Battery Powered Stock Tank Heater


Battery-powered stock tank heaters can be an invaluable aid in keeping water warm during frigid winter weather conditions. This livestock waterer features an insulated enclosure around a galvanized stock tank fitted with double-glazed solar collectors for adequate heating of water supplies.

This versatile heater easily converts from floating to submersible de-icer mode and works in all metal, plastic, and rubber tanks. Featuring a heavy-duty chew-safe cord and thermostatic control for operation only when necessary.


If you plan on installing an electric tank heater, you must understand its energy consumption. Standard stock tanks tend to lack insulation and feature large water surfaces, which leak heat into the surrounding air and ground, leaving less protection between heat loss and its source.

Electrical stock tank heaters come in various types and models to keep ice off watering tanks and troughs, from hanging over the lip to floating on top, depending on which model you choose. They use a thermostat for control as well as an anti-chew cord designed to protect livestock. Suitable for metal, rubber, and plastic tanks up to 300 gallons in capacity.

Battery-powered stock tank heaters may also be an option. These devices run on rechargeable lithium batteries that are activated by temperature sensors when ambient temperatures fall below freezing, turning on to warm up a 10-gallon tank by roughly 20 degrees in just an hour. They consume around 1/4 amp per hour but should do just the job!

I’ve recently been considering designing a simple, low-cost, and non-freezing stock water tank. While I no longer own livestock to care for, the concept behind such a design seems relatively straightforward – insulation of the tank, as well as possibly covering it with solar collectors, could help minimize heat loss from its surface to surrounding environments and thus reduce loss.


People are selling battery-powered stock tank heaters because chopping ice for the ponies every day can be too much work. Unfortunately, these units consume an immense amount of energy at night when solar energy production drops significantly.

Insulating the stock tank could provide an easy and energy-saving solution, while de-icers such as those available at local feed stores or online may help prevent freezing in warmer weather. A de-icer should work just fine for metal, rubber, and plastic tanks – these devices should also come equipped with chew-resistant safety features that automatically shut off when conditions warm up!


Battery-powered stock tank heaters offer an economical way to de-ice your water supply for livestock and horses. Once installed, these heaters work 24 hours per day, providing aeration that keeps water from freezing completely, making it easy for livestock and horses to drink even when there’s ice on the edges of their troughs. Maintenance for such units is straightforward, as replacement batteries can easily be purchased if necessary.

Start by building a box frame to fit the dimensions of your stock tank. Next, cut 3/4-inch plywood sheets to size and attach them along three of its four sides using screws; leave one of its front or south faces open for collector glazing purposes.


Ranchers and farmers know the importance of keeping water from freezing, which is especially essential during the cold weather when livestock are often kept inside barns or pastures. Frozen water can lead to dehydration and hypothermia in animals, potentially fatal conditions for all involved. To prevent this, stock tank heaters can help keep liquid unfrozen during freezing temps – these battery-powered heaters can even be placed directly inside water tanks for continuous access to clean, warm drinking water during wintertime.

Stock tanks typically consist of sizeable exposed water surfaces that lose heat quickly to surrounding air and ground temperatures and have single-wall sides and bottoms that conduct heat into the water, making it hard to prevent ice formation in cold climates. With this easy solar tank heater, you can provide your livestock with access to clean drinking water without incurring electricity costs or spending on costly fuels.

This easy-to-assemble solar stock tank heater utilizes a polycarbonate glazing sheet to absorb sunlight and prevent freezing water in even harsh winter conditions. Constructed using 2x4s with one side open to accommodate the glazing sheet, this stock tank heater can be assembled using materials you already possess or easily purchased at any home improvement store at an inexpensive price point. Once complete, it requires minimal maintenance while being suitable for most tanks.

Solar tank heaters not only ensure livestock have access to clean drinking water, but they can also reduce costs by replacing costly fuels like propane or diesel with environmentally friendly energy from sunlight. Their low power consumption means they can run continuously during the day while still producing enough heat to melt any ice that accumulates in their tanks.

Solar tank heaters differ from electric ones in that they do not require regular maintenance, as this unit self-regulates itself by automatically turning itself off once tank temperatures reach a preset limit. Furthermore, there is a built-in emergency or low water level protection feature that prevents overheating if there is an emergency or water levels become too familiar in the tank.