Dinosaur Bounce House Rental


Bounce and play for hours with this awesome dinosaur 4n1 inflatable bounce house rental! Sure to delight children of all ages.

Children will love experiencing Jurassic adventures with this dinosaur bounce house! Complete with an inflatable 3-D T-Rex on its front wall, palm trees, and an inviting sky view – everyone is sure to be laughing out loud with excitement at this inflatable.

Safety Features

Kids love dinosaurs, so they’ll be delighted by an inflatable bounce house featuring one. Boasting a T-Rex at its entrance and a spacious bouncing area, this bounce house will entertain children of all ages! Bouncing helps improve balance and coordination while strengthening muscles; plus, it provides an effective way of burning off extra energy!

With its safety ramp to assist children’s entry and exit, this deluxe dinosaur combo offers 225 square feet of jumping space and plenty of extras for children to use. They can practice their shooting skills on the basketball goal or race each other up the foam-padded safety climbing steps before sliding down into their dual lane slide – sure to bring joy to both kids and adults alike! Plus, its dinosaur theme will delight both young children as well as adults!

This dinosaur bounce house is constructed of high-grade materials and designed for safety. Its mesh windows allow parents to keep an eye on their children at all times, while its netting helps circulate air while keeping out pesky insects. Furthermore, this dinosaur bounce house comes equipped with a zippered exit so everyone can quickly evacuate in case of an emergency.

Ideal for birthday parties, this dinosaur-shaped bouncy castle offers fun slides and an ample jumping area for children to use at birthday celebrations or other occasions. They can climb the rock wall up to reach T-Rex before sliding down his tail repeatedly! Additionally, the bounce house can also be used in backyard gatherings, school events, block party rentals, or church activities.

This 3-in-1 dinosaur bounce house combo is the perfect addition to any event, offering hours of entertainment for kids of all ages with its large jump area, basketball hoop, and dual-lane slide. Plus, it is built with safety in mind; an inflatable bumper between both slides is included to prevent children from riding each other down them!


Dinosaur-themed bounce houses make an ideal addition to children’s birthday parties, school functions, church events, and block parties. Not only can these rentals add excitement and fun for all attendees, but they can also promote healthy physical activity for young children by improving motor skills and balance while simultaneously increasing smiles and laughter throughout their event!

3 Monkeys Inflatables offers an excellent dinosaur bounce house rental that will amaze children. It features a spacious bouncing area and single-lane slide – the ideal combo inflatable for backyard parties that can hold up to eight kids or 500 at one time!

This dinosaur combo inflatable is an essential item for children’s Jurassic Park-themed birthday parties and other events. Featuring a 3-D T-Rex on the front of its spacious bouncing area, this inflatable will surely capture every child’s attention at your next gathering! Featuring basketball goals, climbing walls, and single-lane slides, it is sure to become the star attraction!

Kids love dinosaurs, and this photo-realistic digital print modular combo jump house brings these prehistoric beasts to life for any party. Boasting T-Rex, Stegosaurus, and other prehistoric beasts, it will surely turn any gathering into an eventful event where children can spend hours bouncing and sliding on its large bouncing area, competing against friends in its basketball arena, or sliding down its fierce T-Rex water slide!

Simply adding a banner to your bounce house rental can transform it into an elegant party setting without breaking the bank. There are even banners featuring popular characters like Disney princesses or superheroes, making this an excellent choice for children’s events.

This dinosaur-themed bounce house offers a prehistoric landscape both outside and inside, complete with cartoon Stegosaurus and palm trees, to create a jungle-like environment for your children’s party. The large bouncing area allows multiple children to jump simultaneously while the basketball hoop, climb steps, and waterslide add even more fun! Plus, this dinosaur-themed bounce house has safety features such as a safety entrance tunnel, mesh windows that enable parents to keep tabs on their children, and a large roof that protects from sunlight – plenty of safety features!


Kids who are fascinated with dinosaurs will adore this bounce house, featuring a life-sized 3D dinosaur on its front and tropical palm trees that make you feel as if you’re exploring Jurassic Park! Perfectly sized to let them run around freely while having plenty of room to bounce and have a fantastic time!

This colorful inflatable will surely delight children at your next party while remaining affordable and ideal for budget-minded hosts. Available in multiple colors, you are sure to find one to fit with the theme you’re going for; superior if hosting a dinosaur birthday bash!

Rental companies also offer dinosaur-themed combo bounce houses as a fun and engaging way to entertain their children and guests in larger backyards. These inflatable attractions combine a regular bounce house with a slide, making them suitable for parties, school functions, and block parties – some even come equipped with basketball goals and climbing walls inside!

This pink dinosaur 4-in-1 combo offers the ideal feature for any dinosaur-themed party – it boasts a T-Rex and friends at its center, making this an engaging attraction where up to five kids can jump, bounce, climb, and play for hours on end! Bright green, purple, red, and yellow colors bring cheery prehistoric characters right into play!

This Dinosaur Bounce House Combo will make an instant impact at your next party. Perfectly sized for children to run around and bounce safely, its 3-D T-Rex adds visual interest as they explore it inside while its rock climb leads directly into its single-lane slide for additional fun – perfect for wet or dry use!


A dinosaur bounce house makes a fantastic addition to any celebration or event! Not only is this inflatable must-have at birthday parties for children but school functions or church fairs. Jumping gives children hours of entertainment while helping strengthen strength, balance, coordination, happiness, and excitement! Jumping is proven to enhance children’s development while providing them with hours of excitement!

The best dinosaur bounce houses feature 3D images of real, lifelike dinosaurs that look just like what kids imagine them to be! A 3D bouncer like this would be ideal for any party; it is beneficial for children who are fascinated with Dinosaur Park movies or books!

One of the most sought-after dinosaur bounce house combos features a 3D T Rex and palm trees, giving kids the illusion that they are on an exciting Jurassic adventure when entering and climbing around its walls. It makes an excellent centerpiece at prehistoric-themed birthday parties, day camps, or sleepaway camps.

Another exciting dinosaur combo features a Stegosaurus up front and palm trees in the background for an adorable combination. While its theme may be subdued, children will surely love this bounce house that can accommodate many children at one time, it is perfect for backyard parties or events at parks and playgrounds!

If you prefer more detailed and realistic dinosaur images, this 4N1 dinosaur bounce house provides them with exactly that! Featuring T rex as well as other prehistoric beasts, its pink dinosaur theme makes this inflatable an excellent choice for girl birthday parties or community events with dinosaur themes. Equipped with mesh windows so parents and guests can keep an eye on all the action, its jump house also comes equipped with a safety ramp at its entrance as well as an exit tunnel to help kids safely enter and leave it.