How to Get the Most Out of Your Snowmobile


The Learning Key is a programmable digital key that replaces traditional metal keys. It serves two primary purposes and can be reprogrammed at any dealer location.

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Ski-Doo Snowmobiles

Ski-doo snowmobiles feature a programmable learning key and an electronic limiter of engine power and speed. Plugged into the console, this learner key connects to a tether cord tethered to your jacket; should the rider lose control, the ignition shuts off immediately to protect you in an accident, quickly set up by its owner!

Ski-Doo snowmobiles are produced by Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), who also own Can-Am and engine manufacturers Evinrude and Rotax. BRP’s flagship sled is the 2022 Renegade Adrenaline, which boasts an 849cc two-stroke engine producing 165 horsepower; alternatively, the Grand Touring Electric promises thrills without emissions.

The 2022 Summit Expert is another model worth closely examining, featuring an innovative SHOT push-button restart system, a narrow new tunnel, a lightweight mountain seat, a Rotax 850 turbo engine, and REV Gen4 egos. Snow Goer magazine, owned by BRP, provides reviews of this and other models in addition to do-it-yourself repair articles and riding destination information; subscribe now for low rates to receive issues directly delivered right to your door or computer!

Can-Am Off-Road Vehicles

Can-Am ATVs and side-by-sides give you the power to leave a mark wherever they travel, whether blazing new trails, smashing through rugged terrain, or racing across sandy dunes. So many people depend on them for work, play, and adventure that it is no wonder many rely on them as part of their daily lives.

The 2022 Can-Am ATV lineup is built for comfort, confidence-inspiring handling, and tons of horsepower, making them an excellent way for families to share an adventure on the trail. Plus, kids love them – making these rides perfect for sharing!

Can-Am Maverick X3 X rs Turbo RR UTV is one of the widest UTVs on the market at 72 inches and is designed for conquering deserts, dunes, and other off-road environments that demand stability and superior capabilities for maximum enjoyment.

Your local laws may determine what types and how people drive UTVs in your area. Some states have strict nanny laws requiring all riders under 18 to wear helmets and seat belts, while others have minimal UTV regulations.

Can-Am Defender offers robust and stable performance for tough jobs. The Can-Am Defender provides the ideal ride to complete assignments on work sites, hunting trips, or farms, boasting a payload capacity to haul round bales and actual farming implements.

Sea-Doo Personal Watercraft

Sea-Doo personal watercraft provide an exciting way to explore the waters. There is something special about being out on the water in one, whether its sizes, engine capacities, or features are right up your alley. Plus, with accessories available through Sea-Doo, you can customize and enhance its performance even further!

A Sea-Doo could be needed if you’re searching for an all-purpose personal watercraft to navigate rough waters or take you fishing. Equipped with a powerful jet engine that spews back water as you ride behind it safely.

Sea-Doo personal watercraft come in five categories – Recreation, Tow Sports, Touring, Wake, and Sport Fishing. You can select either 2-seater or 3-seater personal watercraft, depending on your needs and the number of people in your party. Sea-Doo’s Spark category was introduced in 2014 for beginner riders looking to enjoy themselves on the water.

Sea-Doo Performance models may be your perfect companion if you enjoy carving through buoy courses or exploring off-shore waters. Equipped with Rotax engines for unmatched power and precise handling capabilities, they deliver exciting adrenaline rushes without sweat.

Ski-Doo Snowmobile Accessories

Snowmobiles are built for speed and fun, taking riders into areas other vehicles cannot reach. But this is only one component of enjoying your snowmobile experience to its full potential; you need the appropriate gear to maximize it!

Ski-Doo accessories provide the tools necessary for customizing your ride to meet your winter adventure plans and riding style. Intelligent and functional accessories integrated seamlessly make for an incredible riding experience. New products for 2021 include nine easy on/easy off Lock & Ride Flex accessories explicitly designed to work with Polaris Matryx mountain sled models; Ski-Doo has also introduced an ultraslim tunnel bag designed to carry more cargo with less drag, low profile so as not to snag on branches when carving or sidehilling and large buckles which make accessing them effortlessly with gloves on.

Ski-Doo’s online store provides all the parts and accessories for your snowmobile that you may require, along with apparel designed to enhance your winter playground experience. Most orders ship free, and you may return any item if it doesn’t meet your standards – it’s our no-compromise guarantee – so take your ride to new levels now by shopping!