Ford 9 Inch Housing


Strange Engineering provides complete bolt-in kits with everything needed to install Ford 9-inch housing into any vehicle quickly and seamlessly. From open diff to posi, locker, or spool options – Strange has what you’re searching for.

These dropouts feature front-loading designs that are mechanic-friendly, as well as significant bearing 31 spline axles and yokes with large bearing capacities for smooth performance. You can even get keyed axle tubes to prevent your bike from spinning out!

Strange Engineering

Machinist Bob Stange established Strange Engineering in his two-car garage and has grown into an industry leader for racing and performance street driveline and suspension components. From rear ends and ring and pinion gear sets to brake kits and parts, Strange Engineering provides everything needed to bring power down to the pavement.

The Ford 9-inch rear axle is one of the most sought-after rear axles among hot rodders and race car enthusiasts. Its rugged design and size lend itself well to various applications; users can use either leaf spring or ladder bar setups with it for front or rear-wheel drive applications – plus, its affordability makes it a top choice among these enthusiasts.

Strange offers an extensive selection of bolt-in Ford 9-inch housings designed for street/strip and drag racing applications, including stock mounts, leaf spring perches, and bare tubes for ladder bars and 4-link systems. Their technicians can assist in selecting the optimal options for your application, while they also offer custom axles as well as various ring and pinion gear sets.

Strange Fab 9-inch housings provide an effective and more rigid solution for anyone in search of more robust and more rigid 9-inch housings. Each of the fabricated steel housings is crafted from.125″ thick alloy steel and comes equipped with a heavy-duty. 282″ face plate for increased support to end tubes while increasing overall housing stiffness. Furthermore, each has slotted tube insertion locations, which facilitate the complete welding of pipes onto their housings.

The Strange HD Pro Ford 9-inch aluminum drag race rear end is tailored for high-performance street and strip applications. Crafted from aerospace quality 206-T4 heat-treated aluminum, each housing is precisely machined using computer-guided Mazak manufacturing machines operated by highly trained technicians to increase the strength and hardness of the case. Furthermore, heat treating through a hot isostatic process increases strength and hardness even further, featuring a 12% larger spool than standard Ford 9-inch housing, available with either 35 or 40-spline (Pro Race gun-drilled) dragster axles.


The Ford 9-inch housing is one of the most widely-used rear axles for off-road trucks, featuring the most comprehensive and offset options with customized axle end caps to meet the application. Compatible with stock JK disc brakes as well as ABS and ESP sensors and equipped with 50% larger bearings than stock versions, this is an excellent option for rock crawling enthusiasts looking to keep costs in check.

RuffStuff’s fabricated Ford 9″ rear end utilizes a thick milled faceplate for mounting your third member and provides space for a 10″ ring gear. They use bent 1/4″ steel, which has been internally gusseted against twisting and abuse off-road, as well as keyed axle tubes to prevent spinning, as well as an increased center section to handle more power.

Fabricated Ford 9″ axles may not come cheap, but they make for an excellent upgrade for anyone planning on taking their truck to extreme conditions. Forged axles tend to be more resilient against high horsepower and hard impacts than factory 9″s that bend or crack under pressure – perfect for rock crawling, racing, and short course driving!

Currie offers another fab Ford 9″ solution called Centurion that’s made in the US and features billet significant bearing ends with 31 spline Currie axles – as well as being designed to work with stock JK diff covers to keep costs down. These housings make an excellent option for tall, lifted trucks with lots of horsepower or jeeps with long wheelbases and heavy-duty tires.


A Centurion was a Roman soldier known for their courage and bravery. They were often seen wearing heavy necklaces, bracelets, and medallions to show their bravery during battle, often winning with minimal casualties. Today, centurions can still be found serving both militaries and being seen at parades or sporting events wearing uniforms with helmets, sometimes wearing swords and armor. Some might argue that centurions may be too violent for modern times, yet these soldiers remain potent forces who have an immense effect on how we live our lives today.

Although the stock Ford 9″ axle may not be solid, there are several upgrades available to increase its strength and reliability. Fabricated housings feature thicker axle tubes, which are less likely to bend, and are available in different widths for different axle shafts; additional options include ordering them with either a centered pinion or equal-length axles.

RuffStuff Ford 9″ rear axles are another excellent upgrade option and should be considered essential components. These units are constructed from high-grade US-supplied premium grade steel and designed to withstand the rigors of off-road racing while being easy to fabricate or weld; additionally, they include milled faceplates, keyed axle tubes to stop spinning, as well as internal gussets to withstand twisting abuse of racing.

These axles come equipped with various ring gear sizes to fit a range of brake kits and 31-spline axle shafts, as well as quick gear ratio changes that don’t involve unbolting driveshaft/pinion and swapping center sections (unlike with 8.8″ Ford Explorer axles, which require removal of a third member to make changes).

Currie Ford 9″ Centurion Notchback Rear Axles are an excellent option for C10 builders seeking a heavy-duty rear end in their trucks. Fabricated from high-quality steel, they feature American-made 3″ O.D.x.188″ wall 1026 DOM steel tubing as well as 31 Spline Performance Axles with Wheel Bolt Pattern and Heavy Duty 1/4″ Thick Bearing Retainer Plates to complete their heavy-duty design.


Ford 9-inch housings have become immensely popular, prompting an abundance of aftermarket parts designed for heavy-duty applications to become available on the market. These parts include complete rears, carriers, ring gears, mini-spools, axles, housing ends bearings, shim kits, pinion support yokes, as well as traditional steel and lightweight aluminum versions to reduce lap times while meeting racer needs for faster lap times. Ring and pinion manufacturers provide various gear ratio options so as to meet every driver’s specific requirements for racing needs.

Fabbed 9-inch rears are an increasingly popular upgrade option for those seeking to increase strength and handling in their axles. Though more expensive than stock units, these rears are worth every penny of investment due to their ability to handle significantly more power than OE units while accommodating an array of gear ratios and being less susceptible to warping after welding than their stock counterparts.

Currie’s 9-inch rears are constructed using high-grade materials and engineered to be bulletproof right out of the box. Built to handle up to 1,500 HP, they can even be upgraded further by adding bracing for even greater power handling capabilities. Plus, being modular design means more freedom when adding components such as shock brackets and suspension mounts to build your perfect rear.

A fabricated Ford 9″ housing is an economical solution to increase axle strength without breaking the bank. Crafted from thick American-made steel, its front machined flange measures wide. Designed to work with standard pinion supports and featuring more oversized studs than those found on OEM-style housings, fabricated Ford 9″ housings provide greater strength with minimal cost over time.

The fabricated housing comes equipped with an all-new gear case made of 65,000 psi nodular iron, featuring 3.062″ carrier bearing bores. Additionally, this gear case comes complete with caps, cap bolts, billet spanner nuts, and spanner nut retainers for safety. Compared to the stock Ford 8″ points, this one offers greater strength and weight savings while accommodating 28 or 31 spline axle shafts.