Baramulla Eco Park


Baramulla Eco Park, situated amidst majestic mountains and the serene Jhelum River in north India, has become a beloved tourist destination due to official apathy. Unfortunately, its beauty has begun waning as locals pressure authorities to restore approach stairs, viewpoints, and lights in its park.

It is a beautiful park.

Baramulla is one of Kashmir’s premier tourist spots, known for its unspoiled natural beauty that will fill both eyes and soul. It is home to scenic spots such as Gulmarg and Wular Lake and several religious and cultural establishments.

Baramulla lies on the banks of River Jhelum, which winds its way around this region and boasts several archaeological monuments, making it a must-visit tourist spot. It was established by Raja Bhimsina in 2306 BC as the gateway to Kashmir Valley.

Baramulla is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Showcasing majestic Himalayan views over an idyllic landscape, Baramulla is known for its lush flora and fauna, which often earn it the name “Valley of Flowers.” Its mesmerizing beauty has drawn people from across the world.

Khadniyar’s environs boast numerous parks that provide a relaxing setting to spend time with friends or family. One such eco park in Khadniyar features well-kept gardens and unique wooden huts near the Jhelum River for a local relaxation getaway. With such breathtaking scenery nearby, this spot makes an excellent summer evening pastime!

Eco Park offers more than stunning natural beauty; it is also an ideal picnicking spot, featuring numerous picnic shelters for people of all ages and providing some of the best meals. Furthermore, children will love its play area!

Director of Tourism GN Itoo visited Khadniyar Eco Park to inspect various works being completed by NBCC and Gulmarg Development Authority to develop further and beautify it. He gave instructions for their completion by March-end and instructions regarding any issues that arose on site.

The tourism department has taken great strides in promoting adventure, heritage, leisure, and religious tourism within its district. To attract more tourists, it has decided to organize the Nowruz festival and the more prominent Baisakhi Mela, providing more services for the local economy through various packages for tourists.

It is a popular tourist destination.

Baramulla, located in the state’s northern region, is an idyllic tourist destination renowned for its beauty. Mesas, forests, and mountains abound here – not to mention several popular tourist spots and eco parks! These landscapes boast high nature conservation goals while simultaneously encouraging healthy communities and stimulating new forms of ecological and social interactions.

The North Circle Range of Jammu and Kashmir has created six eco-parks throughout its region: Montane Ecopark in Sopore, Kairewan Adventure Park in Lolab, Green Ecopark Rafiabad, Salambad S-5 Ecopark Uri Baderkali Camping Park Baderkali Biodiversity Park Venkara Jhelum Valley Forest Division Baramulla. All six were established to promote community forest management using biodiversity and ecology to foster sustainable human behavior changes while decreasing car dependency.

North Circle has also established community-based tourism projects to increase local income, such as developing a tea garden, bamboo grove, and campsite.

Baramulla Eco Park, a popular tourist attraction, exemplifies how human values and environmental sustainability coexist peacefully. Situated in the Khadniyar Baramulla district, the eco-park offers lush greenery reminiscent of lush mountains and tranquil rivulets – making it an attractive destination for tourists and residents. Well-manicured gardens and beautiful wooden huts add further attraction.

However, the situation at Eco Park has recently worsened as drunkards began molesting women of nearby villages. Things got even worse when some individuals entered Khadinayar village from the park and verbally abused its inhabitants, including womenfolk. Director of Baramulla Tourism Department GN Itoo instructed authorities to make Eco Park an iconic spot within the Baramulla district and Tourism Department.

It is an excellent place for picnics.

Baramulla in Jammu and Kashmir is a favorite picnic spot among locals and visitors. Dominated by the majestic Himalayas on all sides, Baramulla boasts many scenic attractions such as Gulmarg, Khilanmarg, and Wular Lake, as well as monasteries, temples, and mosques that draw people in from across India – not forgetting eco parks that will provide visual delight!

Location: Khadniyar region of Baramulla; Jhelum River island accessible by a wooden bridge. The park’s Major attractions are beautifully maintained gardens and exquisitely crafted wooden huts; magnificent mountains provide the backdrop to this idyllic destination, making this destination an excellent choice for a summer evening stroll.

Religious priests and scholars have always found beauty in the region to be an endless source of inspiration, providing an ideal atmosphere for reflection and spiritual rejuvenation. Additionally, its breathtaking mountain peaks will take your breath away!

Gulmarg is one of the premier tourist spots in this region and is often described as heaven on earth by visitors. Renowned for its exotic flora, known by the moniker “Valley of Flowers,” this stunning mountain scenery has drawn in millions of visitors, including Heiun Tsang from China and Moorcraft from Britain (an esteemed historian).

Baramulla is home to Hindus, Sikhs, and Muslims living together peacefully under one culture. A popular tourist spot, it attracts many nature enthusiasts and is known for its cuisine and traditional handicrafts. Due to its enchanting beauty, it has attracted international attention as featured on TV programs and films.

The town is well connected to other parts of India with excellent road infrastructure, making it easily accessible from nearby cities such as Srinagar, Wagoora, Pattan, and Hygam. Furthermore, Delhi and Mumbai can be reached via air.

It is an excellent place for trekking.

Jammu and Kashmir has long been a favorite tourist destination due to its stunning scenic beauty. One of the region’s most beloved eco parks is Baramulla’s Eco Park, located in Khadniyar in Baramulla town and featuring beautifully maintained gardens and charming wooden huts – ideal for trekking enthusiasts!

Named for two Sanskrit words, ‘Bara,’ meaning boar, and ‘Mulla,’ which translates to molar, Baramulla was founded by Raja Bhimsina in 2306 BC and remains full of beautiful places and things to see and do today. Additionally, religiously significant for Muslims due to Syed Janbaz Wali’s gravesite, it attracts tourists of all faiths alike.

Gulmarg Hill Station, one of Baramulla’s premier sightseeing places, is just 17 kilometers away and considered a paradise on earth due to its natural splendor and mesmerizing scenery. Gulmarg is also a trendy ski destination, featuring alpine meadows covered with buttercups, daisies, and forget-me-nots during summer months; pine forests are dense with small meandering lakes interspersed among them, as well as a home for wildlife such as brown bears, musk deer, hangul and serow among others!

Wular Lake, Asia’s second-largest freshwater lake, offers visitors to Baramulla a stunning sight. Bound by heavily forested mountains, its shores feature soft moss and pebbles covered with smooth rolling stones – this picturesque setting makes the Wular Lake an excellent spot for boating, observing sunsets, birdwatching, and relaxing!

Khilanmarg, located near Baramulla, is an unforgettable picnic spot offering panoramic views of Himalayan mountain ranges and valleys. The vibrant meadow filled with colorful flowers will lift your spirits like nothing else – making this ideal for photography and those seeking a much-needed escape from daily life!