How to Make a Tassel Shirt


Tassels have made a comeback and are becoming a style statement on dresses, bags, and shoes alike.

Graduation tassels on mortar boards signify membership in their graduating class and move from the right side of the cap to the left during ceremonies to indicate that students have earned degrees.


Due to our manufacturing processes (handmade garments), product sizes may differ slightly; measurements should be taken while lying flat. Please refer to our Size Guide for further details.

This Spider Web Embroidered Western Tassel Shirt adds a gothic aesthetic to your casual wear. Constructed of heavy-weight cotton fabric with tassels and pearl snap buttons, you can pair this top with jeans or the Stoclet Trouser for a day outing.

Made of 100% organic cotton grown and processed sustainably from field to finish. GOTS certified, Fair Wear Foundation compliant, and climate neutral – just wash with mild detergent and hang to dry!


This unique piece features embroidery embellishment on a long silky tunic, taking your fashion game to new heights. It features an eye-catching frayed band collar and thoughtfully selected colored tassels – adding that finishing touch! – the piece makes an eye-catching fashion statement.

Tassels have long been used as symbols of belonging in academic and religious ceremonies. A graduation cap adorned with its tassel represents membership within an educational class; those on cords with specific colors signify membership into honor societies or other fields of study.

Stagger your fringe to achieve an appealing aesthetic by cutting some strips shorter than others and threading beads easily onto them. Thicker strips may help facilitate this as well.


By using a fabric measuring tape, take measurements for your shirt. Be mindful that there will be fringe at its end; add extra inches so you can cut fringe strips.

Tassels in Hebrew are called [Brown-Driver-Briggs] 06734 kanaph kaw-nahf’, which translates into English as “wing” or “corner.” When scripture speaks of tassels being sewn onto garments such as those worn by High Priests or Israel men wearing cloaks over trousers, it seems odd that wings could fit anywhere within these garments.

Scripture indicates that these tassels, known as “tzitzit,” should be sewn onto four corners of clothing in accordance with Ashkenazic tradition – for instance, by having different wraps on its threads that make up its “tzitzit.” When added together, they spell out 613.

This method can also be seen with graduation caps and ceremonial uniforms, where tassels serve to both identify graduates as they walk past others and signify membership in specific classes within a larger graduating body. Similar tassels adorn honor cords used at graduation ceremonies; their use represents membership in honor societies or academic fields such as economics. They may even come in colored varieties that further differentiate graduating classes; some graduates choose to wear these around their necks as further differentiation from one another.


Add some tassels to give your shirt an extra stylish flair by including. Tassels add an elegant touch and come in various colors and styles, making them an easy way to dress up any t-shirt, jewelry, or decoration in the room or as gifts!

This spider web-embroidered Western Tassel Shirt is crafted from luxurious black silky soft cotton fabric and features an eye-catching spider web motif embroidered across its front. A goth take on classic Western style, it also comes equipped with pearl snap buttons for ease of wearability – guaranteeing it to stand out! Indeed, it is something everyone will notice! This fantastic piece will definitely get them noticed!

The tassel has long been seen as an iconic symbol of learning that dates back to the 14th century. Originally used to differentiate the ranks of military and religious personnel in ceremonies, modern-day usage often occurs at graduations or other academic events where it serves to distinguish each class further. Today, it remains common at graduations and other educational events with colored graduation cords featuring colorful tassels usually matching that school or university; some even feature extra decorations like beads or sequins.

To create a tassel shirt, start by cutting off and folding in half the bottom of your shirt before using fabric scissors to cut a small slit along each fold. Tie each strip individually into knots, crisscrossing them around your shirt until complete – once this step has been accomplished, trim away any excess fabric at either end of each strip and trim off extra material at its ends.

After you are finished, your tassel shirt should have an even length. After trimming or leaving it as-is, cut the bottom length as desired to create a shorter shirt length or go it as long as desired. Your finished product should then be ready to wear! It’s also a fun activity for kids as it helps develop fine motor skills while practicing math by counting each piece of fringe!