Flat Tolet at PC Culture Housing Mohammadpur


1. Ready to move in

All renters have different preferences when it comes to renting accommodation, from those looking for something close to the center of the city in which to meet new people to quiet locations surrounded by greenery where they can enjoy nature. Whatever your preferences are when it comes to finding rental accommodations in Dhaka Mohammadpur, we have rentals to meet them – browse our offers in Dhaka Mohammadpur until you find one that matches up perfectly – then compare rental prices before signing your lease immediately – you could soon be living in your new flat before long! Give it a try now and see for yourself!

2. Ample natural light

Road 2 Shekhertek in Mohammadpur provides ample natural lighting, making this apartment the ideal setting for those who enjoy painting and drawing. Furthermore, its balcony allows guests to admire views of Mohammadpur’s cityscape from above.

Krishi Market, designed as a vibrant hub where people can meet and socialize, is also nearby.

This neighborhood is highly conscious about being environmentally friendly and employs waste segregation methods, with separate bins for wet and dry garbage. This practice has enabled female housekeepers of the community to generate additional income by crafting beautiful crafts from recycled plastic and wooden waste, such as curios, cupholders, and wooden palettes for extra income generation.

3. Ample parking space

Mohammadpur is one of Dhaka’s most beloved neighborhoods. Home to several large apartment blocks such as Japan Garden City and numerous shopping complexes and markets, Mohammadpur sits within its border areas – Shyamoli-Adabor thanas on its northern edge, Sher-E-Bangla Nagar in its east, Dhanmondi/Hazaribagh on its southern end and even some thanas further to the north – bordered by Shyamoli and Adabor thanas on one side and Dhanmondi/Hazaribagh on another –

This area boasts multiple schools and universities, numerous restaurants and cafes, and an expansive park that serves as a gathering spot for locals. Furthermore, banks, ATMs, bus stations, and many other amenities make this neighborhood both a convenient and safe place to live.

5. Ample storage space

Mohammadpur features many shops and stores. Additionally, it’s home to apartment blocks such as PC Culture Housing Society, Adabor Nobodoy Japan Garden City, and several schools and colleges. Furthermore, there’s also a large shopping mall and bus stops nearby.

Krishi Market is one of the vital spaces in this neighborhood and will be transformed into a community square as part of an innovative redevelopment effort to provide residents with a vibrant heart-and-soul place to live, work, play, and shop in their community.

If you are searching for apartments to rent in Mohammadpur, be sure to consider PC Culture Housing, as it offers ample storage space and proximity to many important locations within the city.