Gpo Trading Discord Review


Gpo trading discord servers offer an excellent way for newcomers to the game to connect and engage with fellow traders. Many are free and provide access to abundant information – making these servers the perfect starting point.

Topstep offers its members a Discord server dedicated to trading education and community. Earn2Trade also hosts its futures trading community on Discord.


Topstep is a prop trading firm that offers various services to traders. Their state-of-the-art platform features metrics trackers, insights designed to improve trader performance, and coaching services to help develop skills and the global investor community. Topstep boasts users from over 143 countries. Prospective traders must pass a two-step evaluation process similar to Earn2Trade or FTMO, but this additional step ensures traders receive funded profiles only when ready.

Step one of Topstep’s trading process begins with its Trading Combine simulated account, in which traders must make profits to open an actual trading account. This assesses risk management and trading style; Topstep does not set timers but instead requires traders to meet a minimum profit target of 6% of buying power; this requirement is also standard among prop firms.

After successfully passing the Trading Combine, traders may move onto a Pro Account, which pays out real money. Once profit targets have been met, this account can graduate to one of the major futures exchanges through Funded Accounts.

Topstep’s trading system is easy to use and comes equipped with educational resources and low commission rates – ideal for traders seeking to advance their careers. Furthermore, its customer support stands out and has garnered high marks across various review platforms.


Earn2Trade is an educational firm that allows traders to turn their passion for trading into a career. Through professional mentors, educational resources, and hands-on experience trading futures for a living, they provide a clear path to access a funded account through evaluation programs. There are various membership options, from free membership with optional upgrades available or additional membership with paid features such as paid monthly benefits available – this service is open worldwide except for those living in countries subject to sanctions – their communication channels include email, WhatsApp, Telegram live chat as well as their dedicated Discord server where traders can interact amongst themselves and each other directly – as they’re always there – providing the tools necessary for success!

Sophisticated financial markets present traders with challenges designed to test their ability to generate consistent profits over a set period. If successful in winning these challenges, traders are awarded funded accounts through associated brokerage firms and access extensive learning materials, including beginner crash courses and webinars.

The platform’s interface is user-friendly, featuring features like an economic calendar that displays critical events that could impact financial instruments’ prices. Novice traders will find its user-friendly design straightforward, while more experienced traders can use additional capabilities like customizable indicators and charting tools.

Earn2Trade boasts many positive reviews, though it is unregulated like traditional brokers. Still, Earn2Trade boasts an excellent 4.7 rating on Trustpilot and boasts an experienced support staff and a community of professional traders as its members.


TrendSpider is an advanced charting software designed to assist traders in analyzing prices. Utilizing both data sets and algorithms, it quickly detects trends, technical indicators, candlestick patterns, dynamic price alerts for specific trading conditions – such as email or text notifications to help make trading decisions – reversals in the market as well as Fibonacci retracement levels automatically; plus it detects over 40 candlestick forms to highlight on charts!

TrendSpider also removes subjectivity from charting by automatically creating trend lines based on precise data, making tracking multiple charts much more straightforward and eliminating manual drawing of trend lines yourself. Furthermore, its automated backtesting and user-friendly charts make TrendSpider an invaluable resource.

Starting trading immediately with TrendSpider and taking advantage of a 7-day free trial is easy with TrendSpider, costing between $39 and $139 depending on which plan they choose – Essential is our most cost-effective method, featuring real-time data for US stocks, ETFs, crypto assets and OTC/pink sheets. In contrast, higher programs offer additional features such as indices, auto-linking and multifactor alerts.

TrendSpider’s platform is secure, registered in Chicago, and operates within compliance with U.S. laws. Using transparent tax data and suitable for day trading, TrendSpider features a dedicated support team available via phone, email, and chatroom for day traders. They also maintain an informative blog full of articles and videos offering helpful tips for users and tools explicitly designed to aid traders during trading processes, such as an online trader journal and automatic charting tool highlighting essential patterns.

Bear Bull Traders

Bear Bull Traders was established by professional day trader Andrew Aziz in 2016. The community provides educational resources such as webinars, discussion forums, and trading simulators for traders to benefit from. Furthermore, its fees and membership options are transparent – however, the hefty software costs might discourage some beginning traders.

Bear Bull Traders community members can stay in touch through its chat room, forum, and weekly webinars. Experienced moderators provide members any help or answers about trading they might require. In addition, the site hosts meetups worldwide so members can build lasting connections among themselves.

One of the best features of Bear Bull Traders is its trading simulator, enabling members to practice trading strategies using real-time market data in a simulated environment. This tool mainly benefits novice traders, who can learn without risking their capital.

The community offers webinars and training modules on trading psychology designed to assist traders in building healthy mindsets and increasing success rates in the trading arena. Topics addressed in such courses and webinars may include attaining consistency, managing stress, and overcoming fears/anxieties.

Bear Bull Traders provides the ideal environment to develop novice and veteran traders, whether you’re just beginning or looking to advance. Their diverse community is committed to helping each other succeed in trading, while its library of trading resources and webinars makes this platform invaluable.


Are You Finding the Stock Market A Casino These Days? Don’t feel alone: one group, in particular, is upending conventional notions of investing. Reddit community r/wallstreetbets has made headlines recently by initiating short squeezes on riskier stocks via quick squeeze triggers; committed traders within this group identify stocks they believe to carry an increased short selling risk; however, this year has seen them lose momentum significantly.

Wallstreetbets community understands that targeting GameStop will cause a short squeeze and increase its price; whether this action was undertaken intentionally is unknown; nonetheless, it provides another example of how this group uses its platform.

Discord Inc, the communications platform hosting r/WallStreetBets, temporarily removed it due to violations of their guidelines, including hate speech and misinformation. They stated they would allow it back if moderation practices improve – reflecting their prioritizing rules over public interests.

r/WallStreetBets subreddit boasts nearly one million subscribers and self-describes itself as “like 4chan met a Bloomberg terminal.” Specializing in irreverent memes and high-risk options trading, it provides a platform for people to connect and exchange ideas; its server also allows them to maintain communities, communicate via voice calls/video calls/text messaging/chat rooms, etc. – Newsweek confirmed by logging onto this server that this is Ground Zero for coordination and planning for this subreddit!