B&T MP5K Stock Review


The Heckler & Koch MP5K stock is an invaluable accessory, enabling users to adjust its length of pull for greater shooting comfort and personalize its size of interest as per user preference.

This Swiss-made accessory is compatible with genuine HK MP5, MP5SD, SP5, and other MP5 clones (such as those that don’t fit due to stock binding in their side receiver channels) while providing five adjustable positions, compact design, seamless deployment mechanism, and durability – making it a desirable upgrade option.


B&T is one of the premier providers of upgrades for Heckler & Koch’s MP5 submachine gun, and their latest offering is an aluminum collapsible stock that offers numerous vital advantages. Modeled after military APC9 stocks, their collapsible stock weighs 21-47% less than comparable stocks for MP5. Furthermore, installation using existing push pins requires no modification to either weapon nor requires changes for installation.

B&T Telescopic Stock is designed to work seamlessly with genuine HK MP5 models and high-quality clones alike, offering users a seamless fit and the ability to adjust the length of pull for optimal use and reduced shooter fatigue. Furthermore, its telescopic design makes fitting into concealed carry bags or vehicle transportation boxes simpler.

Swiss manufacturer B&T has been creating upgrades for the HK MP5 since 2001, and their telescopic stock is one of their most highly desired upgrades, complementing its exceptional performance and reliability. Crafted from shock-resistant polymer and high-grade aluminum, its folding stock features nonskid butt plates as well as ambidextrous sling loops and an emergency grab handle – an essential accessory to complete the experience of shooting this weapon.

As well as its telescopic design, this stock features two apertures for carrying straps and four grommets to attach carabines, as well as a single-point sling swivel for quick deployment/retraction action. Furthermore, it can be adjusted in five positions and has self-locking mechanisms built in.

B&T MP5K Telescopic Stock can be deployed quickly and with minimal effort – press a button, and it will expand or contract into its extended position – this makes it far more straightforward than other stocks that require secondary buttons to extend or retract.

The Heckler & Koch MP5K Telescopic Upgrade from B&T Telescopes is an exceptional and rugged upgrade for any Heckler & Koch MP5. Its modern aesthetic and ergonomic layout offer maximum comfort during operation, while its compact form factor and smooth deployment mechanism make this upgrade highly sought-after among MP5 owners.


The B&T MP5K Telescopic Stock is an essential upgrade for Heckler and Koch submachine guns, providing users with a stable shooting position so that accuracy and efficiency can be maintained when shooting. Furthermore, when collapsed, it takes up less space, making it easier to conceal in tight situations; plus, there are two apertures for carrying straps as well as four gromets for carabines!

This stock is constructed of high-grade polymer and aluminum materials and is compatible with all MP5 rifles. Installation is quick and straightforward using factory push pins; when folded, it self-locks itself automatically. Available in black or green with an ergonomic, curved pistol grip with finger grooves for optimal control and comfort, this model comes standard in either color.

B&T’s Telescopic MP5K Stock is an ideal option for any shooter, offering maximum comfort during use while its adjustable length of pull allows users to tailor it specifically to their shooting style and body proportions. Furthermore, its telescopic design helps improve accuracy by keeping the firearm aligned with shoulder alignment for greater accuracy when shooting.

B&T’s new collapsible stock for the MP5 weighs 21-47% less, alleviating one of its significant drawbacks and making it a more versatile weapon.

This collapsible MP5 stock fits the new MOD22x rail endcap and is compatible with most P-rail stock adaptors out there, providing a lightweight yet comfortable experience. More stores will soon follow ;).

This folding MP5 stock from Swiss-maker B&T does not fit the side receiver channels like its HK counterpart does, though it still makes an excellent upgrade for any MP5. Distributed initially to B&T Germany as well as many military and law enforcement units worldwide, this Swiss-made stock makes an easy installation and lightweight, durable upgrade solution for MP5 weapons alike. Perfectly suitable as an upgrade for genuine HKs as well as MP5 clones alike, it is a trendy upgrade.


B&T Telescopic Stock for HK MP5K and MP5SD Submachine Guns is designed to enhance the accuracy, comfort, and utility of these submachine guns. Crafted by Swiss artisans, this Swiss accessory works with various clones of the weapon and features multiple adjustment positions. Furthermore, it boasts an improved deployment mechanism with reduced recoil as well as four extended lock positions, which are easy to deploy with one button push; collapse it for portability or storage purposes when not in use.

It is a lightweight, high-quality accessory designed to tailor and modify MP5K submachine guns or their clones, offering increased ergonomics and performance for tactical operators who demand versatile weapons with improved ergonomics and performance. First released for production in 1964 and since used by military and police forces all around the globe, it is small in size but light enough for easy concealment in tight places. It is one of many reasons the MP5K submachine gun remains popular in the world today.

A vital feature of the MP5K is its European safety system, allowing for safe handling while moving with forward hammer movement during manipulation. This approach is more secure than AR safety systems that require rearward hammer movement before activation.

GrabCAD provides a selection of 3D-printed pistol braces explicitly designed to meet the needs of HK MP5K owners, whether that means an economical or high-end brace option. They can be attached directly to their telescoping stock for adjustments, as well as any firearm with a Picatinny rail mount, offering position adjustments at various angles and multiple mounting positions.

Note: Attaching a stock to an MP5K constitutes a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) and, as such, requires NFA approval. Please comply with local, state, and federal laws, as this action could result in legal consequences that aren’t Haga Defense’s responsibility. When unfolding the stock, make sure to unlock its hinges first, as failure to do so could damage them permanently – failure can even cause irreparable hinge damage!


Brugger & Thomet (B&T for short) has quickly established itself in the firearms industry with their high-quality parts and accessories. B&T products are designed to seamlessly work with its unique weapon designs while meeting stringent manufacturing tolerances; additionally, they come in an array of materials and finishes, making them an ideal choice for MP5K owners looking to upgrade their weapons with premium accessories that enhance shooting experiences.

This telescoping stock is an ideal addition to any HK MP5K, SP5K, or SP89. Installing it is quick and straightforward – taking less than 30 seconds per weapon with no modifications necessary!

The B&T MP5K stock’s telescoping design allows users to select their ideal length of pull, providing increased comfort and accuracy while making storage more straightforward. Furthermore, this shorter stock makes an excellent option for law enforcement personnel wearing body armor who need something that complements them perfectly.

Apart from its versatility and convenience, the B&T MP5K telescopic stock provides enhanced durability and ease of use. Crafted from aluminum and steel for long-term performance, its sturdy construction withstands intensive use in harsh environments like industrial zones. Furthermore, its roller-delayed HK action provides greater precision while simultaneously smoothing operations.

Telescoping MP5K stocks offer another advantage over fixed stores: rapid deployment and retraction without needing additional buttons or latches to deploy or retract it quickly. Furthermore, their compact profile makes telescoping MP5K stocks ideal for concealment in their retracted position.

The MP5K rifle stock is easy to assemble and compatible with all standard accessories, while its built-in sling swivel makes it a popular choice among law enforcement and military units worldwide.