Bergara B-14 Stock Review


Bergara offers high-quality rifles at competitive prices. With features that set them apart from competitors and premium materials and craftsmanship used to craft each gun, Bergara makes exceptional rifles at reasonable prices.

The B14 Crest features a monocoque carbon stock made using the CF-RTM process, in which dry carbon fibers are assembled and injected with resin for enhanced rigidity and strength. Furthermore, there is a carbon spine for added rigidity.

High-quality materials

Bergara rifles are widely known for their quality and accuracy and are used by top competitive shooters and hunters worldwide. The Bergara B-14 Hunter takes that same attention to quality one step further by providing smooth action with an incredibly crisp trigger and comfortable, durable stock, all coming together to form a rifle capable of shooting sub-MOA groups.

The B-14 Timber boasts a Monte Carlo-style walnut stock and frame, complete with raised comb and cheekpiece for optimal comfort. In addition, its unique system of cylindrical-shaped aluminum anchors – known as pillars – adhered directly to its walnut wood allows consistent attachment of barreled action to its stock, ensuring accuracy. Furthermore, these anchors are reinforced by epoxy for increased durability.

This rifle is chambered for 308 Winchester and equipped with a detachable box magazine. Featuring the Bergara B-14 action, 4140 chrome moly fluted barrel, and Monocoque carbon stock, various caliber options are also available, such as 6.5 Creedmoor and PRC.

B-14 BMP rifles are competition-focused, featuring an adjustable buttplate and cheekpiece with tightening locks that can be loosened or tightened depending on individual preferences, as well as being easily moved up or down by sliding along their rail.

The B-14 BMP features a lightweight chassis and pistol grip, equipped with M-LOK slots to attach accessories and accommodate various calibers for hunting or competition shooting. It is ideal for both hunting and competitive shooting!

The Bergara B-14 HMR is an exceptional hunting and competition rifle produced in Spain’s Basque Country, which is home to legendary historical firearms manufacturers. Based on the Remington 700 action, this rifle offers excellent aftermarket support for customizations and upgrades. Crafted with high-grade materials for optimum precision craftsmanship and lightweight design with ease-of-use features, it is perfect for target shooting enthusiasts as well as big game hunters alike!


The Bergara B-14 HMR is an exceptional hunting and target rifle designed to help shooters get on target quickly. Utilizing an established action design and top-quality barrel, this rifle delivers impressive performance at a highly reasonable cost. Furthermore, its lightweight yet easily carried design makes it suitable for hunting trips in remote places; additionally, its durable stock makes it ideal for long hunting sessions in challenging conditions.

The Bergara synthetic stock is constructed of glass-fiber reinforced polymer for comfort, accuracy, and durability. It comes equipped with a recoil pad bearing their logo as well as fore and aft sling swivel studs for easy sling swivel mounting. Furthermore, this stock features an AICS 5-round detachable magazine with a push-feed design to increase ammunition control and reliability during loading and unloading operations.

The Bergara B-14 boasts an adjustable trigger that can be set from 3.5-5 pounds, providing smooth and crisp action. Furthermore, its metal thread protector prevents debris accumulation; making this rifle one of the finest precision rifles available today. Its trigger is among its finest qualities that also ensures accuracy and precision shooting.

Comparable to the Remington 700, the Bergara B-14 HMR delivers greater value in an all-in-one package that’s as capable of target shooting and hunting competitions as it is of target practice and hunting for small game. It comes equipped with a pistol grip stock designed specifically for hunting as well as M-LOK slots that enable mounting accessories.

The B-14 HMR features an outstanding barrel that is free-floated and finished to perfection, while its two-lug design with Sako extractor makes its operation smooth and reliable. Furthermore, its bolt is equipped with a tactical bolt knob which helps prevent jamming when shooting heavy bullets – not to mention fast follow-up shots when trying to make quick follow ups shots quickly.

Stippled stock and fore-end may not appeal to everyone, but its durability helps improve grip. Furthermore, this fore-end features multiple sockets for QD sling studs and accommodates bipods if desired.


The Bergara B-14 rifle was created explicitly with long-range shooting in mind. Packed with features for accurate long-range shooting, it comes ready to shoot straight out of the box. Constructed with superior craftsmanship and featuring world-renowned Bergara barrels for hunting whatever your heart desires, as well as super smooth B-14 action that features a lug system with a sliding plate extractor and coned bolt nose/breech to ensure cartridges feed and extract smoothly, it makes shooting at long range an enjoyable experience.

The rifle features a lightweight synthetic stock made from glass fiber-reinforced polymer. It is highly durable, boasting solid epoxy pillars for extra support. Designed to ensure comfortable gripping in any position – its ergonomics were inspired by McMillan prone stocks – with bottom and front sling swivel mounts as well as bipod adaptability, it features soft-touch finishing. It can even accommodate bipod attachments.

Although still relatively new, the Bergara HMR Carbon Wilderness Rifle has quickly earned itself a solid reputation for performance. It features a carbon fiber-wrapped match grade 22″ barrel with a 1:8 twist and button rifling for superior accuracy with high-quality factory ammunition.

This rifle features an excellent trigger with a smooth release and clean break, as well as numerous aftermarket upgrades, including stocks and accessories that make it suitable for hunters or shooters of any skill level. Furthermore, it comes equipped with an integral Picatinny rail to mount accessories or optics securely and efficiently.

The Bergara B14 stands out as an outstanding weapon due to its precision. Testers found its accuracy to be very impressive with high-end ammo. Furthermore, its barrel features excellent construction – free-floated and threaded with 5/8-24. Again, its bore was carefully honed until there was no sign of lead ring formation – thus furthering its excellent accuracy.

The B14 rifle boasts an exceptional barrel, as well as an accurate trigger and five-round magazine. Additionally, its cheekpiece can be adjusted to accommodate shooters of various heights; QD flush cups make attachment and detachment easy for slings.


Bergara USA has long been recognized for producing barrels that deliver uncompromising quality and precision performance, yet never resting on their laurels; rather they push forward in innovation and design. Now, in 2023, they’ve introduced the B-14 HMR Carbon Wilderness Rifle, which combines the versatility of rimfire rifles with custom quality rifles at an accessible price.

The B-14 HMR rifle is designed with hunting in mind, featuring a lightweight synthetic chassis and pistol grip for maximum maneuverability. Additionally, its three-way adjustable stock includes a cheek riser and spacers, which can be removed to alter its length of pull, as well as M-LOK slots for bipod mounting – features commonly found among competition shooting rifles.

Its stock is made from molded polymer with a Monte-Carlo walnut finish and features a molded-in cheek riser and comb to provide maximum comfort when shooting. Furthermore, it boasts the SoftTouch finish – a rubbery material that makes shooting much more straightforward and provides ease of grip and shooting.

Like its other parts, the stock has been skeletonized to reduce weight and stiffen up for less flexing, creating an ideal mounting surface without much space – perfect for sling mounts and swivel studs. Furthermore, its built-in recoil lug adds stability that prevents it from shifting while shooting.

The B-14 Crest remains an effective and accurate rimfire gun despite its lightweight. The two-position safety’s ribbed lever head fits comfortably into your hand while also offering ambidextrous magazine release capability and a bolt with an ejector system to lock into its recessed bolt face safely.

The B-14 HMR features a two-lug bolt compatible with Remington 700 action dimensions and mounting bases, secured at its rear using an aluminum lug that extends from the recoil lug to the bottom metal and is supported on both the front face and rear tang of its receiver.