Little Stars Learning Center


Little Stars Learning Center in South Dennis, Massachusetts, provides Large Group and school-age child care to 82 children anytime and offers subsidized childcare options. In addition, this business accepts sibling discounts and vouchers.

Little Stars Day Care provides safe and loving childcare in a home-like environment and curriculum-based educational activities designed to develop children socially, emotionally, and cognitively. Some examples are children learn through exploration while progressing their development across multiple areas – social, emotional, and cognitive growth.


Little Stars Learning Center’s preschool program gives young children a taste of school while still young, giving them socialization and enrichment activities provided by experienced teachers.

The state of New York has licensed Little Stars Day Care to offer child care for children ages six weeks to twelve years. Offering safe, loving childcare within a home-daycare setting with curriculum-based educational activities.

Childcare costs can be a substantial monthly expenditure for many US families, yet teachers often receive only modest pay. Watch this video from the Center for the Study of Childcare Employment to understand why parents spend so much on childcare, but teachers receive such limited compensation.

School Age

Children are ready for group play at this age and more easily express their ideas. Through step-by-step learning, they develop cognitive, language, and motor skills while building self-esteem by taking turns and respecting others’ rights. Children may bring toys from home; however, any that present choking hazards or become lost, such as beads on necklaces, will be considered school property and will not be returned.

Collette Sternitzke and Kara McCormick co-owned Little Stars Early Learning Center LLC for twelve years; currently, they hold a license with the state of IL to serve 42 children at any time.

After School Care

Little Stars Learning Center of College Park, GA, provides childcare services. It has a maximum capacity of 51 children and offers infant (0-12 months), toddler (13-18 months), preschool (3-4), school age (5+), afterschool care services as well as participating in subsidized childcare programs.

Watch this video to understand why childcare and early learning programs are essential to ensure all children can access quality education.