Food Fair of Ironton Will Open in Ironton, Ohio on Sunday


Food Fair of Ironton, conveniently situated on Ironton Hills Drive near Storms Creek Church and Pitch Clousten Field, is an ideal grocery store for all your grocery shopping needs.

Bartram & Son Grocery in Ironton will soon close to combine with Food Fair store within its building, providing more excellent customer service.


Food Fair will open its new location Sunday morning in The Hills shopping plaza. They will take over from Pick n Save, which closed earlier this month. According to Patrick McFarlin, who handles marketing for Food Fair’s marketing department, its doors will open at 8 a.m. every day of the week for a seven-day operation.

This store offers an assortment of fresh produce, meat products, deli products, frozen entrees, and dinner kits. Furthermore, their excellent service and low prices have become their trademark.

Deemer’s has been serving Wheelersburg area residents since 1966 and can often be seen filled with customers coming and going throughout the day. Not as large as chain stores in Wheelersburg, Deemer’s offers an intimate shopping experience that many appreciate.

Deemer’s Deli is the jewel in Deemer’s store and is beloved by locals, offering delicious sandwiches that satisfy both their hunger and those in their community. Their employees are always friendly and know all about how Wheelersburg works and its needs; in fact, Deemer’s Deli has even inspired some legends!

Bartram & Son

The attic assemblage at Bartram House has just started revealing its botanical secrets. For instance, finding pits from various fruits suggests that its inhabitants were fond of citrus fruits such as peaches. Peanut shell fragments and Brazil nut shells suggest non-local snack foods were enjoyed; further discoveries include chips from native nuts such as acorns or hickory nuts found around its vicinity.

Bartram’s Garden’s Community Farm and Food Resource Center spans 3.5 acres in its southern section, revitalizing the site’s agricultural roots with a crop field where local students grow annual vegetables for sale, an orchard of fruit trees, perennial berry patches, as well as a greenhouse dedicated to starting organic seedlings.

Food Fair LLC operates stores throughout Lawrence County and Kentucky, including Coal Grove and South Point in Lawrence County; Greenup, Flatwoods, and Ashland in Kentucky; and Wheelersburg, Ohio.

The Food Fair is an ideal location to find all your necessities at competitive prices, while their knowledgeable and helpful staff offers expert guidance and product knowledge. Offering an expansive selection and convenient access, Food Fair makes grocery shopping effortless!


Walmart Food Fair can be found in Ironton, Ohio, near Storms Creek Church and Clousten Field. Also nearby are Ironton High School as well as two local churches – Saint Lawrence O’Toole Catholic Church and St. Paul Lutheran Church. Approximately two miles southwest of Russell in Greenup County, Kentucky, lies this store whose employees are friendly and helpful – especially Courtney, who works at their deli – they make your trays look gorgeous!