Kuli – How Many Square Feet?


Kuli (also spelled cawney and kani) is an old measurement system used in the Madras Presidency in India to describe land area.

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What is Kuli?

Kuli (pronounced KUL-lee) is a unit of measurement in Tamil that is used to describe the area of fields or pieces of land, equaling one square fathom. Kulis are frequently employed across India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal and often stand in as symbols for land measuring tools; historically, they were also the most considerable measure used by ancient India, equivalent to 12×4 spans on padinarucankol (a twelve-span rod).

The word kuli is derived from the Tamil root word kuu, which translates as “to grow,” and was commonly used to measure agricultural land in ancient India before the British Empire introduced a land tax, which replaced it. Kulis was also frequently employed within military organizations for troop strength measurement as well as being used as currency units within Punjab in 19th-century India.

Kuli was initially measured using various types of koles. These included kadigaikulattukkol, maligaikol, nalucankol, pannirucankol, and padinarucankol, each having its name that indicated what function it performed – for instance, the nalucankol measured a quarter of an acre while padinarucankol was for measuring one and a half acres.

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What is the Square Feet Unit of Measure?

Square feet is an imperial and US customary system of measurement unit of measurement that refers to the area of a square with sides all equal in length – each side being one foot in length. Commonly used in both countries using either system, such as Canada, India, Bangladesh, and Ghana, square feet are used.

A square foot is an approximate measure of area that is used to quantify rooms, buildings, carpet, and property sizes. To find its square footage for any given space, begin by measuring its length with a tape measure in an even manner along a straight path and writing down your measurements; the next step is its width before multiplying these two values together to find its total square footage.

One of the easiest and most accurate ways to calculate square footage is with a ruler or tape measure. Once you have your measurements, use our square footage calculator to convert them to other units of measure or enter your dimensions if desired; our calculator will then calculate your square footage based on these entries.

If you’re planning a home remodel or buying new materials for your house, knowing how to calculate square footage can help immensely. Doing so allows you to understand the size of your space better, determine the suitable materials, compare prices between materials, and ascertain shipping charges accordingly.

An easy way to measure square footage is with a tape measure or ruler, counting inches on both sides of a room. To calculate square footage, divide the length by width, then multiply that result by inches per square foot – remembering to put the decimal point at the end if using a calculator!

What is Kuzhi?

Kuli is a Tamil unit of measurement equivalent to 144 square feet and is sometimes written as Kuzhi; Kuzhi may also be written as one kuli. Kuzhi also refers to one square foot. Square feet are units used by Imperial and US customary systems as area measurement units and should not be confused with meters that measure length.

King Nrpatungavarman divided 27,000 kulis of land among various individuals during his rule. Each kuli was measured using multiple kinds of Kole systems such as Kadigaikulattukkol, maligaikol, nalucankol (4 spans), pannirucankol (12 spans), and padinarucankol (16 span rod).

What is a Square Feet Symbol?

The square feet symbol, commonly abbreviated as sqft or SFT in shorthand, is used in geometry and algebra as well as some areas of construction and real estate business. It can also be abbreviated as sqft in text messages. Common in many languages, including English and Spanish, it may sometimes be mistaken for the centimeter symbol; however, they should never be interchanged. A centimeter is a unit of length, while a square foot represents area.

Kulis are Tamil units of measurement equaling one square foot under Imperial and US Customary systems of measurement. Kulis can be measured using different kinds of koles – Kadigaikulattukkol 1, maligaikol 2, nalucankol (4-span rod), and padinarucankol (12-span rod). According to records left behind by King Nrpatungavarman’s inscriptions, 27,000 Kulis of land were distributed among his subjects.

Converting from kulis to square feet is straightforward using an online converter or calculator. Just input the number of kulis you wish to convert and what result size would suit you best; the calculator will do all of the hard work. When finished, print off your results.