Kolkata Eco Park – Gate No 4


Eco Park of Kolkata recreates and reimagines all seven Wonders of the World for visitors who come here as tourists, making this attraction one of its top draws.

This park can be found in Action Area II of New Town in Kolkata and makes an excellent place for family outings or groups to gather with their friends and loved ones.

How to reach Eco Park Gate No. 4?

Eco Park can be reached easily from either Salt Lake or the Airport by taking a bus between these areas, with stops near Eco Park like Chinar Park (closer). Taxis also serve this destination.

Eco Park boasts many other attractions besides its seven wonders of the world. Alipore Zoo houses various species of animals and birds – the second-largest zoo in India! Mother’s Wax Museum showcases statues depicting notable individuals like Cricketers and Freedom Fighters.

Bird Sanctuary, where visitors can see an impressive variety of beautiful birds, is another must-see spot. Perfect for bird enthusiasts and photographers. There is also an Archery Range within the park for people to shoot bows and arrows at targets; the fee per round of 10 hands shoots is Rs 50. there’s even a cafeteria where visitors can grab food and beverages!

Jatragachi Bus Stand

The Eco Park is a significant urban recreational space offering various things to see and do, making it a favorite among locals as a respite from busy lives and an opportunity to indulge in enjoyable activities. Furthermore, it promotes open urban space for recreational purposes – making this the perfect location for family outings of all age groups, such as cycling, rowing activities, kayaking, paddle boarding, and zorbing. Furthermore, bird watchers love this spot.

Eco Park is located in Action Area II of New Town along the major arterial road and can easily be accessed using all modes of transport, making it a popular tourist attraction. Jatragachi Bus Stand, about 4.9 km away, serves the park. Visitors may take city buses from Ultadanga, Kolkata Airport, Salt Lake, Chingrighata, or Baguiati and stop at the Jatragachi Bus Stand to access Eco Park.

Eco Park can also be reached by taking the metro. Its Sealdah-Howrah station can be easily accessed from both Kolkata International Airport and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Railway Station; Garia metro station is about 2.3 kilometers away from Eco Park.

Eco Park’s main entrance, Gate No 4, features several attractions for visitors, such as replicas of the Seven Wonders of the World, gardens, restaurants, and a mini zoo that houses various animals, such as deer species and turtles.

Rabi Aranya Park boasts an open-air theatre where cultural programs are regularly staged. Bamboo Garden also offers a gaming zone to lure game enthusiasts in, featuring 12 gaming PCs featuring FIFA, Racing, Need for Speed Counter-Strike, Age of Empires, etc., and charges of Rs 50 per hour per head in this gaming zone.

New Town Bus Stop

Eco Park is one of India’s largest urban parks and home to replicas of seven wonders, beautiful gardens, and recreational activities of various types. Eco Park has three main sections: ecological zones, theme parks, and open spaces for recreation – each offering something interesting for visitors – so plan your visit to ensure you visit all three sections in one go!

The New Town Bus Stop is the easiest way to reach Eco Park. From here, buses run directly to Garia or Sealdah, where you only take minutes to arrive at its gates. If you plan on visiting multiple places during your visit, purchasing a travel pass may save money and time.

At New Town Eco Park, you’ll also find accommodation. Twenty-two luxury double-bedded cottages can comfortably house prominent guests; CAFE EKANTE serves various food and drinks.

As well as cottages, Sabuj Deep Island also features hotel accommodations. Hotels provide an ideal venue for weddings and other family functions and offer relaxing environments equipped with modern amenities and friendly staff members who can help plan and host such functions.

At the New Town Eco Park, there is something fun for everyone at this park – from birding and cycling to gaming and kayaking! Don’t go alone, though: visiting with friends will make for an incredible adventure!

The New Town Eco Park can be found in Action Area II of New Town in Kolkata, West Bengal. It’s 10km from Kolkata Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport and easily accessible by road or rail; additionally, it’s close to the New Town Metro Station for convenient use during a weekend or holiday stay in the city. It makes an excellent place for visitors looking for fun experiences!


Ecotourism has become an essential initiative to combat pollution and lack of greenery in West Bengal, so the government of West Bengal has recognized this fact and has been working hard to promote this form of travel. One such project is New Town-Rajarhat Eco Park, which displays West Bengal’s rich natural and cultural heritage, inaugurated by Mamata Banerjee as Chief Minister in December 2012. Prakriti Tirtha (or Water Body Park) surrounds it and thus makes up part of its name.

Rabi Aranya offers more than just its central park as an attraction worth visiting, including an open-air theatre where cultural programs such as music, dance, and drama occur on weekends. Furthermore, its bamboo garden features an expanding gaming zone popular among teenagers and game enthusiasts – visitors can play FIFA and racing games such as Speed and Counter-Strike for an additional fee here.

There is also a zoological park located nearby that contains rare animals and birds. At the same time, the botanical garden boasts an impressive number of plants and is home to thousands of butterflies and beetles. Both attractions can provide enjoyable entertainment to people of all ages.

Another striking attraction is the musical fountain, with shows between 5.45 pm and 6.15 pm daily. Also near the tea garden is a Mask Garden featuring masks from around the world.

The park is also ideal for hosting family picnics, featuring various food stalls offering snacks and drinks, taking a boat ride down the river, engaging in water sports activities, and planning romantic dates. Here, it can make for an exciting outing!

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