How i Became the Chief of a Primitive Village


After falling from a cliff, writer Su Bai finds himself in another world. After becoming the chief of a primitive tribe using its daily assistance system and modern society knowledge, Su Bai is determined to pull his people out of poverty and bring about advanced civilization within their society. From befriending a beast-eared girl to managing farmland, he has much on his agenda!

Historical knowledge

As chief of a primitive village, historical knowledge was one of my most significant takeaways from being its leader. I gained insight into how people lived back then and was fascinated to see that their societies were very similar to our own; daily assistance, chieftainship, warring over territory – these were all factors in their community that I learned about as I developed skills in drilling wood for fire, cutting ice for fishing and domesticating six animals!

Drilling wood for the fire

Drilling wood for fire is an ancient and proven way to create the spark that ignites an ember, or “ember,” that starts the flame. The first step in this old method is to find challenging and sturdy wood, cut into 14-inch length pieces, and mark out depressions for drilling along one edge with notches – where your drill should sit, either a hand drill or another type of tool is necessary.

Step two is to carve a notch in the middle of the depression, insert a drill into this notch, and spin it, repositioning your hands as necessary. After several rotations, smoke should begin emanating from the hole; once thick enough, you can transfer it onto piles of tinder before blowing heat until it ignites and starts the fire.

This technique has existed for thousands of years, but its exact date of invention remains unknown. Different regions likely developed their fire-making methods by friction at various points in time and history; some ways proved more successful than others; cannibalism was widespread until colonialism ended it in Sub Saharan Africa, for instance.

I Became the Chief of a Primitive Village is an action and isekai manga series by Su Bai that follows his journey as he enters into a primitive tribe society and transforms it into civilization, befriending an animal ear girl while overseeing farmland management – all while remaining determined in rising to become its Chief.

Ice-cutting for fishing

Ice was harvested as an essential food source during winter from ponds, rivers, bays, and even canals. Men used axes and hand saws to harvest them from ponds, while river/bay ice saws were more commonly employed by hand for river/bay harvesting. With new tools like an ice marker (plow) or horse-drawn cutting machines becoming more advanced, this task was much more straightforward.

Marking an ice field required driving stakes into auger holes to form a baseline before running a long plank fitted with sights along its edge and drawing cross lines with one-half-inch deep grooves – these guides served as guides for the ice cutters.

I Became the Chief of a Primitive Village is an action and isekai manga that follows an adventurous man on his quest to transform an impoverished tribe into an advanced civilization. This series is currently ongoing and has even been translated into English!

Domesticating six animals

Jared Diamond (geographer and evolutionary physiologist of Guns, Germs, and Steel fame) has laid out six criteria for the domestication of animals. Animals must be easy to capture, breed quickly, grow steadily at a steady rate, be willing to live with others, and have herd/pack mentalities; although most don’t meet all six of these requirements and remain wild despite Su Bai’s best efforts at turning his primitive village into an advanced civilization through befriending an adorable beast-eared girl and managing farmland with her fierce will and determination – the manga continues with new chapters released every week!

Hunting with bows

Subvert tribalism as you take control of a primitive tribe and expand your territory, fighting other tribes for dominance! Experience rural scenery while learning archery skills for hunting with bows! Engage in battle against other tribes while experiencing rural scenery as you develop hunting techniques using projections! Experience rural scenes while learning about hunting bows as part of this action-isekai game genre, befriend an adorable beast-eared woman, farm the land, and build fortifications – this world will take you on an evolving journey of progress and evolution! Use daily assistance systems and modern society knowledge to explore this novel world and turn primitive people into developed civilizations!