How to Breed a Riff in My Singing Monsters


Riff is an upbeat Natural monster who plays unique tunes to keep the music flowing on your island. He comes in Epic Monster variations as well as its regular version.

Breeding riffs in MSM involves a process, but careful planning and patience can simplify the task. Maintaining high monster levels on islands and adding necessary structures improves breeding outcomes for best results.

Riff is a Natural Monster

My Singing Monsters features Riff, an attractive, friendly Natural monster who serves an essential function in keeping an island’s music vibrant. His eye-catching colors and infectious energy incite wonder and inspire awe among island residents, creating a rich ecosystem where communities thrive. Players can acquire this particular monster through various means – such as breeding – which makes him even more exciting to encounter in My Singing Monsters!

Riff is a quad-element Rare Monster added on May 8, 2015, with Version 1.3.3. To create one, breed monsters that combine elements of Cold, Air, Water, and Earth without repeating any. Breeding typically lasts one day, six hours, and 30 minutes (unless enhanced), providing an excellent coin-production alternative to more coin-producing Monsters such as Drumpler or Quibble.

To create the ultimate Riff, players should begin by pairing a Congle and Noggin; this combination has the shortest average breeding times and allows players to quickly try again if their previous attempts did not produce the desired results. Furthermore, using in-game currency to speed up this process allows more frequent attempts at combinations.

Leveling up monsters involved in breeding combinations is the best way to increase the odds of producing Riff and other rare monsters, increasing their chance of coming out. But remember that breeding in My Singing Monsters is ultimately a game of chance, and the player should remain patient and persistent during this process.

Note that monsters cannot be bred simultaneously with their hatching; otherwise, this could create problems in their breeding cycle and reduce success rates overall. Therefore, planning and choosing appropriate breeding compositions for every scenario is crucial.

Riff is a Rare Monster

Riff is a cheerful Natural monster that looks like an electric guitarist and plays funky tunes to keep the music lively on your island. While this monster comes in Rare and Epic variations, acquiring it may prove challenging – here are a few tips and tricks that may help.

First, referring to the Likes page is vital when breeding Riff monsters. Select two like-minded monsters when generating Riffs; T-Rox and Pango will have an increased likelihood of producing a Riff offspring.

Breeding a Crumpler and Quibble may also prove more cost-effective and resource-efficient; however, this method still takes longer to produce.

Enhance your chances of securing a Riff by leveling up Monsters. This will enable them to breed faster and increase the probability of producing successful offspring while joining cooperatives can also increase your breeding pool and provide even more breeding combinations.

Make and stick to a plan to avoid overspending food and resources, including Riffs for your island music. Also, be patient and don’t get discouraged if your efforts don’t bear fruit – continue trying, and the Riff will add its soundscape sooner or later!

Riff is an Epic Monster

Riff is a quad-element Epic Monster you can breed on Air Island, known for being powerful yet time-consuming to breed. But it’s worth it, as Riff offers good coin production while helping level up your job account!

Breed Bowgart and T-Rox on Air Island for a higher chance of producing Riff. Although other breeding combinations could work just as well, Riff provides the most increased coin production out of all Monsters, so focusing on breeding this monster is worthwhile!

Various methods are available for breeding this Monster, but one of the easiest and cheapest ways is pairing a Bomber and Skiff together. This pairing has a good chance of producing this creature while remaining budget-friendly. Please remember that failed breeding attempts won’t make Riff since each Monster in the game has unique likes/dislikes; to find out which pairing works, visit the Likes page.

Chances of breeding the Riff from failed attempts are incredibly remote; therefore, it would be wiser to attempt again later or use a Gold Generator to increase your odds of successfully reproducing this Monster.

The chances of breeding an Epic Riff may be low, but it is possible. Breed your Riff with Rare or Epic Monsters for best results, or try generating it with Boomers or Drumplers, as these monsters have higher odds of producing Epic Riffs.

The riff can be bred with Crumpler.

Riff is an engaging Natural monster that looks like a guitarist and performs funky tunes to add lively music to your island’s soundtrack. Breeding this unique monster can be challenging; to ease this process, players should try producing Riff using specific combinations – this increases your odds of successfully generating this unique beast!

Riff stands apart from its fellow monsters by being a unique quad-element monster that can be bred with any other that produces Cold, Air, Earth, and Water elements. The riff contributes to island songs by producing a snare drum sound when played by tapping its body with drumsticks – making him the ideal partner for musicians looking to gain new instruments!

As an initial step in breeding the Rare version of this monster, we recommend pairing Congle and Noggin together as this combination gives you a higher chance of producing desired results and allows multiple attempts should previous efforts not create desired outcomes. Furthermore, this pairing has one of the lowest average breeding times, so should you not like what your actions have built, you can retry again without delay if you are unsatisfied with the results.

Notably, breeding times vary for this monster depending on which monsters are involved in its creation. To increase your chances of breeding this particular beast, ensure your monsters are appropriately placed with suitable structures on the island to increase your odds. Furthermore, elemental alignment between each Monster is critical – for instance, Crumpler possesses Earth element while Quibble has Air element.

Riff can be bred with Quibble

The riff is an eccentric natural monster, adding forceful strums and playful twangs to the island’s soundscape with aggressive strums and playful twangs. Although this amusing monster comes in Rare and Epic varieties, finding one may prove challenging; breeding requires patience and timing as players work towards successfully producing this joyful beast. There are several strategies players can employ to increase their chances of breeding this exuberant monster successfully.

The first step to successfully breeding Riff is pairing Drumpler with Quibble; this combination offers the highest likelihood of producing one and boasts the lowest average breeding time, providing multiple attempts if the initial attempt does not produce the desired results. Players may wish to consider leveling up their monsters for even greater breeding success and placing breeding structures or Torches around an island to increase chances further.

Players looking to speed up the breeding process can utilize items and in-game currency to reduce breeding times and use a wishing torch to increase chances of spawning an Epic Riff – an adorable guitar-shaped monster with vibrant colors and lively energy – that stands out among its peers as a worthy addition to any collection.