FFXIV Fashion Report


The Fashion Report activity allows players to participate in an exciting contest at the Golden Saucer and dress appropriately according to specific hints for an opportunity at rewards. Winners receive both title and MGP.

Players must visit Masked Rose and initiate the Passion for Fashion Quest to participate. On Tuesday, they will receive their theme for submission on Friday for judging.


The FFXIV fashion report is an original feature that has become trendy in the game. Players compete each week at the Gold Saucer to develop the most creative themed outfit and win top scores, earning MGP in return for doing so. Although this task can take significant research and effort to complete successfully, there’s always someone there ready to assist! The FFXIV community is there to help with these weekly challenges!

Start the Fashion Report by speaking to Masked Rose at the Gold Saucer, who will drop clues each Tuesday on what theme will be judged during that week. Presentation day for judging takes place every Friday; the reward includes 10,000 MGP and access to Kasumi’s store, which contains some of FFXIV’s most sought-after gear!

Remember the requirements of this activity, such as filling all equipment slots with gear fitting the theme. Dyeing must also be used correctly to earn maximum points; some gear pieces with distinctive appearances could give extra points; these items can be bought from vendors in Old Gridania, Ul’Dah, or Steps of Thal.

You must also be level 15 and possess a Gold Disc to participate. Furthermore, to unlock the Gold Saucer and participate in Fashion Report, complete the quest “It Could Happen to You.” Once these requirements have been fulfilled, Fashion Report is an enjoyable way to gain MGP.

Each week brings with it its theme and clues; for instance, this week’s resort-themed clues:


FFXIV Fashion Report is a weekly mini-game that turns glamour into serious business. The game’s self-appointed fashion police present you with a theme and clues, which must be correctly answered to win. Each week is different; to succeed, you must create an outfit fitting the article; however, resources available can assist in this regard, such as Twitter user u/kaiyokoStar, who has been helping players solve Fashion Report challenges since its beginning, offering clear instructions.

Once you reach Level 15 and unlock the Gold Saucer, a Fashion Report week awaits! Speak to Lewena in the Gold Saucer and complete her side quest, Passion for Fashion; this will open up Masked Rose’s door, who will present the Fashion Report challenge; up to four times per week; you can give yourself for judging.

Fashion Report this week challenges us to dress like a “Simple Chef,” with the goal being an outfit that captures their theme. Clues may be repeated from previous weeks; there may also be new ones; one such clue is “Pretty in Pantaloons,” meaning your character should wear pants that make them feminine, like Thavnairian Sarouel or High Allagan Pantaloons of Healing – although cargo pants could work equally well; pair those up with leather boots like Augmented Hellfire Sabatons of Fending and Striking or Hailstorm Boots of Casting and Healing; these boots will do their work wonder.

Another clue for success in “Hot under the Collar” is wearing clothing related to this theme, such as button-down shirts or long jackets with collars. You should also add an item from Limsa Lominsa marketplace or Bango Zango that matches up well – you might find some valuable pieces here (X: 10 Y: 11.4).

Rewards of the FFXIV Fashion Report include MGP, which can be spent at the Gold Saucer in Mandeville. As your points increase, so will your bonus; additionally, you may even earn additional MGP by matching all clues and submitting an outfit that fully satisfies all clues presented.


Eorzea’s Fashion Report activity stands out among MMORPGs for its special rewards that players can reap by dressing to suit each week’s theme in Eorzea’s FFXIV Fashion Report, such as Kasumi Boutique Items or special prizes like creating their fashionable doll. Players can participate in this exciting activity every week and earn rewards by creating outfits to suit the theme best – rewards like MGP credits can then be exchanged for items in Kasumi’s boutique or any special prizes like making their fashionable doll!

Fashion Report is open to all players yet requires special skills for participation. Held weekly, each challenge featuring its distinct theme, participants must talk to Masked Rose in the Gold Saucer. He provides clues regarding that week’s challenge before judging players’ outfits on a scale from 1-100 on Friday, giving only days for preparation before final judging.

To participate in the Fashion Report, players must have attained at least level 15 and completed the sidequest “It Could Happen to You.” Once this milestone has been met, they can start their challenge by talking to Lewena in the Gold Saucer at X:4.8 Y:6.1 and taking up Lewena’s challenge; those still practicing can submit different outfits before giving them to judges as practice opportunities.

Rewards for participating in the Fashion Report are pretty enticing, with first-place winners receiving 10,000 MGP, second place winning an additional 50,000 MGP, and third place receiving a permanent Fashion Leader title. Furthermore, winners also gain access to Kasumi’s boutique, where they may find extra unique rewards. All winners gain entry into Kasumi’s Boutique, where other unique items may be found, making this challenge quite lucrative while giving players something worthwhile to do while passing time in-game! This event has quickly become one of the most beloved activities ever. Hence, it is imperative that each week their rules before taking part – outfits are judged on a scale of 1-10 when judged using 100 scales of judgment scale from the outfit creation date onwards!

Time limit

Fashion Report in FFXIV is one of the most enjoyable activities, allowing players to display their fashion knowledge. Held each Friday through Tuesday in the Gold Saucer, participants are awarded MGP for participating. Judging begins on Friday and lasts through Tuesday. Reports must be completed before being selected again, as new themes may emerge!

To participate in the Fashion Report, players must visit Lewena in the Gold Saucer (coordinates X:4.8, Y:6.1) and complete her sidequest, Passion for Fashion. Once this task is done, players can seek out Masked Rose and initiate Fashion Report mode; once thriving, they will have one week before Masked Rose judges their outfit.

Every week, a different fashion theme is selected for the Fashion Report, meaning players must present outfits that adhere to this topic to earn as many points as possible. Minimum MGP earnings can range between 60-120 MGP per week, but even better results may yield additional points if players achieve perfect scores!

To participate in a Fashion Report, players must reach level 15 and complete all sidequests within the game. It is advised to do this as soon as possible since Fashion Reports only remain active for a limited time.

Finding an outfit suitable to the theme can be the most challenging part of Fashion Report, so enlisting help from other players is often best. Many streamers and community members share tips and insights through streams or forums; their advice may help determine the required items for various challenges.

Fashion Report is an incredibly complex activity, yet it can provide a fast and straightforward way to earn MGP quickly and easily. To ensure that you don’t miss out, make sure that you regularly communicate with the community!