Hiring a Plumber


Professional plumbers offer many valuable services, from leak detection and repair, clogged drains, water heater installations and treatment, emergency service availability, and 24/7 services. It is wise to research each potential plumber thoroughly prior to making your selection; be sure to read reviews from previous customers, as this will give a good indication of quality service providers.

Leak detection and repair

Plumbing leaks can be catastrophically detrimental to a home, so early detection is the key to stopping them from getting worse and increasing water bills significantly. A plumber will repair leaks by identifying their source in order to prevent further damage from occurring; they can even install new fixtures and unclog pipes if necessary. Before hiring any plumber, make sure they possess appropriate credentials and reviews; some may even belong to trade unions.

A plumbing contractor will help you select and install the ideal system for your home. They offer solutions like water heaters, garbage disposals, and faucets, as well as help with bathroom and kitchen remodeling using infrared cameras and helium leak detectors to locate and fix leaks quickly and effectively.

Our company specializes in residential and commercial plumbing services in Surprise and the West Valley area of Arizona since 1998, including drain cleaning, pipe repair/installation/clogging repair/clearing/installation of water heater maintenance/repair, gas line installations/repairs and installations/repairs as well as water treatment solutions like recirculation pumps/meters/alkaline ionized drinking water machines as well as heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Licensed and insured operations have also been undertaken since 1998!

Clogged drains

Clogged drains are one of the most prevalent plumbing issues, leading to water backups, unpleasant odors, and other serious complications that require professional intervention to resolve. To avoid clogs entirely, be mindful about what goes down your drains, but if one should occur, you must know its warning signs immediately.

Drain clogs typically result from hair, soap scum and dirt accumulating along the walls of pipes, combined with grease that adheres to these substances to form tough clogs that require professional tools to clear. Foul odors from sinks or toilets is another telltale sign of blockages; if such smells emanate from either, call your plumber immediately!

If your drain clog is on a city sewer line, you may need to shut off your water until a plumber can arrive and clear it for you. They have special tools designed to break up clogs quickly without further damaging pipes.

Homeowners can take steps to prevent clogged drains by installing drain covers on sinks and tubs. Pouring hot water, baking soda, and vinegar down a drain may also help unclog it quickly – just be careful not to use chemicals that may damage pipes! These preventive measures could save homeowners costly drain repairs down the line.

Water heater installation

Assembling or replacing an existing water heater requires professional expertise to make sure it is completed successfully. They will recommend the appropriate size and ensure all connections between water and gas lines are correct – plus may even offer warranties against installation if applicable.

Plumbers can install or replace water heaters quickly and affordably, though it is wise to screen plumbers, especially for pricier projects carefully. Look for licensed contractors with several years of experience and positive customer reviews. Request copies of their Arizona Registrar of Contractors license as well as proof of insurance from them as proof.

As a homeowner, you must read and follow all installation instructions for your water heater carefully before beginning installation. These should include safety warnings and installation steps with clear images. In addition to complying with local plumbing and electrical codes, use a plumbing guide for assistance when connecting your new unit to water and gas lines in your home.

Estrella Mountain Plumbing LLC of Surprise provides residential and commercial properties with plumbing services for the repair, installation, or replacement of toilets, bathtubs, showers, and faucets, as well as outdoor plumbing needs such as water line replacement and ball valve installation or repair. Their technicians are certified LP, propane, and natural gas experts.

Water treatment

Professional plumbers offer many water treatment services, from eliminating hard water buildup to installing new garbage disposals and faucets, as well as repairing toilets and shower heads. Some even provide emergency plumbing services so that you can contact them any time, day or night, for help!

The Plumber Guy is a family-owned and operated plumbing business offering residential plumbing services in Surprise and the West Phoenix Valley. Their services include toilet and sink repair, drain cleaning, water heater maintenance/installation/repair/maintenance, gas line installation/repair, sewer line repair/maintenance, as well as slab leak detection using video camera inspections. Their plumbing contractors are certified LP, propane, and natural gas line technicians with license number 192987.

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