Best Yoga Studios Near Me in NYC


No matter what style of yoga studios you prefer – sound therapy with Sonic Yoga, rooftop practices on rooftops, or classes charged more than your monthly rent – New York has something for you. But be warned: some are overcrowded AF, while others charge over two courses simultaneously!

Chelsea is home to numerous famous studios offering classes of various varieties. Pure Yoga East boasts an impressive roster of styles, while Y7 Studio Flatiron boasts stylish studio spaces and inviting playlists.

Bhakti Center

Bhakti Center, located on New York City’s Lower East Side, features an experienced staff dedicated to sharing the experience of self-transformation through the timeless culture and practices of Bhakti yoga. Classes range from vinyasa and chanting sessions to workshops and retreats; its primary goal is bringing its students closer to themselves by awakening divine qualities that lie at their cores.

Contrary to many yoga studios focusing on physical fitness, bhakti-yoga emphasizes meditation and devotional service as core practices. Practitioners learn to cultivate love and joy for life by worshipping God in all His forms – it is one of three classical Hindu paths leading to liberation: Jnana yoga (mind) and Karma yoga (action). “Bhakti” refers to the holy spiritual consciousness that forms this ancient Hindu tradition’s core practice.

The yoga path of Bhakti includes chanting and mantra meditation, cultivating an inner relationship with God, and daily devotional rituals such as reading the Bhagavad Gita. Kirtan, puja (worship), and Dhyana or Yoga Nidra are some of the more popular forms of Bhakti-yoga practice, with students encouraged to become dedicated disciples of their teachers.

Bhakti Center offers yoga classes and features an in-house ayurvedic restaurant and community kirtan, an ideal solution for those wanting a break from the high-energy sessions available at other New York City studios.

Bhakti Center offers an expansive range of classes – from calming pranayama to dynamic flow yoga – tailored for all levels and abilities, from beginners to advanced. Many instructors are former Ayurveda students, making them knowledgeable teachers who truly understand their students’ needs.

Bhakti Center can easily be found along 1st Avenue in Manhattan’s heart, just a short stroll from Maison sur les toits and First Park and only blocks away from New York University. The studio provides an inviting environment to learn about the ancient science of yoga with Jai – an exceptional instructor with a deep understanding of its philosophy whose classes offer a challenge while remaining fun and insightful for students of any experience level.

RA MA Yoga

RA MA Yoga Studio brings Kundalini yoga, meditation, and creativity together in one space. Founded by poet and CEO Guru Jagat, its founder strives to push the limits of what it means to cultivate wellness-based spaces while remaining vibrantly creative. Their New York location offers movement therapy classes, courses on relationships and intimacy, and community dinners; Jagat also provides online classes through RA MA TV.

Last winter, when she first entered an RA MA studio for the first time in New York’s Lower East Side on Stanton Street, she felt as if she’d discovered an alternative spiritual community – complete with sheepskin mats, crystals, and photos of Yogi Bhajan on display; staff even donned pink loungewear instead of their standard white attire! Everything felt very New Age but not quite cultish.

But gradually, she began to notice something that made her uneasy: Jagat’s insistence that all his followers treat him like royalty, her around-the-clock working hours and expectation that students and teachers bow before him; her verbal abuse towards those who dared criticize her, her insistence that students pay her a tithe, etc. All these details, together, began to form an image of what it seemed like she was dealing with a yoga cult.

Geiss had long admired RA MA until recently when she learned about its troubling beliefs. She was particularly disturbed that its leadership promoted conspiratorial rhetoric and denied COVID-19 was real despite scientific verification. What upset Geiss was when one of its top patrons made comments comparing Black Lives Matter protesters to cockroaches on a text chain from one patron, Jagat, after which Jagat quickly defended this comment, and Geiss left soon after that – similar results can be found among other cults explored throughout this series as well.

Yoga Vida

Manhattan’s streets can benefit from some mindfulness at a nearby yoga studio. These relaxing spaces offer stimulating exercise, therapeutic stretching, and focused breathing in a calming atmosphere – and with many options all over Manhattan, it’s easy to find one that best meets your style and skill level – whether beginner or experienced yogis! Here are the top NYC studios for yoga students.

Yoga to the People offers a community-minded yoga studio built on the idea that yoga should be tailored to you as an individual experience. Both beginners and experienced yogis practice together, with classes structured by professional instructors for every ability level imaginable. Unlike other studios, this one operates on donation rather than levels: drop your contribution in the box at the entrance when ready. Plus, it’s conveniently located between Japanese noodle shops and punk-rock clothing stores in St Marks Place!

At this luxurious and modern yoga studio, you can choose between purchasing a monthly membership with unlimited classes or dropping in as a guest. Workshops and retreats are also offered regularly here, along with courses like Yin Meditation and Vinyasa Flow for low-impact practices to higher-intensity Vinyasa flows.

This yoga studio near me focuses on sustainability and utilizes natural cleaning products and filtered water. Furthermore, they donate to local charities, while you can sign up for their email newsletter and enjoy discounts on classes, workshops, and events!

Yoga Vida’s Union Square location has long been known for its practice studios; their NoHo location feels more modern and contemporary. Both sites feature two practice studios for small and large classes; both offer mats and blankets to ensure optimal practice conditions. Cubbies for personal belongings can also be found here, as well as one unisex bathroom and several changing stalls – plus mat storage can even be rented if necessary!

Chinatown Yoga Studio is an attractive, comfortable space offering gorgeous views of the Manhattan Bridge from the studio space. Their instructors are highly knowledgeable, while classes are challenging yet not overly intense. Class Pass holders can purchase multiple courses here or rent mats and bring in their water at just $2 for each session.

Y7 Studio

Y7 Studio is a well-recognized yoga studio known for incorporating hip-hop music into its classes and offering candlelit studios that promote wellness and self-care. They emphasize personalized attention and hands-on adjustments to help students realize their physical and mental potential.

This studio caters to New Yorkers aged 21-30, featuring signature hip-hop music during classes and Drake quotes on the walls. Open to students of all levels and offering vinyasa and hot yoga styles.

The Y7 Studio experience is unlike any other yoga studio you’ll encounter in NYC. It provides a full-body workout with upbeat music to keep you motivated throughout your practice and sweaty, but it’s also an effective way to release stress. Instructors are friendly, supportive, and attentive, while classes test strength and flexibility.

Y7 Fitness Studio seeks to offer an innovative fitness experience by fusing hip-hop culture with spirituality. The studio boasts an active clientele in the city, including many students attending four to six weekly classes. Furthermore, its partnership with Universal Music Group allows it to leverage digital platforms for further music promotion.

While new to yoga studios, Y7’s hip-hop approach has quickly been accepted by its community. Their classes cater to students of all levels; teachers are highly knowledgeable and passionate about helping their students achieve their goals. Plus, the team continuously refines and expands upon its techniques to stay at the top of its game!

Y7 Yoga Studios offers classes and membership options to accommodate beginners to yoga and those wanting to experiment. Styles range from $59 for three types to an unlimited membership at $209. Until October 31st, a special promotion is running; visit their website for more details.