Eliminating Cockroaches


Cockroaches are a pest that no one likes. They are not welcome in anyone’s house. They’re just lousy company all around. Everyone who has ever dealt with a cockroach infestation has wondered, “How do I get rid of cockroaches?”

The market is flooded with cockroach extermination options, both practical and ineffective. Most of these products effectively kill cockroaches, but other measures must also be taken. To make your home as uninhabitable to these pests as possible, you must implement a comprehensive approach.

How Many Cockroaches Do You Have?

Though it may seem obvious, the first step is to figure out if cockroaches are there. If you see one, there are usually a hundred others slithering nearby. You might need to look for them in the dark with a flashlight because they prefer to be active then. Signs of cockroach feces (minor brown stains or pellets) are a telltale sign of an infestation because they show where the insects have been walking.

Lock It Down Good!

The next step is to determine their point of origin and stop them. Copper wool or foam sealer should completely encase any gaps where pipes or vents used to be. Caulking is required around all openings. Roaches can be prevented from entering your home by installing door sweeps. Cockroaches can enter a home through crevices or spaces that aren’t adequately sealed.


Get rid of the mess you’ve made around the house. Cockroaches not only feed on the paper but also on the adhesive used in publications. Get rid of cardboard and other hiding places roaches may use.

Don’t Feed Them! Now, cut off their access to nourishment and hydration. Use a degreaser to scrub down every inch of your kitchen. Fix any faucets that are dripping, and always make sure to cover drains. Keep perishables in airtight containers or plastic bags at all times. As soon as possible, trash should be taken outside the house. Don’t forget about your pet’s dinner when you go to bed.

Eliminating Cockroaches

Here it is, the cockroach extermination method you’ve been waiting for. First, spray the outside of your house with a cypermethrin substance, such as Demon WP. Spray a few feet above and beyond the foundation and in and around any openings you can find.

The next step is to use boric acid to treat the cockroaches’ hiding places. Using a compact hand duster can make quick work of this chore. Scrutinize each fracture with the use of a flashlight. Spray the boric acid immediately into any crevices where roaches may be hiding. When in doubt, inject some boric acid through a straw. This certainly won’t be harmful. The average house should have two to three pounds of boric acid.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, apply roach gel (such as Maxforce) inside cabinets and other hiding spots. Even in susceptible situations, roach bait stations can be placed.

The Next Steps

Since removing an infestation usually takes more than one application, you’ll need to check the issue after your initial surge. Place roach traps (at least three in each room) around your house. Check on your traps every several weeks. Follow the steps above, beginning with the boric acid, if roaches make a return.

As with any professional service, treating your home as mentioned above once every 90 days is highly suggested. Maintaining such a regimen will guarantee permanent cockroach-free living conditions at home.

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