Hollow Knight – How to Get on the Flower Path


On the surface, The Flower Path seems like an idyllic pathway with soothing music and blooming white flowers. Still, on closer examination, it becomes evident that this path is an elaborate trap.

It is recommended that the Knight take the safest route when transporting the Flower to ensure it arrives on time and intact to reduce any chance of breaking it or becoming injured during delivery. This will protect him and the Flower from further dangers such as accidental breaking or breaking and death.

Crystal Heart

Flower Path is a colorful, happy place with soothing music and white blooms blossoming everywhere – but that doesn’t make the game any easier; plenty of obstacles stand in its path, including challenging platforming puzzles which require particular abilities and timing to overcome.

One of the toughest platforming challenges in the game is retrieving the Crystal Heart. This relic can be found hidden within Chapter 7, but players must first collect six additional jewels (Blue Jewel being one) to reach it. To get it, they must jump off of a spring and dash through a red portal directly in front of them before reaching this area of the waterfall area where the Blue Jewel resides.

The second Jewel can be found in Chapter 3, once players have activated towel ordering with the large button on their right. A new path will open up, leading upwards through water into this secret section that leads to rooms. After traversing these rooms, they should end up beneath a library floor near another Crystal Heart.

Although these two gems can be challenging, others are much simpler. One such challenge can be found in Chapter 4 when players must reach the red balloon pictured here to open up a level area filled with challenging platforming elements.

Once players have completed an area, they can move on to Checkpoint 28’s Lava Pit area – this should be pretty straightforward. However, players should ensure they press the interaction button when pressing it to provide you press precisely where needed.

This will enable the player to open the door and acquire the relic, giving them access to its power: flying quickly between locations. It is well worth going out of their way to gain this ability as this makes your journey much smoother!

Isma’s Tear

Isma’s Tear is an Ability in Hollow Knight that allows players to navigate pools of acid throughout Hallownest without taking damage – a handy feature at early levels where many of the most formidable enemies reside near acid pools, making traversal difficult and potentially lethal.

To reach Isma’s Tear, players need a Crystal Heart to traverse and defeat Dung Defender at Royal Waterways. Once in this area, follow his signs to get to a small arena that leads to gates after defeating various Sentries on the right side. After crossing it safely over the acid pool on the right side of the hall and defeating various Sentries found here, drop the right side over the acid pool onto the lower right corner for Isma’s Tear at the bottom!

Before Forgotten Crossroads becomes infected, it is highly advised that players take this path through Fungal Wastes and Queen’s Gardens to avoid crossing infected enemies in both areas. If damage occurs while traveling this pathway, returning to Grey Mourner to request another flower will help remove nearly all enemies that spawn on their way en route to Traitors’ Child grave, making it much simpler and faster for players to cross.

This path to the Queen’s Gardens does not involve traversing Fog Canyon or Stag Station, which can be treacherous environments even with Isma’s Tear Ability. Even so, having this ability will open this shortcut at Stag Station, which will become important later in the game for accessing various areas and unlocking Traitor’s Child Grave in Queen’s Gardens more quickly; furthermore, having this ability also helps complete Love Key quest and open the door to Traitor’s Child Grave much more soon due to Queen’s Gardens having enemies that make traveling through the complex.


Stagways are an intricate network of tunnels connecting various ports within Hallownest and serve as fast travel systems in Hollow Knight. Players can unlock and utilize Stagways using The Nail, summoning The Last Stag to transport them directly into any active Stagway nearby. Stagways also allows accessing specific Trophies/Achievements or uncovering information regarding world lore.

Once players arrive in the City of Tears from Resting Grounds, Cornifer and their Stagway can be found to the right. Once entering, players must defeat enemies before ascending through tunnels, eventually reaching a large room filled with platforms and enemies. There will ultimately be another Stagway that leads directly there; once cleared of these, there is also an unlocked bench that requires 200 goes to open it.

Players should remember that using either the Stagway or Dreamgate while carrying a Delicate Flower may cause it to be broken. Once accomplished, The Grey Mourner in Resting Grounds will assign The Knight to take this bouquet to Queen’s Gardens Cemetery to deliver to the Traitor’s Child gravesite and receive a Mask Shard token as a reward.

Hollow Knight offers some fantastic side quests. One such search allows players to discover parts of the world otherwise impossible to access and gives a good reason for revisiting locations once The Knight has unlocked all Stagways. Interacting with The Last Stag provides another enjoyable element and showcases Hallownest’s rich lore through his dialogue.