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Fusion offers customizable patient charting, document management, and claim generation services to increase efficiency and productivity. Its task manager helps manage official workflows and assign custom tasks, sending appointment reminders via text or email and sending appointment reminders via text or email; additionally, it features a patient portal that gives patients access to clinical resources and processing online payments.

Fusion is the only EMR explicitly designed to address the needs of PT, OT, and SLP professionals, with its convenient scheduling, documentation, and billing features aimed at reducing no-shows and cancellations of appointments.

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With the fully integrated scheduler, seamlessly manage patient appointments and clinic workflows with the most complete precision. Schedule new or existing appointments, check insurance eligibility, and respond to appointment requests within your EHR system. Streamline documentation with custom templates that reduce time spent writing daily notes and evaluations while viewing real-time clinic performance dashboards for faster decision-making.

Create an appointment by simply clicking on any time slot in the calendar. The system will then round it to the nearest half or full hour, appearing in their appointment timeline (Graphic 1). Any time during or after an appointment is created or changed/canceled, it can be edited/canceled by double-clicking it and selecting “Edit Appointment” or “Cancel Appointment,” as illustrated by Graphic 2. When editing or canceling an appointment, the patient will be notified via email and SMS as described in Graphic 2.

Fusion offers various communication channels to patients to minimize no-shows and cancellations, with scheduled reminders sent via phone, SMS, or email helping reduce no-shows by up to 38%. Patients can view upcoming appointments, book future sessions, request visits from clinicians, access progress reports and clinical resources, pay bills online through the secure patient portal, and make payments through it all simultaneously. In addition, Fusion also offers automated claim submission and payment processing with the electronic explanation of benefits (EOB) systems, customizable claims rules and customizable explanation of benefits (EOB), electronic proof of benefits systems (EOB systems), secure fax machine services as well as integrations into third-party payers that allow patients to complete sessions more frequently and reduce cancellations by 38%!

Fusion offers an intuitive and customizable user interface designed to meet each therapist’s individual needs, making the solution a perfect fit for every therapy practice of any size. From its customizable scheduler and SOAP note templates to standard testing protocols and customizable testing, therapists can document every facet of their course easily and write what makes theirs unique. It provides scheduling, documentation, billing, and reporting solutions, giving peace of mind to OT/PT and SLP practices.

To add a new user to the system, click on the arrow next to your logged-in user in the upper right corner of the screen and choose New User. Fill out any required information before clicking Save; by default, the default role for new users will be Administrator. To assign locations for them to access, select Locations, then the checkbox for each one they should have access to.

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Fusion Web Clinic is an EMR (electronic medical record) software that manages healthcare records. Its features include scheduling, documentation, billing, and insights – making this system invaluable to many healthcare businesses looking to streamline administrative tasks and enhance efficiency. Its numerous benefits are its user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and comprehensive data analysis suite.

Its unified calendar simplifies scheduling and tracking appointments, sending automated text and email reminders to patients. Users can customize their calendars to accommodate different meeting formats. Furthermore, this digital calendar is saved in the cloud for anytime access from any location – complete with click-and-drag capability so users can filter appointments based on various components such as illness or attending therapist.

This software’s documentation system utilizes built-in terms and phrases for quick diagnosis sheets in minutes. Furthermore, over 80 templates offer various formatting options. Therapists can save time with this software by automating paperwork to decrease typing requirements and recording their progress with goal-tracking worksheets.

Fusion’s centralized billing suite is an effective tool for handling claims and payments efficiently, processing multiple insurance providers while integrating credit card processing for secure payment processing. Furthermore, this suite allows users to create custom invoices that can be sent electronically or faxed and provides detailed reports on patient payments and clinic performance.

Fusion’s reporting system encompasses every aspect of a business, from client attendance to revenue. Its analytics feature empowers therapists to make more informed decisions and enhance clinic productivity, while its graphical dashboard gives an accurate depiction of how each aspect of their operation is performing.

Software tailored to physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), and speech-language pathology practices of all sizes is designed for HIPAA compliance to manage appointment reminders, reduce no-shows, and optimize staff utilization. With its scheduling and waiting list tools for appointment reminders and waiting list management, it becomes easy to manage appointment reminders, reduce no-shows, and maximize staff utilization. Teletherapy solutions help extend client reach; its e-remittance automation and payer management features make payment processing faster, while its HIPAA compliance safeguards the security of patient records and privacy.

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Fusion is an integrated practice management software that assists PTs, OTs, and SLPs in streamlining various clinical and financial workflows. With scheduling, billing, documentation, and insights features that save time, increase efficiency, and improve patient outcomes, Fusion also meets HIPAA compliance and offers HIPAA-compliant teletherapy sessions, document templates, and a patient portal. Finally, its graphical reporting feature simplifies data analysis while its HIPAA compliance ensures patient privacy is preserved.

Fusion’s patient portal enables patients or their caregivers to log in online, access their account information, view balance or invoice details, and even make payments securely online. To use the patient portal successfully, clinics must first register with Fusion’s payment processing service.

If you use the Fusion portal, click on the messages icon in the upper right corner to open your message center and view a chronological record of all correspondence with your clinic. Please remember that only users who have registered their portal accounts can send and receive messages through this service.

To send a message directly to a patient or caregiver, select their name and then select Messages > Attachments if applicable. Your message will then be delivered directly to their email address with an accompanying disclaimer that states: Messages should only be used for non-urgent queries – for urgent matters, please call your physician’s office directly or dial 911.”

Clicking the Document Details button lets you see more details about a document, including patient name, document type, and creation or modification date. This can help identify which records have been sent directly to the patient and ensure they are accurate.

Fusion Web Clinic is a software platform designed specifically for pediatric therapy clinics. Its cloud-based solution integrates scheduling, documentation, and billing functions seamlessly and also features a patient portal and various pediatric content to make healthcare professionals’ work more efficient. Furthermore, its streamlined process can reduce no-shows, authorization denials, and documentation time spent significantly, while its graphical reports allow practitioners to monitor trends and identify opportunities for improvement.

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Fusion Web Clinic is a cloud-based software solution designed to assist healthcare businesses in organizing appointments and documentation more efficiently. Furthermore, its analytics and reporting features aid performance improvements and allow users to quickly manage their business while saving time and money.

Use our Patient Remind service to send text messages and reminders directly to patients, create appointment schedules, record notes, and document patient progress, all from your computer or mobile device. Plus, it allows access anywhere, anytime!

This system was created explicitly for pediatric therapy clinics to streamline clinical, financial, and operational workflows and allow therapists to focus on providing quality care by facilitating revenue cycles. HIPAA-compliant, ICD-10 compatible, and device-agnostic software offers practice insights and communication methods designed to increase productivity and effectiveness while its customer service team provides dedicated phone numbers and email support.

Access the message system by clicking on the messages icon in the upper right of the screen. A red number will display next to it if unread messages are waiting. Clicking any message will open it, display its contents, and allow replying (via the Reply button) or delete (using the Delete button) accordingly.

To use the messages system effectively, a full-access account is required. Email addresses must be unique; users are given a role that determines their permissions; admins can assign users to one or more parts through the Admin tab. If you want to change a user’s position, select them and then select the Role menu from their menu bar.

Centricity EMR offers another great alternative to Fusion Web Clinic with its integrated system that automates charting, claim generation, and scheduling to ensure an exceptional patient experience for physicians and their patients alike. Furthermore, Centricity EMR’s platform allows physicians to track patient engagement through self-service portals and online payment options for convenient care delivery and measurement of patient engagement.