an event that pushed IU aside have drawn criticism. Maria received constant messages of disdain from fans on her virtual entertainment page and issued an apology video as soon as it became possible to do so.


Maria brings a wide range of experience in high-end service and program management to sizeable corporate travel departments. She collaborates on creating metrics-based duty of care standards for employee ground transportation programs, manages on-site support teams for some of the biggest sports and entertainment events globally, and specializes in contract negotiation of ancillary fees worldwide.

Maria Diaz has been with Focus Staff since May 2019 and is an exceptional team member, representing what defines a hardworking travel nurse! She has proven invaluable for the Med Surg unit at Methodist Hospital San Antonio and other departments where her skills were needed.