Luxury Yacht Charter Malta – Discover the Mediterranean Archipelago


Malta, located between Sicily and North Africa, is an idyllic Mediterranean yacht charter destination. Rent your luxury yacht to explore vibrant fortified towns, hidden beaches, stunning Baroque architecture, colorful traditional festivals, premium vineyards, and prehistoric sites. Read the Best info about boat rentals in Malta.

Visit Marsaxlokk Harbour to admire its brightly painted fishing boats and sample fresh seafood cuisine, or discover the Blue Grotto, where luminous water formed by light reflection can be found.

Experience the Maltese Way of Life

Malta’s archipelago is a Mediterranean masterpiece, filled with cultural and historical landmarks to discover by yacht charter. Explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites, timeless fishing villages, and biological hotspots—not to mention one-of-a-kind spots like Blue Lagoon on Comino Island, which serves as an incredible snorkeling and diving site that allows visitors to escape crowds!

Sailing on a luxury yacht in Malta is a fantastic way to discover its culture and cuisine. Rent one for as little as one day, or stay overnight to take in its tranquil bays at sunset – an idyllic way to experience Malta! Yacht vacations in Malta range from romantic escapes to fun family trips; your charter broker can create custom vacation charter ideas based on the type of vessel desired and time of year sailing schedules.

Malta offers an enjoyable yachting season from late spring through early autumn, with peak conditions during the summer months. At this time of year, temperatures are warm and sunny – ideal conditions for swimming and exploring! You can sail around Malta itself or add cruises to Gozo and Comino; each island’s history will provide landmarks you should seek out, such as Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Knights of St John architecture to see and explore!

Explore Valletta

Malta is an amazing island that offers something special for everyone, from its UNESCO World Heritage Sites and rugged cliffs to its charming fishing villages and biological hotspots. This makes it the ideal place to charter a yacht in Malta and discover all that it offers in comfort and style.

Valletta, Malta’s capital city, offers so much to experience and explore. From exploring St John’s Co-Cathedral’s golden corridors to uncovering Grand Harbour’s 17th-century fortress walls – Malta’s oldest town offers something exciting and new at every turn!

Upper Barrakka Gardens provide welcome relief from the Mediterranean summer heat while affording incredible views of Three Cities across Valletta harbor. Republic Street serves as Valletta’s primary tourist stretch and boasts numerous restaurants, bars, souvenir stores, and general stores to explore.

There are also various museums to visit in Malta’s capital city of Valletta, such as MUZA, which is housed within an original Auberge and features both bar-cafe seating and more formal Donato room dining experiences. Harbor cruises provide another enjoyable way to see different perspectives of Malta while always bearing in mind that weather in these months can change quickly; light jackets may come in handy.

Visit Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk is one of Malta’s picturesque seaside villages, providing the ideal opportunity to discover its heritage and experience true Maltese culture. The village’s winding streets and waterfront promenade feature restaurants serving fresh seafood dishes, and several interesting landmarks are nearby.

Marsaxlokk’s most notable landmarks include its vibrant fishing boats, known locally as Luzzus or “Luzzijet.” As iconic symbols of their village, painted with vibrant blue and yellow hues reminiscent of Phoenician times, these striking vessels captivate with their charming eyes, which give each one its distinct character.

Marsaxlokk Fish Market is another traditional attraction worth experiencing when visiting Malta. Open every day but particularly busy on Sunday; visitors flock to its stalls, which sell everything from local fish to paintings and souvenirs – an excellent opportunity to shop souvenirs while picking up delicious authentic cuisine!

An essential part of visiting Marsaxlokk is experiencing its delectable seafood dishes. Of the many choices available to us, one of our favorite restaurants was Terrone—a small eatery on Marsaxlokk’s waterfront that has received high marks from customers’ online reviews. Not only was the seafood fresh and delectable, but the service was impeccable, too—definitely one of our best meals in Malta!

Explore Gozo

Malta and her sister islands of Gozo and Comino boast some of the Mediterranean’s purest waters, perfect for water sports on your private yacht charter. Admire its shimmering emerald-blue hue as you cruise past beautiful rocky landscapes, ancient harbors, and historic sites that make up this impressive archipelago.

Visitors to Malta have plenty of beaches from which to soak up the sun—from Golden Bay and Ramla Bay on Gozo to Mdina’s ancient walls and narrow alleyways, Valletta streets, or one of Malta’s luxury spas and art galleries.

Are you seeking an oasis of serenity? A yacht trip to Mgarrix ix-Xini on Gozo Island will leave you breathless. Famed for its crystal clear turquoise waters and serene atmosphere, this picturesque bay offers swimming and snorkeling activities and relaxation on its beautiful beach – not forgetting walking through caves where legend tells of Calypso’s presence!

An overnight yacht charter offers the ideal way to experience a proper holiday in Malta, allowing you to anchor in remote bays and wake up to breathtaking sunrise views. Dine alfresco under the stars on deck or treat yourself to an onboard massage by an expert therapist for the complete Maltese experience.