Choosing a Shiny Custom Phone Case


Consider how a custom phone case will protect your device when selecting one for yourself. While all instances provide some level of protection from nicks, scratches, and bumps, more rugged versions may provide added defense from water, dust, and dirt damage.

Screen printing entails printing your design or logo onto release paper and subjecting it to high temperatures and pressure, creating a glossy or polished effect that works particularly well on dark-colored, heavy materials.


Custom phone cases offer some additional protection. While they won’t save your device from an unexpected drop, they do provide cushioning against scratches and other forms of damage. For maximum safety, look for thicker cases constructed of materials like polycarbonate or rubber that can withstand some abuse.

Create custom cases as a powerful way to promote your business or brand. By featuring your logo or branding on each topic, you can spread a consistent message about what the company stands for and help your recognition increase. Furthermore, providing employees with custom phone cases featuring your branding can boost morale when representing it at work.

Redbubble provides an impressive selection of phone cases created by independent artists. Additionally, Redbubble prides itself on empowering its artists while employing socially responsible and eco-friendly practices in its operations. This store is ideal for individuals interested in creatively designed accessories.

In-mold design or labeling refers to a process where your custom phone case is decorated during its injection molding cycle with ink injected directly into plastic and adhered to its surface, leaving your case with an exquisite design on.

If you enjoy painting, Casely offers this vibrant case that looks just like your artist’s easel for easy transport between art galleries or street festivals. This case makes an excellent present, too!

If you’re an Instagram influencer, consider purchasing an iPhone case from this store to add some flair to your feed. They offer beautiful designs such as floral patterns, rainbow swirls, and even watermelon seeds! This store is excellent for people who shop visually.


There is an array of phone cases on the market designed to protect against both minor scratches and nicks as well as more severe bumps and falls. When selecting your topic, take into account both how much protection is necessary as well as which style best matches your personal and aesthetic preferences. There are even options that combine functionality with durability, such as silicone phones being flexible yet lightweight, while complex plastic cases feature toughened polycarbonate to withstand accidental drops safely.

Durability is also an important consideration when creating phone cases. Sublimation printing methods are the preferred choice because they use heat to transform designs into ink that is impregnated into your phone case, meaning they won’t crack or fade over time. Be sure to choose an experienced printer so your design comes out exactly how you imagined.

Screen printing can be an efficient method for producing durable custom phone cases, but it takes more time than other techniques due to having to create individual screens for every color you desire and taking longer for ink drying between colors.

Attain more durable custom phone cases by opting for in-mold decoration or labeling (IMD/IML). This process involves decorating the phone cases during injection molding using vacuum ports, electrostatic charges, or any other means, leaving your design as part of the plastic injection mold that cannot be removed easily – choosing this option will make your shiny custom phone cases even more long-term and durable!


Custom phone cases provide more than just protection – they’re also a great way to express yourself! Choose a design that makes you stand out, or upload personal photos that capture special memories. Add text for even more personalized gifts for friends and family.

Custom phone cases are an ideal way for businesses to promote their brand or theme. Not only are they cost-effective and durable, but their visibility makes them popular giveaway items at trade shows or as part of swag bags – not to mention creating brand recognition among employees and customers alike!

When selecting a printing company, look for one with an online designer that allows you to upload and preview your design before ordering. This will help eliminate surprises and ensure your artwork comes out exactly how you envisioned. It is also worthwhile researching their facilities and reputation before making any commitment; choosing a renowned quality-minded vendor will give you peace of mind, knowing your order will arrive on time and intact.

Personalized phone cases make an excellent and practical gift for friends and family members, especially during Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day. Customize them with their favorite photo from you: their child, landscape, or date will remind them of you every time they open their phone! Even better if it features their pet! They make great memories while providing something genuinely memorable as an anniversary present! Personalized cases also make great additions for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day presents.


Custom phone cases can be an eye-catching way to showcase your brand. Unlike products like coffee mugs or t-shirts that tend to be impersonal, such as coffee cups or t-shirts, phone cases allow you to create something truly personalized and targeted at individuals with diverse interests and tastes. You could design one featuring cutouts or sticker collages – these cases work great with various styles while being personalized with your logo or other visuals for optimal brand promotion!

Marbled designs are a fashionable choice, perfect for creating an ultra-sleek and contemporary aesthetic. A white base combined with any color from the color wheel can create the marbled effect, while some printing companies even provide metallic and glow-in-the-dark options for an added luxurious feel. Gifting such designs makes a statement about current style trends!

Camouflage prints offer another fashionable style for personal expression and phone customization while making your phone stand out. Add text or photos for even greater customization; perfect for teams, interest groups, and families!

While many prefer hand-drawing designs for their phone case designs, digital programs also make creating graphic art possible. No matter your method of creation, make sure the file format you send to print manufacturers is straightforward for them to work with – fonts should also be converted to outlines before sending your files off for printing.

Demand suppliers offer another great solution, as there’s no upfront cost and allow you to sell phone cases at prices that suit your budget. A reliable printer should send samples of their prints while providing details about production and shipping costs.


Many people use their phones to express themselves, and custom phone cases provide the perfect way to do that. Not only is a custom case a fun and unique way of showing off who you are, but it will also protect your device while looking good!

An elegant custom phone case makes an unforgettable gift for friends and family members of all ages, be it their birthday, housewarming party, or holiday. A personalized case will make them feel extra special while creating lasting memories every time they look at their phone!

Personalizing a phone case has never been simpler! Choose one photo to fill up the entire case, two stacked pictures, or five images in a symmetrical square with a text area; even marbled designs inspired by tarot cards or zodiac signs can make an impressive design statement for a shiny custom phone case! There’s no limit when it comes to designing your custom case!