Gargoyle Gecko For Sale


Gargoyle geckos make an excellent addition to any reptile collection, being accessible and safe for beginners. Their care requires enclosed housing with adequate escape-proofing capabilities; baby gargoyles may begin life in a Zilla 12x12x15 Front Opening Terrarium. Choose the best Geckos for sale.

Many crested gecko breeders offer gargoyle geckos on their websites and at expos, often including a live arrival guarantee with each animal sold.

What is a Gargoyle Gecko?

Gargoyle geckos make an ideal pet for anyone seeking something with an exciting appearance. Their range of colors and patterns encompasses shades of white, yellow, gray, brown, and orange; their feet feature sticky pads to allow them to grip branches and vines, but cannot climb smooth surfaces such as glass. Once hatched from their eggs, they typically grow to 7″-10″, though smaller when hatching out initially; their long prehensile tail serves to protect against predators, but occasionally, their seat may drop due to fear or threat – they quickly regrow it later on if this occurs.

Due to their small size, these reptiles typically live arboreally, that is, in trees and plants rather than on the ground. At nighttime, they come down only occasionally for ground visits.

Like other reptiles, these lizards need warm and humid environments to thrive. Although they’re relatively tolerant to temperature variations, humidity levels should remain between 50-70% with regular misting sessions.

Captive rats are easy to care for and live long lives without serious health problems like respiratory illnesses, bacterial infections, or metabolic bone diseases.

Gargoyle geckos are omnivorous creatures, meaning they will eat fruits, vegetables, and insect-based food sources such as insects. You should provide mixed diets at least twice per week along with insects like flies, mealworms, crickets, and wax worms; dust the insects beforehand with calcium/multivitamin powder so they are adequately nourished before offering. In addition, ensure there is always access to water within their enclosures for their use.


Gargoyle geckos are an easy species of gecko to care for, as they are omnivorous, eating insects and plant material. They enjoy climbing trees, with tall bushes or branches often offering shelter from raindrops during the day, resting underneath tall shrubs during their restful daytime resting periods. By night, they become active hunters hunting prey; bright lights or low-wattage heat bulbs may help regulate the temperature inside enclosures during this nocturnal behavior.

Geckos require a humid environment, which can be achieved by placing a layer of substrate in their enclosures to absorb and release humidity, helping regulate the overall temperature of their cage. A reptile water dish should always contain clean, fresh water. Misting should occur twice per day to minimize bacteria growth.

As with all reptiles, it is vitally essential that poop or urine be removed daily from their enclosure, along with any contaminated substrate. Furthermore, it would be wise to change out the substrate every three or four months to keep things fresh and healthy for them. A hygrometer is very helpful in monitoring proper moisture levels within their tank environment, as are live plants added into it.

Gargoyle geckos can be shy when young but will eventually become friendly and tame. However, it is best to wait until they reach at least 3 inches SVL before handling them, as their bite can cause injury, and they may drop their tails voluntarily when stressed, though these will eventually regrow.


Gargoyle geckos have high protein needs and require a mix of prepared diet and insect prey for proper nutritional balance. At least twice weekly, they should receive insect prey such as crickets, dubia, and cockroaches, as it stimulates foraging instincts while decreasing boredom. Other acceptable insects may include frozen or dried fruit instead – although fruits high in sugar should not form part of their regular diets.

Gargoyles can be very territorial creatures, often acting in response to perceived aggression from another gecko. Unlike their adult counterparts, gargoyles typically only bite when provoked as with other reptiles. It is best to limit handling as much as possible and not take stressed or anxious geckos; new owners are advised to let them settle into their enclosure before interacting with them directly.

As with other lizards, gargoyle geckos are nocturnal creatures who require plenty of places to escape during the day. A good place for these geckos would be in a terrarium or vivarium with a substrate composed of shredded paper towels and tropical foliage for hiding spots; once they reach 3-4 months of age, they should switch to coconut husk substrate for reduced digestive issues.

For optimal conditions, gargoyle geckos require temperatures ranging between 72-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity should not surpass 60-70%; a digital thermometer/hygrometer may be helpful to monitor these conditions effectively. A low-wattage heat bulb may also be utilized during daytime heating as shade from foliage can provide enough protection.

Instead of purchasing from a pet store, we advise purchasing your gargoyle gecko from a breeder to gain more information on its background and care requirements. A reliable breeder can answer any queries about the animal you might have and will likely have records such as weight available upon request.


Gargoyle geckos are durable reptiles that can live for 20+ years in captivity with proper care and feeding. While these geckos make excellent pets, like any reptile, they do experience issues from time to time that a vet should regularly check to ensure a happy, healthy existence.

Gargoyles are arboreal geckos requiring lots of height to climb and explore in their enclosure. Additionally, they benefit from having plenty of places to hide- from live or fake vines to sturdy branches and bamboo poles; providing multiple such structures will help ensure they feel safe and secure in their home environment.

These lizards tend to be nocturnal and spend most of their time hidden within their habitats; however, they must come out periodically to eat, bathe, and groom themselves – an activity which may make them sensitive to sunlight; therefore, it should only occur during brightest parts of the day.

To maintain healthy gargoyle geckos, temperatures in their terrarium should range from 78 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 65 at night. Humidity should also be between 50-70%; misters or other humidity sources can help achieve this level.

Gargoyle geckos feed on insects and plant material in their natural environment but have also consumed reptile prey like other lizards and skinks. Fruit may occasionally make its way onto their menu; for an added boost of nutrition, you could supplement their regular diet with an assortment of veggies and fruit!


Gargoyle geckos are popular pet choices due to their vibrant coloring and relaxed demeanor. Easy to care for and long-lived in captivity, these reptiles can live up to two decades when kept indoors. Although nocturnal like most reptiles, gargoyle lizards prefer spending the day hidden among plants or vines rather than on the ground; their tail can drop when threatened before regrowing later to avoid predators; their unique look is further distinguished by knobs that resemble ears, giving these reptiles a distinctive appearance which sets them apart.

Ideal housing conditions for these reptiles is two of them residing together; however, this may not always be feasible due to male gargoyle geckos becoming aggressive towards one another and should, therefore, be kept separately whenever possible. Female gargoyle geckos can produce up to nine eggs yearly, which hatch after 60 days when placed in moistened substrates such as vermiculite and peat moss mixtures.

Gargoyle geckos generally require a humid environment to thrive, which should be achieved by providing them with a water dish, misting them in the morning and evening, and using a humidity gauge. Temperatures should remain between 77-84 degrees Fahrenheit during the daytime and 65-72deg Fahrenheit overnight.

Gargoyle geckos make great house pets, and beginner reptile keepers can find one online from various breeders or distributors. When shopping, look for one specialized in these animals that is careful in providing healthy geckos – they will be more than willing to answer any queries about caring for your new companion!

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