Making a Six-Figure Income with Free Blogs: A Step-by-Step Guide


So, you’re interested in making money with blogs on the internet, huh? Alright, let’s get this show on the road.

You’ll need to make a choice first, but there are only two viable options for hosting your blog. Use a free blogging service or invest in a web server and a CMS like WordPress to take control of your online material.

You can start a free blog by creating an account at either or Regarding premium blog hosting, I prefer WordPress because it is the most popular platform and constantly releases useful new features like plugins and themes.

Suppose you’re like most individuals in today’s economy. In that case, you probably can’t find a day job and are stuck at home with a computer, an internet connection, and no real strategy for making money online. Google Adsense and affiliate marketing are often mentioned when discussing monetizing a blog. Almost all the business of attracting new internet marketers relies on Adsense and Affiliate Products. So if you’re ready to get going, here’s a checklist of things to do to make sure your hopes and goals become a reality.

Here are my top ten online strategies, recommendations, and techniques for making money through Blogging that is guaranteed not to get you banned or in trouble: 1. Think about what interests you the most and jot down some notes before classifying them.

2. Sign up for a free account on or

3. After signing up for a free account, start compiling a keyword list of what you think people would use to locate your blog. Consider what people would search for to find product reviews and what search terms individuals in “buy mode” would use to find your blog. You need to make use of Google’s Keyword Tools. To learn more about Google’s Keyword Tool, visit or Go to if you want to develop posts quickly after seeing what others are interested in.
Pick out a stylish template to utilize on your site.

Make the title of your blog a keyword phrase for which you want to rank well in search engines eventually. Once you’ve settled on a label, you should employ that phrase throughout the description and, if possible, pair it with a long-tail keyword phrase. *Long-tail keywords typically contain three or more words, forming a less frequent search term.

5. If you’re interested in affiliate programs as a means of making income on popular products in your industry, consider the following strategies:

Payment Intermediary

Partners with Amazon

Phpbay Pro is a WordPress plugin that allows users to promote eBay auctions and other affiliate products through Commission Junction and other networks.

BANS is an alternative affiliate CMS to phpbay.

CJ Friend is a WordPress plugin that facilitates the use of commission junction affiliates. A fantastic option that’s also a breeze to set up and utilize!

Affiliate links on are simple to implement, and product landing pages aren’t required. If you don’t want someone stealing your affiliate commissions by accessing your affiliate links, you should utilize a javascript redirect code to hide them. Search Google or check out if you need help learning how to code or use Java Script.

Once you have your affiliate URLs, you may put links on your blog that will take readers directly to the deals from which you will earn a commission. Don’t just stick them in the footer, please! Use internal links within paragraphs to boost your search engine rankings, click-through rates, and overall conversions.

You can increase your earnings by including affiliate links in your posts and ending with image banners that lead to your affiliates’ campaigns. After finishing an article, readers often pause for a brief period of reflection, during which they make important decisions, including whether or not to purchase your affiliate link.

Use your target keywords naturally throughout each post; avoid overusing them. Include your chosen keyword phrases as anchor text in your links. Anchor text refers to the text contained within a link or the blue, underlined text on a web page that, when clicked, takes you to another location.

Connect your blog with Feedburner; it’s the best, and Google just bought them, so they’ll only improve things for your site’s RSS readers. Put a link in your site’s sidebar or header, preferably at the right-hand side of each blog post, as this is where most readers search for a subscribe button.

Put cute small “Follow Me” graphics with a Twitter bird here and there to get readers to start following you on Twitter and boost your social media exposure and search results. Please don’t skip this step; I receive many clicks when I advertise my sites on Twitter.

No need to stress over pinging and feed submissions; nevertheless, if you cannot help yourself, try using the free service 8.(100 percent free bulk pinging service, no CC required!) You may skip this step if you’re already using Twitter or another social bookmarking service.

Due to their immense popularity, search engine spiders are instructed to crawl social networking sites before others. This expedites the indexing of your blogs and websites. This year, It was revealed that Facebook users spend more time on than on

Keeping tabs on how many people visit your site is crucial. Therefore, I recommend either Google Analytics or the free tool Tracking202 that I mentioned previously.

Followed by Yahoo and Google, submit your blog to’s search engine.

Find out the ins and outs of making a lot of money with free blogs, including better implementation of the stages above and additional revenue secrets.

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